Thornton’s Account

Thornton's Account

Air Date: November 1, 1970

Written by: Preston Wood

Directed by: William F. Claxton

Guest Stars: Gregory Walcott (Ed Thornton), Carl Reindel (Frank Wells), Heather Menzies (Martha Boyle)

Ben’s horse, Cinnamon, throws him down a steep slope, injuring his back. Joe tries to find some help, but the settlers in the valley live in fear of the land owner and his hired guns. Joe has to ask for help from these men and they leave him when they are most needed. Joe seeks revenge much to Hoss’ dismay.

Trivia: This was Greg Walcott’s sixth of seven appearances in the series. Square jawed, tall and handsome Gregory Walcott was born Bernard Mattox in Wendell, North Carolina on January 13th 1928 and he was kept perpetually busy throughout the 1950s and 1960s guest starring in dozens of TV shows, usually westerns such as Cheyenne (1955), Zane Grey Theater (1956), Wagon Train (1957) and Rawhide (1959) that took advantage of his clean cut looks and broad shoulders.