The Last Mission

The Last Mission

Air Date: May 8, 1966

Written by: William Douglas Lansford and S.S. Schweitzer

Directed by: R.G. Springsteen

Guest Stars: R.G. Armstrong (Colonel Keith Jarrell), Tom Reese (Sergeant Devlin), Brendon Boone (Lowell), Ken Mayer (Poker), George Keymas (Chief Elkoro)

An Army colonel enlists the Cartwright’s help – but what Ben and Hoss do not know is that the colonel plans to extinguish all the indians he sets his sights on.

Trivia: This was R.G. Armstrong’s third and final appearance in the series. A student of Lee Strasberg’s Actors Studio, Armstrong has had a long career beginning on Broadway in the early ’50s. He then went west to Hollywood, appearing in 80 movies and three television series in his career, along with guest starring in 90 television series, many of them westerns.