Stories by Title A

A Beautiful Girl (by dbird)

Summary: After the Cartwright brothers fall in love with the same woman, things don’t seem like they can get worse until the family is caught in a dangerous blizzard.
Rating: K+ WC 12,000

A Bed for the Night (by JennyG)

Summary: All Adam wanted to find was a bed for the night for his father.   He got a whole lot more in the bargain.
Rating: R (for mature readers only) (13,350 words)

A Better Day Tomorrow (by DebbieB)

Summary: Caught in the middle of a family argument turned ugly and having to face his own irate father, Joe bears the blunt of both family’s wrath.     He isn’t the only one who learns something from the experience.
Rating: PG Deals with domestic violence (6,250 words)

A Better Man (by BettyHT)

Summary: A story to try to answer questions left unanswered in The Crucible, it begins with Adam’s attempt to leave Kane’s camp at night.   The first part is a WHIB and then it will be a WHN when Adam is rescued and has to answer some questions to himself and to his family trying to understand what happened and make sense of it.
Rating: – T   WC = 13,659

A Better Man (by jfclover)

Summary: Adam’s memories of a humiliating college prank resurface when he slips unannounced into his brother’s room to find Hoss secretly doctoring their young sibling.
Rating: PG     Word Count :   3544

A Birthday Gone Wrong (by RoseCartwright)

Summary: Joe’s family and his girlfriend are throwing him a surprise party. But what will Joe do when he has to search for where the party is and things go wrong, well wrong to him?
Rating: K+ (2,170 words)

A Bit (by Nanuk)

Summary: What is it a man needs most? Just a bit, a bit of …
Rating: K+ (1,100 words)

A Bittersweet Memory of Two Pink Snowballs – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: It’s more than Hostess’ “Greatest Comeback in the History of Forever”
Rating: M (2,870 words)

A Blank Space (by Rona)

Summary: Joe is found badly beaten on the road.   He doesn’t know how he got there. Can the Cartwrights find out in time before tragedy strikes?
Rating: K+ (10,800 words)

A Blue Plate Special (by DJK)

Summary: A chipped blue plate holds memories for Ben and a lesson for his son.
Rating: K+ Word count :   1317

A Boy’s Lament (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: Young Hoss Cartwright reflects on the loss of his mother. WC 550
Rating: K

A Brady Bonanza – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: Brady Bonanza
Rating: T (4,360 words)

A Breeze Upon My Face (by MissKitty4Adam)

Summary: A story of a modern-day, lonely woman, a beloved cat and, ultimately, the man of her dreams…whose advice will change her life forever…This is a story of new beginnings and the hope for a better time despite the haunting past…
Rating: K+ (2,618 words)

A Brief Family Moment (by Krystyna)

Summary: Adam’s curious … Inger’s busy … so questions are asked, but will the answers satisfy an inquisitive little boy.
Rating: G (1,070 words)

A Broken Resolution (by Cheaux)

Summary: Joe has every intention of keeping his New Year’s resolutions, but you know what they say about good intentions.
Rating: T (945 words)

A Brother is Forever (by Dogwood)

Summary: Ben’s reflections as a brother.
Rating: K (550 words)

A Brother’s Code (by Devonshire)

Summary: A WHN and WHI for ‘The Code’, where both Hoss and Joe struggle with the outcome.
Rating: K (4,120 words)

A Brother’s Heartache (by Dodo)

Summary: A WHN for Season 5’s Triangle.   Laura Dayton has gone and there’s a heartbroken brother on the Ponderosa. But which brother?
Rating: K Word Count 2700

A Brother’s Love (by DebbieB)

Summary: An accidental shooting, a mindless threat muttered in a moment of anger and a family of men all result in a lesson well learned by two Cartwright brothers.
Rating: PG (14,100 words)

A Brother’s Torment #1 (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: Adam isn’t talking about whatever happened to him in the desert, but a concerned younger brother has developed some unique theories to explain it.   According to Little Joe, who tells the aftermath of “The Crucible” from his perspective, it’s all a matter of kerosene and water.
Rating: K+ WC 14,000

A Brother’s Torment #2 – Water for a Burning Soul (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: Returning home with Little Joe, Adam Cartwright seeks his father’s help in dealing with the aftermath of his “Crucible” experience in the desert with Kane. A Sequel to “A Brother’s Torment.”
Rating: K+ WC 5000

A Brother’s Heartache (by AC1830)

Summary: In She Walks in Beauty, Regan Miller nearly destroyed two brothers’ relationship.   So what happened from the time when Hoss nearly beat Adam to death to when they reunited in Virginia City? A missing scene, or two, for She Walks in Beauty.
Rating: K+, Word Count 1430

A Brother’s Treasure (by AC1830)

Summary: One brother says good-bye to another.
Rating: – K, Word count – 1446

A Bucketful of Trouble (by Krystyna)

Summary: Hop Sing decides it’s time to quit! This story may be familiar to forum readers but I hope it will appeal to those newer members of Bonanzaworld who have yet to read it.
Rating: G (1,060 words)

A Camping Trip (by BeckyS)

Summary : Adam takes four-year old Little Joe on a camping trip and a lesson in vocabulary.
Rating: G (2,400 words)

A Cartwright Advent (by Sibylle)

A Cartwright Advent was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection. Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author. Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  Christmas traditions leads to pleasant memories from years past.

