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The Search (by Monette)

Summary: Adam is accused of things he didn’t do. When he finds a strange message left behind in Virginia City, he starts out on a quest to save his identity.

Rating PG.  Word count 14,248

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Studio Executives #8 — A Sharp Idea (by pjb)

Summary: The Cartwrights try to come up with an episode that will cheer up their fans.
WC: 2,450; Rating: PG
Studio Executives Series, links to all stories are included within.

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When Grace Heals a Broken Spirit (by Missjudy)

Summary:  The Triangle episode has always bothered me. It showed an upbeat Adam who was always chipper and jolly. Yet he’d been seriously injured, and was not having optimal outcomes when it came to walking again. He would certainly have gone through some very dark times while considering his future in a wheel chair.  In addition, he had to have felt Laura’s coolness and emotional absence, since she loved Will. This is my personal adaptation of that episode with a little backstory. It is a realistic and gritty look at the likely medical outcomes of the fall; the emotional battles Adam would have faced, and the power of brotherly love.

Rating: K

Word Count: 17425

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Difficult Roads (by mcfair_58)

Summary: Ben Cartwright’s young sons are under threat. Could a secret long buried be the reason? And if so, just whose secret is it?

Word Count: 66,559

Rated PG-13 for racial slurs and western style brutality and violence

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Ponderosa Felines (by wx4rmk)

Summary: When Ben’s youngest two come up with a new animal scheme, Ben reflects on some of the craziest schemes from the past. Will Ben fall for their latest venture or will he have learned something from the past?

Rating: K / Word Count: 1474

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The Photograph (by StephanieJ)

Synopsis: Afraid that some day he’ll lose his father or brothers, Little Joe feels he needs photographs of his family to help keep his memories alive. But trying to convince his family to take time off to get their pictures taken proves difficult. It takes a tragedy for Ben to realize how important the Photograph really is.
Rating: PG
Words: 14,400

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From Ashes (by PSW)

Summary: Healing is hard, and takes its own path. A post-Hoss, post-Alice story.

Rating: K+   Word Count: 23,500

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Last Minute Miracle (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: A WHIB for the episode The Honor of Cochise. What was happening back at the camp while Ben was riding as fast as he could to Fort Barry? Read, and find out.

Rated: T (a strong T for racism, gore, and minor bad language)

Word Count: 1,313

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Escape to the Ponderosa – a WHI (by Starbuck)

Synopsis: Escape to the Ponderosa a What Happened Next Story. What would have happened if the army deserts/escapees had not made it tp Netta’s ranch… and instead had managed to get back to the Ponderosa?
Rating: PG
3,875 words

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Lassiter (by Krystyna)

Summary:  It’s been two years since the events that almost saw two of the Cartwrights hung for a crime they didn’t commit.

Rating:  T  (6,550 words)

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