Ponderosa Explosion

Ponderosa Explosion

Air Date: January 1, 1967

Written by: Alex Sharp

Directed by: William F. Claxton

Guest Stars: Dub Taylor (Barlow), Chubby Johnson (Clyde), Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing)

Gerby Royals (rabbits) overrun the Ponderosa as Joe and Hoss try to make their fortune.

Trivia: In the scene where Joe is in his bedroom calculating their hopeful profits, “Now that’s 428 rabbits humping 428 rabbits, you got about 956 rabbits”, Michael Landon recorded a voice-over for Little Joe’s scene. The sound editor caught this in time avoiding major embarrassment for NBC! Did you hear this or not?

Dub Taylor (Barlow) is the father of Buck Taylor, ‘Newly O’Brien’ on Gunsmoke.