A Cartwright Christmas Carol (by PSW)

A Cartwright Christmas Carol was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection.  Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author.  Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  The ghosts of Christmas past, present, and yet to come visit the Ponderosa.

A Case of Comeuppance (by DJK)

Summary: Little Joe and his friend decide a certain Annabel Hampton deserves a comeuppance.
Rating: K+     Word count :   3608

A Change of Direction (by Dodo)

Summary: A WHN for The Code.
Rating: K+ Word Count :   15,520

A Child is Born (by BettyHT)

A Child Is Born was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection.  Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author.  Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  An unexpected visitor stirs up confusion when Adam keeps a promise.

A Child’s First Christmas (by KateP)

Summary: Ben Recalls each of his sons’ first Christmas
Rating: K (620 words)

A Chill in the Air (by vickic)

Summary : Through their troubles the Cartwrights are gently reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.
Rating: K+     WC   8800

A Choice to Make #1 (by DebbieB)

Summary: Ben is away, and Adam is planning for his wedding to the beautiful Rachel Stanrick.   Joe knows something about the lovely lady that would break his brother’s heart, but he’s afraid to tell Adam.   Not quite fifteen, Joe is hard pressed to know how to deal with the situation, especially since he’s been made a party to deception.
Rating: PG (18, 100 words)

A Choice to Make #2 – Love at it’s Best (by DebbieB)

Summary: Adam and Joe thought their woman problems were over when Adam told his fiancée, Rachel Stanrick, to get out.   Who would have thought she’d have the audacity to return three years later and insist that Adam marry her? What could she possibly do that would make Adam change his mind about how he feels towards her?
Rating: PG 13 (13,490 words)

A Christmas Carol in Virginia City (by TracyT)

Summary: Celebrate Christmas in Virginia City and uncover a mystery.
Rating: K     WC 16,500

A Christmas Journey (by AC1830)

Summary: As three of the Cartwrights are making their way home for Christmas, Ben becomes ill.   Adam and Hoss find a rancher willing to give them refuge from the cold and snow.     Little do they know, their rescuer has a connection with another journey the Cartwrights made many years earlier. Ben, Adam and Hoss find they’ve come full circle in their Christmas journeys.
Rating: = K, Word Count = 8705

A Christmas Journey Remembered (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar.   Current events remind Adam of a special Christmas from the past.
Rating: K (1,190 words)

A Christmas Meeting (by Sunrider)

Summary:  Created for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar
Rating:  K  (180 words)

A Christmas Story (by jfclover)

Summary: Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar
Rating: K (1,200 words)

A Christmas Story (by storm)

Summary: Here’s my answer to the December Chaps and Spurs challenge.
Rating: K+     WC   3100

A Christmas Wish (by patina)

Summary: Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar
Rating: K (420 words)

A Christmas Without Her (by mumu74)

Summary: A prequel
Rating: K (1,190 words)

A Circle of Family #1 : The Book of Joseph (by Miss Judy)

Summary: Days before Adam is scheduled to leave for college, Little Joe “borrows” his older brother’s Bible and leaves it outside in the rain when his attention is drawn elsewhere. The Bible had belonged to Elizabeth and was one of the few tokens Adam had of his mother.   We watch as he discovers the seemingly ruined text, and comes to grip with his loss and tries to find forgiveness. This is the first of a four part story of family love, sweet memories and the Cartwright’s way of living life to its fullest.
Rating: K     WC   1800

A Circle of Family #2 : The Book of Benjamin (by Miss Judy)

Summary: This is the second story in the A Circle of Family saga. Adam’s Bible, nearly destroyed in The Book of Joseph, has been returned in better shape than thought possible. After a thoughtful conversation with Hoss, Ben opens the Bible to the story of David and Goliath and relives a memory from a Sunday in the past when a reenactment of that story went awry. We see a young David (Hoss) smite the powerful Goliath (Adam) with a heavy wooden sword, leading to an interesting exchange between Marie and Ben as they decide how to patch the mighty Philistene’s gaping lip. This story is stand alone. It doesn’t require reading the Book of Joseph to pick up on what’s going on.
Rating: K     WC   8300

A Circle of Family #3 : The Book of Hoss (by Miss Judy)

