A Deck of Aces

A Deck of Aces

Air Date: January 31, 1971

Written by: Herbert Kastle, Stanley Hawkins

Directed by: Lewis Allen

Guest Stars: Alan Oppenheimer (Wentworth), Linda Gaye Scott (Dixie), Jeff Morris (Turk), Ray Teal (Roy Coffee), Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing)

Bradley Meredith, a Ben Cartwright look-a-like, causes trouble when he sells land to the railroad. Ben has already turned down the deal, but Meredith, acting as Ben, accepts the deal, which stirs up all kinds of trouble.

Trivia: This was Alan Oppenheimer’s first of three appearances in the series. Oppenheimer was a regular on 1960s TV sitcoms as eggheaded foils to Lucille Ball and many others, playing official types. He is also one of the finest animated voice artists in the business, Oppenheimer has provided many famous cartoon voices including Mighty Mouse, Skeletor, and Ming the Merciless, among hundreds of others over a four-decade career.