The Big Jackpot

The Big Jackpot

Air Date: January 18, 1970

Written by: John Hawkins

Directed by: Herschel Daugherty

Guest Stars: Elizabeth Talbot-Martin (Harriet Caster), Carol Roux (Ruth Caster), Robert F. Simon (George Thurston), Walter Brooke (Atworth Perry)

When Candy inherits a fortune from an Indian, he quits his job on the Ponderosa to become a vice president of a shady land company.

Trivia: This was Walter Brooke’s third of four appearances in the series. He also played Judge Simpson in two episodes of Michael Landon’s next series, Little House on the Prairie. Known for his role of Mr. Robinson in the 1967 classic, The Graduate, he once confided to his nephew that if he’d known that his line about plastics in that movie would take off like it did, he would have invested in it. Apparently the market took off in 1968 because of that one remark.