Scarlet Ribbons (by Puchi Ann)



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Author: Puchi Ann

I discovered Bonanza as a young girl in its first run and have been a faithful fan ever since. Wondering if the Cartwright saga could fit into the real history of the area, I did some research and wrote a one-volume prequel, simply for my own enjoyment. That experience made me love writing, and I subsequently wrote and published in the religious genre. Years later, having run across some professional Bonanza fanfiction, I gobbled up all there was and, wanting more, decided I'd have to write it myself. I decided to rewrite that one-volume Cartwright history, expanding it to become the Heritage of Honor series and developing a near-mania for historical research. Then I discovered the Internet and found I wasn't alone, for there were many other stories by fine writers in libraries like this one. I hope that you'll enjoy mine when I post them here.

8 thoughts on “Scarlet Ribbons (by Puchi Ann)

  1. I dreaded the conversation, and Ben’s wrath. The lengths the brothers would go through for another was perfect! As for the other matter, you think that maybe she already knew.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. I definitely think she was hoping! Thank you, BWF.
      PS – Just saw the summary for this one. Assuming that was you. Thanks, it’s perfect!

  2. This was the perfect ending for a fabulous calendar with a tongue-in-cheek use of established lore. I’m so glad that Joe finally got his girl with a little help from Hoss.

  3. What a delightful story–it is a good way to start 2019. One could feel the tension at the table and then later the pure joy with the opening of the boxes. Thank you for the wonderful story.

    1. Thank you, Chavel. The box nonsense is a trick I once played on my father. I think Sara found it more fun than he did, with a greater reward at the end!

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