What are Pardners For?

What are Pardners For?

Air Date: April 12, 1970

Written by: Jack B. Sowards

Directed by: William F. Claxton

Guest Stars: John Beck (Luke), Slim Pickens (Sheriff), Hamilton Camp (Calvin), Dabbs Greer (Judge)

Hoss meets up with two inept easterners who have come West to become bank robbers, after reading about the wild west in books.

Trivia: This is John Beck’s second and last appearance in the series. In an interesting piece of trivia: Beck’s dream TV role on Dallas (1978) proved to be just that – a dream. He played Pamela Ewing’s husband on the popular western soap during the series’ notorious 1985-86 season, which was explained away at the beginning of the next season as entirely a figment of Pam’s imagination.

This was Dabbs Greer’s third and last appearance in the series. He later appeared in Michael Landon’s next series, Little House on the Prairie portraying the Reverend Alden.