Summary: In this third story of the A Circle of Family, Hoss faces several challenges. Adam is away at school and while life has been going pretty normally back on the Ponderosa, Hoss wakes up one Sunday morning to find that nothing is normal. Pa and Joe are both sick and Hoss has to dig deep inside to find the courage to take control of things. In the midst of it all, he must deal with self-pity, anger and the feeling that he will never be able to fill his oldest brother’s shoes. In the end, the day turns out far better than he could have expected as he finds his strength and ability is equal to the task. This story can be read without reading the first two of the series – and is a sweet look at Hoss as he comes to know himself better and finds his connection to Adam and his family.
Rating: K     WC   6700

A Circle of Family #4 : The Book of Adam (by Miss Judy)

Summary: This is the last story in the Circle of Family saga, but enjoying this one is not dependent on having read the others. Adam has been in Boston for a year and all his careful planning has done him well…until an accident while staying with Abel puts him flat on his back for a few days. It is during this time of infirmity that Marie’s Bible arrives along with letters from home. After reading them, Adam makes a heart-rending decision that leaves his grandfather reeling. This story has its comedic moments along with some sweet takes on Adam’s relationship with Abel and the family he left behind.
Rating: K+         WC 11,400

A Civilized Little War (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: For a long time, Pam kept herself in the shadows. She was there but not as outgoing as Katie nor as flamboyant as Irish. Once, walking across a casino floor behind those two, she remarked to me that she felt a lot like Hoss :     the back-up and ugly duckling of the lot. I have come to realize that she is a lot like Hoss :   patient, understanding and sometimes having to go the extra mile to have her star outshine the others in our constellation. And usually how she gets there is with a sly, and-not-so innocent smile. ~BTL
Rating: K   Word Count :   5070

A Clear Cut Case (by vickic)

Summary: Joe defends a friend accused of murder when all the evidence is against him.
Rating: K     WC   9600

A Cold Day in Hell (by McFair_58)

Summary: Twenty-one year old Hoss Cartwright has a problem. Older brother Adam just took off into the desert without a word and Little Joe wants to follow him. Pa will have his hide, he knows. But it’s awful hard to say ‘no’ to Little Joe…
Rated PG Word count 21,317

A Cold Wind (by EPM)

Summary: This story contains explicit sexual images.
Rating: MA     WC 3000

A Cry for Freedom #1 (by JennieA)

Summary: It started with Ben giving Little Joe more responsibility for the Ponderosa.   Little did the family realize the course Ben was setting in motion.
Rating: R (65,725 words) Due to subject matter contained in this series, this stories are only available via e:mail from the author —

A Cry for Freedom #2 – Freedom from Fear (by JennieA)

Summary: The aftermath of Joe’s kidnapping and subsequent rescue.
Rating: R (33,760) Due to the subject matter contained in this series, the stories are only available via e:mail from the author —

A Dark Night’s Tale (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: Joe hears things that ‘bump’ in the night….
Rating: K Word Count :   1200

A Day in the Life – A Bonanza of a Tale (by JC)

Summary: A tongue-in-cheek view of a typical day for the Cartwright brothers, currently on the trail of a confidence man who suckered them during their Pa’s absence. Bonanza aficionados will find 105 episode titles embedded in the story.
Rating: T (2,550 words)

A Deadly Day (by RoseCartwright)

Summary: Joe is home sick, but things go downhill for this young Cartwright.
Rating: K+ (635 words)

A Debt of Honour (by Questfan)

Summary: A trip back from Sacramento takes a deadly turn and Joe is separated from his brothers. Believing he caused their deaths and left traumatised, Joe is picked up by a father and daughter who are heading for California.
Rating: T Word Count :   23,769

A Debt Repaid (by Miss Judy)

Summary: This WHN for the Honor of Cochise actually begins when Marie tells a very young Joe that he owes his oldest brother a debt of gratitude for looking after him so well. Joe’s early attempt to repay Adam go comically awry, but finally has the chance as he sees his brother wounded in the battle with Cochise. Adam recovers from the gunshot, but struggles deeply with choices he made that put his family in jeopardy that day.
Rating: K+     WC 7200

A Degree In Engineering Can Be Deadly (by BettyHT)

Summary: Written for the Thinking Man Challenge.   Adam’s education gets him into a dangerous situation when bank robbers decide he’s the man they need to send into a mine and retrieve their loot from a bank robbery.   One big problem, the mine tunnel is partially collapsed from an earthquake.
Rating: = PG   WC = 3865

A Degree of Blame (by Barbara)

Summary: After weeks of putting up with Joe’s antics, Adam jumps to conclusions when a disaster occurs on the Ponderosa
Rating: T (5,215 words)

A Delusion, A Mockery, and a Snare (by Rona)

Summary: Joe twice has a narrow brush with death, but it seems it isn’t Joe who is the target. Is it is ex-girlfriend? Or is it something altogether more sinister?
Rating: T (10,850 words)

