The Price of Salt

Air Date: February 4, 1968

Written by: B. W. Sandefur

Directed by: Leon Benson

Guest Stars: David Canary (Candy Canaday), Kim Hunter (Ada Halle), James Best (Vern Schaler), John Doucette (Cash Talbott)

Ben finds that his friend’s fiancee intends to exploit the ranchers’ desperate needs of obtaining salt for their dying herds.

Trivia: This was James Best’s (Shaler) third and final appearance in the series. Best was the cousin of Phil and Don Everly.

Kim Hunter (Ada) was best remembered for her role as Dr. Zira in the Planet of the Apes movies. She was blacklisted in films and TV even though she was never a Communist or even held pro-Communist views. But as a strong believer in civil rights she signed a lot of petitions and was a sponsor of a 1949 World Peace Conference in New York. Her testimony to the New York Supreme Court in 1962 against the publishers of “Red Channels” helped pave the way for clearance of many performers unjustly accused of Communist connections.