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September 20, 2018

A Night at the Opera (by Krystyna)

The Roberts Dilemma (by pjb)

Nevermore (by BettyHT)

Aim True (by southplains)

The Grizzly and God’s Hands (by freyakendra)

September 19, 2018

No Shovel Needed (by justafan)

Squad 51 On the Ponderosa (by Rider)

Still His Father (by pjb)

One Brother from Boston (by DonnaM)

To Set it Right (by debpet)

Gifted (by Belle)

September 18, 2018

The Road Not Yet Taken (by AC1830)

The Price of Courage (by Gwynne)

Closing the Book (by Questfan)

Taken (by Rona)

The Squirrel’s Stash #3 (by Questfan)

My Life To Live (by JoanS)

In Defense of Innocence (By MissJudy)

The Truth Foretold (by Arien)

The Well (by JoanS)

The Jury… A Missing Scene (by Grimesgirl)

September 17, 2018

A Cold Day in Hell (McFair_58)

Bushwhacked (by DebbieB)

Careful What You Wish For (by DebbieB)

Fight for Life (by DebbieB)

Half of Nothing, All of Everything (by DebbieB)

Choices (by Cheaux)

Shadows (by Cheaux)

Hunger (by Cheaux)

Lost and Found (by MonicaSJ)

Chasing Shadows (by Questfan)

The Prisoner (by gaerwn)

My Father’s Heartbeat (by Cheaux)

In Ten Years (by DJK)

Take Me Home (by Home Alone)

Race Against Time (by JoanS)

The Darker Angels of Our Nature (by McFair)

The Quarry (by JoanS)

September 16, 2018

Donny (by bahj)

The Intruder (by Arien)

When Words Are Hard to Find (by MissJudy)

September 15, 2018

Prey (by freyakendra)

Fathers, Sons, And Growing Up (by pjb)

September 14, 2018

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (by Patina)

Trust (by JoanS)

The Stronger Bond (by bahj)

Keeping Things Going (by JoanS)

September 13, 2018

The Jacket (by pjb)

Fetching the Payroll (by pjb)

Gusty Gumption (by PSW)

Deceit (by BettyHT)

September 12, 2018

Dragon Dance (by LissaB)

Learning a Lesson (by JoanS)

The Indian Painting (by JoanS)

Joe (by A-P)

September 11, 2018

Where There’s a Will (by JoanS)

At Her Mercy (by JoanS)

September 10, 2018

Shield (by lminzer)

Vengeance – WHN (by LissaB)

A Hoss By Any Other Name (by JoanS)

Bedside (by JoanS)

September 9, 2018

Still His Father (by pjb)

The Witness Tree (by AC1830)

The Rubicon (by LissaB)

September 8, 2018

Closing the Book (by Questfan)

Greater Love Hath No Man (by DebbieB)

September 7, 2018

Ellen, My Love (by DebbieB)

The Lady from Baltimore – A Missing Scene (by Jenny G)

In Memoriam (by Deborah)

My Life To Live (by JoanS)

A Night at the Opera (by Krystyna)

The End (by faust)

Goodbyes (by EPM)

Just the Thing (by PSW)

September 6, 2018

Uncle Samuel (by JoanS)

Three Little Words (by Puchi Ann)

The Power of Words (by Puchi Ann)

To Trust in Love (by JoanS)

September 5, 2018

Aim True (by southplains)

Crystal Ball Predictions (by DebbieB)

Another Stranger In Town (by BettyHT)

The Storm (by BettyHT)

A Stranger Came to Stay (by Puchi Ann)

The Impatient Patient (by JoanS)

September 4, 2018

Coming to Terms (by DebbieB)

Darkness Within (by DebbieB)

Ballad of Brothers: Opus (by freyakendra)

The Map (by JoanS)

If These Walls Could Talk (by JoanS)

Settling the Accounts (by JoanS)

Old Demons (by JoanS)

The Handkerchief (by freyakendra) 

September 3, 2018

The Man in the Middle (by Krystyna)

Understanding (by BettyHT)

Concerning Teeth and Fairies (by deansgirl)

September 2, 2018

Alias Adam Cartwright (by Kenda)

A Pearl Without Price (by JC)

The Lady Lawyer Series – #3 – To Know the Truth (by pjb)

September 1, 2018

Shield (by lminer)

The Cost of Being Right (by lminzer)

Refuge (by BettyHT)

Never, Ever Mess With His…..? (by AC1830)

Warm Milk and zMemories (by PSW)

Mama Died Today (by southplains)

Play Before Bedtime (by Terri)

The Best Medicine (by Diana G)

Brother to Brother . . . to Brother . . . to Brother (by PSW)

August 31, 2018

Meeting Family (by PSW)  

Twenty Years Hard Labor (by DebbieB)

Safeguard (by LMinzer) 

Read This Story Because Joe Suffers a Lot (by lminzer)  

August 30, 2018

Firewater (by lminzer)

A Brother’s Love (by DebbieB)

Mama Died Today (by southplains)

The Best Medicine (by Diana G)

Doing What Had To Be Done (by Rona)

August 29, 2018

Play Before Bedtime (by Terri)

Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie (by Dodo)

The Meadow (by Dodo)

A New Bonanza (by BettyHT)

Angel of Love (by AC1830)

August 28, 2018

Betrayal (by Terri)

Sunset on the Ponderosa (by pony)

You’ve Got a Friend (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Circle of Life (by AC1830)

The Last Time I was Dying (by DBird)

August 27, 2018

I’ve Got A Secret (by DJK)

Joe’s Dilemma (by ChristyG)

Withholding the Dream (by the Tahoe Ladies)

A Long Way to Home (by Susan G)

August 26, 2018

The Lady Lawyer Series – #2 – Fugue (by pjb)

The Longest Walk (by pkmoonshine)

The Cup of Bitterness (by Questfan)

Lessons Learned (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Ballad of Brothers: Opus (by freyakendra)

August 25, 2018

The Lady Lawyer Series – #1 (by pjb)

August 24, 2018

The SJS (by lminzer)

Home at Last (by Christy)

Between a Rock and a Hard Place (by Cheaux)

From the Murky Depths (by Hart4Ben)

August 23, 2018

The Flume (by Hart4Ben)

Someone to Watch Over Him (by Cheaux)

August 22, 2018

Rites of Passage (by BettyHT)

While Shepherds Watched (by JoaniePaiute)

Everything They Had (by DBird)

Learning the Hard Way (by Terri)

The Miss Adventures of Little Joe Cartwright (by bahj)

August 21, 2018

Mark Of The Beast (by Inca / aka Tye)

A Better Day, Tomorrow (by DebbieB)

The First Roundup (by Starlite)

A Proper Friend (by Freyakendra)

Life and Sunsets (by MonicaSJ)



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