A Diamond in the Desert (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: Hoss isn’t sure whether Little Joe’s latest get-rich-quick scheme will leave him rich beyond his boldest dreams or dead in the desert. Written for the 2018 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament.
Rated:   K+  24,400 words

A Different Conversation (by AC1830)

Summary: Imagine the scene in The Ride where Adam and Ben are by the fire having a serious conversation.   What if father and son discussed something totally different?   This came from a dialogue-only challenge.
Rating: = K   WC = 818

A Different Kind of River (by dbird)

Summary: Ben and Hoss try to rescue Adam and Joe in the aftermath of a deadly flood.
Rating: K+ WC 24,000

A Different Kind of Vengeance (by Rona)

Summary: After Hoss is bushwhacked and badly injured, Joe vows to find the men who did it, even though he was injured, too.
Rating:   K+ (8,300 words)

A Different Life (by jfclover)

Summary: This story contains excerpts from the Season 1 episode, The Paiute War. A thank you goes to JoeC who gave me the idea of putting Joe on a stage and seeing what happened next. Thiis is basically a Joe story, but the entire family, Ben, Adam, Hoss and Joe are written into this story. Word Count 34,000.
Rating: K+

A Different Time, A Different Place (by GinnyF)

Summary: My version of “Juliet Bulette”
Rating: MA (8,900 words)

A Different Wind (by Cheaux)

Summary: What Happened next for “Different Pines, Same Wind.”   Struggling with heartache and loss, Joe receives comfort from an unexpected source. WC 7900  
Rating: T

A Dish Best Served (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: The course of true love rarely runs smoothly for any Cartwright, especially when a vindictive father and son are determined to punish the one they hold responsible for their personal tragedy.
Rating: T      Word Count :   70,950

A Double-Negative Escapade (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: Take Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe; add a touch of grammar, confusion, and silliness and you end up with…
Rating: K+ (985 words)

A Dream Fulfilled… (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: A story in six voices, which all viewers wished had happened. Within each section there will be a common thread that also ties each character to the others. At the end of each section the character and the word prompt are listed.
Rating: K (6,705 words)

A Duel with Guitars (by mumu74)

Summary: This is one short story, initially written in french for a challenge. The first   translation wasn’t good, I decided to rework it, with the help of one beta-reader. I’m very glad to share this with you…
Rating: G WC 3730

A Family Affair (by southplains)

Summary: What happens when a Cartwright loves a girl who, in turn, favors his brother? In Season 3’s ‘The Lady From Baltimore,’ Joe fell for Melinda Banning; Melinda had her eye on Adam.   Things were brought to a head when Joe found Melinda and Adam together in a rather compromising tableau.   To head off the unavoidable clash between the two brothers, Ben quickly found some other place for Adam to be while the Bannings were still around. But what about when Adam came home after the episode’s ending?
Rating: T     WC 9300

A Far Cry from Peace (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Missing Scenes and What Happened Next for the second season episode… The Gift Told from Adam’s point of view. (5,095 words)  

A Father’s Dilemma (by Dodo)

Summary: My entry for the April Literary Challenge…with a few additions. A missing scene from Dark Star. Ever wondered why Ben was so calm when Joe said he wanted to marry Tirza? Word Count :   1510
Rating: K+

A Father’s Duty (by JoanS)

Summary: Three discussions between a father and his sons. Just how did they get so smart? (4,725 words)
Rating: – K

A Father’s Duty (by Terri)

Summary: There are some tasks a father is called upon to perform that are not as welcome as others.
Rating: K+ WC 1200

A Father’s Justified Instincts (by No1ButJoe)

Summary: He was just going to retrieve the mail. What he found instead was a whole lot of trouble.
Rating: K (2,055 words)

A Father’s Love (by JoanS)

Summary: A misunderstanding causes Joe to feel his father doesn’t want him to live on The Ponderosa any more. WC 24,000  
Rating: K

A Father’s Prayer (by debpet)

Summary: Adam confronts Ben over his intention to go off to war.
Rating: G (975 words)

A Father’s Thoughts about his Son (by pjb)

Summary: A little extra bit for “Hoss and the Leprechauns.”
Rating: K         WC 2000

A Father’s Work Is Never Done (by BettyHT)

Summary: A series of vignettes about Ben’s role as father to three sons.     There’s a mixture of humor, concern, anger, regret, and joy so it’s much like the emotions any parent might feel at various times with their children.
Rating: PG     WC = 9395

A Father’s Love (by AnneG)

Synopsis :   A young Joe Cartwright must live with the fact that he’s killed his father while playing with a pistol while Adam must learn to live with his younger brother in the aftermath.
Rating: G (11,000 words)

A Few Changes (by DianaG)

Summary: Adam wakes to find a stranger in the house and and not everything as it was before he fell asleep.
Rating: : G (2,300 words)

A Fistful of Regret (by DebbieB)

