Decision at Los Robles

Decision at Los Robles

Air Date: March 22, 1970

Written by: Michael Landon

Directed by: Michael Landon

Guest Stars: William Bassett (Jed Walker), Joe De Santis (Padre Xavier)

Ben and Joe make the mistake of stopping over in Los Robles. Ben is shot and Joe has to defend himself and his father from the men who rule the town.

Trivia: This was Joe DeSantis’ fourth and final appearance in the series. He established himself on radio beginning in May 1940 with Pepper Young’s Family, and later including Mr. District Attorney, March of Time and Gangbusters. He was inducted into the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters Diamond Circle on May 17, 1985. He also did numerous Italian-language broadcasts.

This was Ted Cassidy’s first and only appearance in the series. He is probably best known for his role as Lurch in the television series, The Addams Family. Lurch was supposed to be silent, as in the Charles Addams cartoons, but during the shooting of the pilot, when Ted made his very first appearance at the sounding of the gong, he adlibbed the now famous line, “You rang?” in his trademark sonorous voice, and everyone was so impressed that Lurch became a speaking role.