The Sound of Sadness

The Sound of Sadness

Air Date: December 5, 1972

Written by: Michael Landon

Directed by: Michael Landon

Guest Stars: Jack Albertson (Jonathan May), John Randolph (Mr. Dawson), Marty McCall (Tim), Carol Lawson (Mrs. Holcombe), Irene Tedrow (Miss Gaines)

A widower tries to keep two orphans together.

Trivia: This was John Randolph’s (Dawson) third and last appearance on the series. This is the second time he has appeared with Irene Tedrow (Miss Gaines) in an episode of Bonanza, the first being Season Ten’s ‘Different Pines, Same Wind.’ Blacklisted during the McCarthy era, Randolph went on to become a familiar face on television during the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. He won the 1987 Tony award for best featured actor for his performance in Broadway Bound.

Michael Landon recycled this script for a Season 7 episode of Little House on the Prairie called ‘The Silent Cry’.