Summary: When he accidentally punches Joe instead of Adam, Hoss is consumed with guilt.   Will Joe lose his hearing?   Will the youngest Cartwright ever forgive his gentle hearted brother for the injuries he sustained from the powerful blow to the side of his head?   Will Hoss forgive himself or will he forever carry, a fistful of regret?
Rating: G (10,600 words)

A Flame Diminished (by Calim11)

Summary: This story takes place between the end of Season 13 and the beginning of Season 14. Adam has a frightening nightmare and comes home to make sure his brother’s and father are doing well.   What he finds will change things forever.
Rating: K+ (11,440 words)

A Friend in Need (by Dodo)

Summary: My contribution to the Chaps and Spurs July Challenge using the words bucket, ignite, extinguish, pump and muster.   A WHN to the episode ‘A Matter Of Circumstance’. Word Count :     2486
Rating: K

A Friend in Need (by SusanG)

Summary: The family assists Roy Coffee to search for a small group of bank robbers, one of whom happens to be a friend of Joe’s.
Rating: T   (9,740 words)

A Friend Indeed (by KateP)

Summary: Joe and Adam have an eerie experience when they search for a missing ranch hand. One of my older stories that I thought I’d post here.
Rating: K+ (5,810 words)

A Gem Without a Price (by debpet)

Summary: Virginia City’s new jewelry store is robbed and a valuable hostage is taken.
Rating: K+     WC 3000

A Ghost from the Past (by LynRobinson)

Summary: A man from Ben’s past arrives at the Ponderosa dredging up painful memories for Adam, and it’s up to Little Joe to help Adam set things right.
Rating: T (11,900 words)

A Gift (by BettyHT)

Summary: How do the three Cartwright sons react to the plight of a young woman who needs a Man of Steel?   The issue arises when Joe brings home the ad from The Soiled Dove Society.
Rating: = MA   word count = 2130 This is a sexually explicit story.   If that offends you in any way, do not continue to the story.

A Gift for Marie (by VickieB)

Synopsis :   The Cartwright family still have unresolved issues five years after the death of Marie Cartwright. Adam seeks a way to help the family heal.
Rating: G (10,200 words)

A Gift of Memories (by DanceDiva)

Summary: Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar
Rating: K (390 words)

A Gift of Memories (by storm)

Summary: Here is my story for the March challenge.   A trip taken in secret forces an argument between Adam and Ben.
Rating: K+     WC   1700

A Girl’s Gift (by deansgirl)

Summary: The story of a girl who is getting tired of the same things and wants a change. But will she change her mind at the end?
Rating: K+ (1,180 words)

A Glass of Water (by TracyT)

Summary: Little Joe needs a little extra care.
Rating: K     WC 1300

A Glimpse Into the Future (by patina)

Summary: After telling four year old Little Joe about the balls held during Mardi Gras, Marie dreams of a dance held in the future. How has life turned out for the Cartwrights? Did Adam, Hoss, and Joe turn out to be the men we know?
Rating: K+ Word Count=4115

A Good Day for a Hanging (by Krystyna)

Summary: This is a story that relates events prior to the episode The Avenger, and explains how and why Adam and Ben were arrested and sentenced to hang.
Rating: K+ (53,215 words)

A Good Time (by JoanS)

Summary: Joe has his hands full trying to manage four girls who are interested in him.
Rating: K (18,275 words)

A Grown Man – Book 1 (by jfclover)

Summary: A falling out between Hoss and Joe leads to a crisis level that may never be rectified. Word Count 23,000.
Rating: MA

A Grown Man – Book 2: A Harsh Remedy (by jfclover)

Summary: In order to avoid Ali Parker now that she’s returned to Virginia City, Joe decides on a trip to Ft. Lowell, Arizona rather than deal with her unexpected return.   He finds himself trapped in a nightmare, and the circumstances that follow upon his return home will change his life forever.   WHN for Season 14 – The Hunter Word Count 14,000.   .
Rating: K+

A Grown Man – Book 3: A Change of Heart (by jfclover)

Summary: This is Book three of A Grown Man series. Joe is still dealing with life after surgery, but a letter from Sacramento, California could change his life forever. While he’s away, someone unexpected turns up at the Ponderosa. I hope you enjoy this segment of the series.
Rating: PG WC 21,500

A Grown Man – Book 4: The World is Round (by jfclover)

Summary: The brothers become reacquainted, but will a night of happiness for one lead to tragedy for the other?
Rating: PG13   WC 16,700

A Gynecological Disaster (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: When Joe has another unfortunate accident, the doctor can’t be found. What is keeping him so busy? It can’t possibly be the birth of yet another baby – can it?
Rating: T WC 1840

A Handful of Ashes (by sklamb)

Summary: After a hotel fire in Sacramento, the survivors must come to terms with what is left to them. A story for all those who have learned from personal experience that even small miracles are sometimes miracle enough.
Rating: T     WC 7200

