Night of Reckoning

Air Date: October 15, 1967

Written by: Walter Black

Directed by: Leon Benson

Guest Stars: David Canary (Candy Canaday), Richard Jaeckel (Dibbs), Ron Hayes (Donnie Butler), Joan Freeman (Kelly Lincrom), Teno Pollick (Carew)

A brutal outlaw named Dibbs along with his gang, take over the Ponderosa, holding Joe, Hoss, and Candy prisoners.

Trivia: This was Richard Jaeckel’s second and last appearance on the series. Although he appeared in over 70 films, he was very active in television series such as Frontier Circus (1961), Banyon (1972), Firehouse (1974), Salvage 1 (1979), At Ease (1983), Spenser: For Hire (1985) and Supercarrier (1988). From 1991-94 he played Lt. Ben Edwards on the hit series Baywatch (1989).

He passed away after a three-year battle with melanoma cancer on June 14, 1997, at the Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills, California. Jaeckel was 70 years old.