Spirit Thief #3 – The Marriage Bed (by Nanuk)


Summary:  A vignette companion to Spirit Thief.  A new bit featuring Adam and Becky.

WARNING: This bit is rated R  (590 words)

Spirit Thief Series:

The Marriage Bed


Quickly Adam slipped into bed behind his wife, shivering all over from the cold that crept into the room from all corners, despite the little heat still coming off the wall that backed the chimney. Shaking, he reached out and tucked in the blankets to prevent any warmth from escaping, then snuggled deeper into the pillows and curled his weary and frozen body around his wife to thaw. He grinned when he heard her moan in protest as his icy feet connected with her legs, but nevertheless rubbed his hands to get a little warmth back into them before he tried to touch her.

He needn’t have bothered, though. As soon as she felt her husband behind her, Rebecca wriggled backward towards him, nestling her behind on his thighs with a deep satisfied groan before she pushed herself backwards against Adam’s chest.

Adam inhaled sharply when he felt her soft curves snuggle against him and the gentle roundness of her buttocks urging his hot flesh, realizing suddenly that she wasn’t wearing a nightshirt on purpose.

For a second he wasn’t sure, but then he felt her hand caress him again, reaching backwards to draw him closer and satisfy her need, and without further thought he drew his arms around her, let them glide over her sides, hot and yearning, over the prominent curve of her womb, over his child inside her, his loins aching with the longing he had for her.

Reaching up with one hand he caressed her breast that lay full and swollen in his palm, and with the other moved downward towards the warm cleft between her legs where he sensed the heat pulsating. He felt her shudder in his arms, heard the low moan that grew from deep inside her, and for a second he paused, trying to catch his breath and mind.

“I …don’t … think …,”he muttered huskily, hardly able to speak with the blood rushing behind his eyes and in his abdomen, but Becky led his hand back down to the soft wet centre between her legs.

“Don’t think …,” she demanded, panting heavily, then turned around and huddled her glowing body against his, and Adam closed his eyes in ecstasy when he felt the heavy swelling of her belly touch his stomach, knowing his erection would enter her if she pressed herself just an inch closer. His hands roamed over her body, touching, caressing her back, but when he felt her small fingers stroke his groin, stroke the arousal burning between his legs, he lost all thoughts that had held him back, and exhaling heavily, took hold of Becky’s hips and thrust into her, stimulated even more when he felt her arch against him, heard the soft moan of agonized pleasure escape her lips.

He pushed once, then stilled, enjoying the bittersweet torment he knew he caused inside her, enjoying her soft whimpering in his ear that urged him on, and the need of his body that he only just tried to hold back for as long as possible. But then she squirmed against him, almost biting his neck when the desire for him to move became too much, and the stirring of her hips and the flaming heat of her body made him lose his mind. Her deep moans demanded the satisfaction of a desire that matched his own, and without any further thought he willingly gave in and let himself fall.

The End

Author: Nanuk

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