A Handful of Faith (by DebbieB)

Summary: In the midst of a drought, Ben witnesses a miracle, from a most unsuspecting source.
Rating: G (2,360 word)

A Hard Act to Follow (by Dodo)

Summary: This story is the result of the September Writing Challenge. Joe was never a lover of school. So why is he so keen to go for once? Word Count :   3926    
Rating: K+

A Hard Lesson (by Starlite)

Summary: Adam recounts a tale from his boyhood. Rated:  G  (3,300 words)

A Hard Place (by BettyHT)

Summary:  After a cattle drive, Adam gets sick, and when Ben starts getting some of the same symptoms, Joe finds that he has to be the one making the decisions on the journey home. It’s a tough job especially because the outlaws trailing them think they have the money from the cattle drive with them.  Joe has to come up with a plan or two to get them out of all these problems and save their lives.
Rating = T   WC = 12,477

A Hatful of Guilt (by patina)

Summary: A WHN for the episode No Less A Man. Roy resigns as sheriff when he believes the Virginia City Town Council thinks he can’t do his job. Now Adam is the only lawman and he has to prepare for the possible arrival of the Wagner Gang.
Rating: T   Word Count=10,784

A Heart of Hope (by AC1830)

A Heart of Hope was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection.  Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author.  Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  The Miracle of Christmas lifts the veils of grief.

A Holiday Homicide (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: The Cartwrights are enjoying a festive Christmas party at the Ponderosa, when what to their wondering eyes should appear but a corpse in a closet. Oh, my and oh, dear!
Rating: K+     WC   6600 A holiday mystery written in response to a suggestion by our own bahj.

A Hoss by Any Other Name (by JoanS)

Summary: Joe tries to help Hoss to impress a girl, but things become complicated when Adam also gets involved.
Rating: K+ (10,225 words)

A House Divided (by jfclover)

Summary: WHI   Adam tries to set Joe straight on Frederick Kyle’s intentions by bringing up events that happened twelve years earlier when Ben was away from the ranch after Marie’s death.
Rating: K+     WC 8800

A House United – Book 1 – The Hardest Goodbye (by Pulitzer2016)

Summary   The first book in a planned series involving the Cartwrights and members of Adam’s extended family back east, including a double cousin named Josephine
Rating: K (33,830 words)

A House United – Book 2 – And the War Came (by Pulitzer2016)

Summary: The Civil War has broken out, and Adam travels east to attend his cousin Josie’s graduation from medical school.   To get away from the danger of the war, Josie returns to the Ponderosa with Adam, where she must learn to fit in to a new way of life as she struggles to establish herself as a doctor.
Rating: K+     Word Count :   40,979

A House United – Book 3 – Thenceforward and Forever Free (by Pulitzer2016)

Summary: As 1861 draws to a close, the Cartwrights enjoy their first Christmas with Josie on the Ponderosa.   But 1862 brings a number of challenges, from Adam disappearing in the desert to an influenza epidemic that threatens the entire town.   Meanwhile, Simon Croft continues to express romantic interest in Josie, much to Adam’s consternation.   Parts inspired by “The Crucible.”
Rating: T     Word Count :   50,379

A Howl in the Night (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: A WHN/WHI for the episode My Brother’s Keeper. Joe finds himself lost and alone in a forest, but is he really as alone as he thinks he is?
Rating: T – (1,300 words)

A Hunting We Will Go (by ljlover2001)

Summary: Hoss and Joe go on a hunting trip, but they become the hunted, not the hunters
Rating: K+ (1,340 words)

A Jack of Spades (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: This began as a Pinecone but I couldn’t fit it all in there so here is the rest of the story — Little Joe Cartwright finds that having skill with a pistol and a fast draw isn’t the same as being good in a gunfight, and he has second thoughts about whether he should have gotten himself into such a predicament.
rating = T word count = 1156

A Job for Jasper (by Gillian)

Summary: Seventeen year old Adam risks his father’s anger when he brings home yet another stray, but help comes from a surprising source.
Rating: G (3,990 words)

A Journey Against Time (by puppycuddles)

Summary: While trying to foil a land grab scheme, Joe is wounded. Despite her own injuries, can his younger sister, Sierra, get him to a doctor in time? A sister fic, with a plot based loosely around the episodes of Land Grab and My Brothers Keeper. Word count :   13,354  
Rating: T

A Journey Revisited (by BettyHT)

Summary: The trouble over Regan Miller leads to a frank discussion between Hoss and Adam and a trip to find Inger’s grave. Trouble happens along the way as the two brothers rebuild their relationship. WHN for She Walks In Beauty and somewhat for A Journey Remembered.   It’s a mostly lighthearted tale and ends with a meaningful Christmas gift.
Rating: = T   WC = 11,500

A Jump Through Time (by ViveAdam)

Summary: Adam is accidentally transferred in Captain Kirk’s starship Enterprise, during the 23rd century.
Rating: K+     WC 9200

A Kind of Wild Justice (by KateP)

Summary: What happens when someone comes looking for revenge?
Rating: K+ (17,610 words)

A Kiss to Die For (by DebbieB)

Summary: Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, under wrong circumstances, Little Joe pays the price, not only for himself but for the beautiful Indian maiden whom he was warned to stay away from.
Rating: PG for mild violence. (11,040 words)

A Lady Never Tells (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: Ben is still a handsome, charming man…. Word Count :     24800  
Rating: MA – Adult themes and situations.

