The Pursued – Parts 1 and 2

The Pursued

Air Date: Part 1 – October 2, 1966; Part 2 – October 9, 1966

Written by: Thomas Thompson, Marc Michaels

Directed by: William Witney

Guest Stars: Eric Fleming (Heber Clauson), Dina Merrill (Susannah Clauson), Lois Nettleton (Elizabeth Ann), Vincent Beck (Carbo), Booth Colman (Parley), Robert Brubaker (Menken), Jean Inness (Mrs. Lang), Donald Elson (Mr. Lang), Nelson Leigh (Dr. Bingham), Byron Morrow (Reverend Blaisdale)

The Cartwrights head to Beehive, Nevada to buy horses from a Morman with two wives. The Cartwrights have no problem with this, but the town folk do.

Trivia: The late Eric Fleming was in Season Seven’s, “Peace Officer” as Wes Dunn, and shortly after he finished this episode, he died South America.