An Earthquake Called Callahan

An Earthquake Called Callahan

Air Date: April 11, 1971

Written by: Preston Wood

Directed by: Herschel Daugherty

Guest Stars: Victor French (Tom Callahan), Sandy Duncan (Evangeline), Dub Taylor (Otto), Lou Frizzell (Dusty Rhoades)

The only person who can get Dusty out of jail is a professional fighter who will not return to Virginia City with Joe. Joe is determined and does what he has to do to get him and his quirky sidekick to return with him.

Trivia: This was Victor French’s fifth and last appearance in the series. The son of stuntman Ted French, his television debut was a small role in “Lassie” (1954). He had his first experiences in western-films, where he always played the “bad guy.” This changed with Little House on the Prairie (1974) (as Isaiah Edwards). In 1977, he left Little House on the Prairie (1974) to play in his own sitcom Carter Country (1977). He directed in LA Theaters and won the Critics Circle Award for 12 Angry Men. In the 1980s, he declined to play “bad guys.” Victor French died of lung cancer in 1989 after finishing the last episode of Highway to Heaven (1984).