A Legacy Deferred (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Joe is summoned to the Ponderosa for a matter pertaining to an inheritance. Curiously, the letter and recent events in his life reveal his dissatisfaction, and thrust him on a journey of discovery.
Rating: T (16,980 words)

A Lesson for Miss Sprigg (by KateP)

Summary: A young Joe is having trouble at school.
Rating: K+ (4,240 words)

A Lesson in Miracles (by Foreverfree)A Lesson in Miracles was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection.  Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author.  Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  Sometimes, miracles granted are more than what we prayed for.
A Letter From Adam (by Debbieb)

Summary: This Mother’s Day, it’s Adam’s turn to write home and wish Pa a Happy Mother’s Day.
Rating: G (550 words)

A Letter from Hoss (by DebbieB)

Summary: Tricked and left with the shortest match, Hoss is the one to be away on business on Pa’s special day, but does he forget his father?
Rating: G (2,960 words)

A Letter from Hoss (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: I was thinking about how due to Dan Blocker’s death the Cartwright’s lost Hoss. This short piece came to me and I had to write it down.
Rating: K (540 words)

A Letter to Mama on Mother’s Day (by DebbieB)

Summary: Joe puts his feelings on paper.
Rating: G (1,600 words)

A Life Lived #1 (by HelenB)

Summary: Adam and Joe run into trouble while away from the ranch. Will help arrive in time?
Rating: T (11,540 words)

A Life Lived #2 – Return of a Gunfighter (by HelenB)

Summary : Gunfighter Drew Maxwell returns to Virginia City.
Rating: T (13,900 words)

A Life to be Proud of (by Harper)

Summary: After an accident, Adam helps Joe cope with the loss of a friend.
Rating: K+ (1,600 words)

A Lifetime of Unhappiness (by faust)

Summary: Gravely hurt and completely helpless, Adam finds himself at the mercy of a person from his past who seeks nothing but revenge. And for once, there’s no chance he’ll talk his way out of it. In the end it might come down to who’s more determined; and Adam surely won’t give up. No, he won’t, will he? 7,500 words,
Rating: T

A Light in the Darkness (by pony)

Summary: Adam Cartwright is coming home … but the path is dark and lonely. Will there be a light at the end of the road?
Rating: K (1,355 words)

A Little Excitement Goes A Long Way  (by Patina)

Summary:   There’s never a dull moment with Little Joe around. Written for the 2018 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament.
Rated:   K+  2,700 words

A Little Home Schooling (by Miss Judy)

Summary: This story takes place the evening after Adam’s first day filling in for Miss Scott in the episode Right is the Fourth R. While that story took a very serious turn, I thought it might be fun to examine how Adam would deal with the antics of youngsters after living in a household of adults for so many years. After facing a day of student illness, crazy questions, a black eye and a crush by a young student, Adam has to confess some shortcomings and learn a few lessons from his family.
Rating: K     WC 3900

A Little Less, Next Time (by Krystyna)

Summary: Joe discovers that his liking for raspshberriesh ..I mean…raspberry cordial has repercussions…
Rating: K+ (1,760 words)

A Little Night Music (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: Ever noticed the piano that materializes at Ponderosa celebrations? The Giggly Sisters investigate further as Ben organises a musical soiree.
Rating: K+ WC 2200

A Little Piece of Heaven (by Terri)

Summary: It’s a very hot day and two Cartwright sons decide to go swimming naked in the lake. Unknowingly Little Joe causes Adam to give the visiting ladies a glimpse of ‘A Little Piece of Heaven’!!
Rating: T WC 2700

A Long and Twisted Path (by Sibylle)

Summary: This story tells about Marie’s first time living with Ben and his two sons. The beginning wasn’t easy …
Rating: K+   (5,600)

A Long Ride Home (by Dodo)

Summary: A missing scene from ‘The Quest’
Rating: K+ Word Count 2300

A Long Shadow (by Rona)

Summary: A WHN for the episode Emily. Can a leopard really change its spots? How did Joe manage to cope with Emily living in Virginia City?
Rating: K+ (9,220 words)

A Long Way Home (by SusanG)

Summary: Returning home from running a simple errand for Pa takes a dangerous detour when the stage only runs once a week, and the passengers on this one are a marshal with a prison who says no other tickets are to be sold.
Rating: T (17,215 words)

A Lost Bonanza (by BnzaGal)

Summary: A response to ML’s2012 birthday literary exercise.
Rating: K (1,255 words)

A Main Character’s Nightmare — Is an Author’s Delight (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: Joe has a decision to make when the most beautified–which is a vile phrase according to Polonius–Annie K asks him to do something for her. Basically a ridiculous story for the author’s own enjoyment.
Rating: K+ (770 Words)

A Man Alone #2 – Inside the Mine (by Mamse5)

Summary: The sequel to “A Man Alone”
Rating: K     WC   10,000

A Man Alone #1 (by Mamse5)

Summary: Ben returns from a business trip to find his life has changed.
Rating: K     WC 15,300

A Man Named Bill (by Wrangler)

Summary: Note from author :   This story is dedicated to my two little sisters, Carol and Leesa. For some strange reason they still want to read this stuff from old Wrangler!   This one’s for you, kids.
Rating: K+ WC 22,000

A Man Named Jacob (by SusanG)

Summary: Unable to stand by and watch an injustice, Joe befriends a man and his wife, and plans to show them that not everyone is against them.
Rating: T (45, 025 words)

A Man Named Missouri (by patina)

Summary: Ben has hired a new hand to help with the branding. Is there more to him than meets the eye?
Rating: K   Word Count=2672

A Man’s First Duty (by DianaG)

Summary: Adam argues with his father and decides that he must leave the Ponderosa.   Will being away from his family allow him to find what he is looking for?
Rating: PG (24,775 words)

A Matter of Circumstances Continued (by SusanG)

Summary: A WHN story for the episode, A Matter of Circumstances.
Rating: T   (11,870 words)

A Matter of Family (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: A mistaken identity sends the Cartwrights on a race to save one of their own.
Rating: K (6,820 words)

A Matter of Honor (by SusanG)

Summary: Joe’s life is at stake when a soldier seeking glory captures an Indian medicine man; and it’s up to Ben and Hoss to set events to right.
Rating: G (5,820 words)

A Matter of Intent (by Cheaux)

Summary: A WHN for A Matter of Circumstance. Written for the Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament (Round One).
Rating: T+ for subject matter. (6,840 words)

A Matter of Regret (by DJK)

Summary: Does Adam regret returning to the Ponderosa after college? Little Joe thinks he knows the answer to that question.
Rating: K+     Word count :   1218

A Merry Heart (by AC1830)

Summary: While Joe is missing his brother at Christmas, a friend’s tragedy gives Joe a new perspective on the Christmas spirit.
Rating: – K, WC – 1281

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (by Cheaux)

Summary: All Ben wanted was a night alone with his eldest. What he got was something quite different. WC 2400  

A Misconstrued Statement (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Hoss attempts an explanation to Ben of who is coming down the street, and why.
Rating: K+ (900 words)

A Missing Scene from ‘Five Into the Wind’ (by Donna)

Summary: What could’ve happened in that cave if a tied-up Joe was left with a guard…. none other than Lori Hayden.
Rating: MA – *Warning* This story is
Rating: for Mature Audiences only…. if you are offended by sexual content, please do not read. (1,200 words)

A Modern Cartwrights Story #1 – Windmills & Rembrances (by GinnyF & Robin)

Summary: A modern-day Cartwright / Dallas cross-over :   What happens when JR Ewing sets his sites on the Ponderosa.
Rating: PG-13 (37,800 words)

A Modern Cartwrights Story #1 – Windmills & Rembrances (by Robin & GinnyF)

Summary: A modern-day Cartwright / Dallas cross-over :   What happens when JR Ewing sets his sites on the Ponderosa.
Rating: PG-13 (37,800 words)

A Modern Cartwrights Story #2 – Substitutes in the Cemetery (by GinnyF)

Summary: A continuation of A Modern Cartwrights Story.
Rating: PG (1,215 words)

A Modern Cartwrights Story #3 – A Quarter’s Worth of Glory: Joe in the Infernal Machine (by Robin)

Summary: Headlines ripped from the daily newspaper in this modern era tale of the Cartwrights.
Rating: K+ (775 word)

A Modern Cartwrights Story #4 – A Passing Stranger (by GinnyF & Robin)

Summary: This Modern Day Cartwrights story is based on the Bonanza episode “A Stranger Passed this Way”.
Rating: PG (46,475 words)

A Modern Cartwrights Story #4 – A Passing Stranger (by Robin & GinnyF)

Summary: This Modern Day Cartwrights story is based on the Bonanza episode “A Stranger Passed this Way”.
Rating: PG (46,475 words)

A Modern Cartwrights Story #5 – Remnants of the Past (by GinnyF & Robin)

Summary: Most of the action in this tale takes place in the spring and summer of 2000. We have included elements and characters who appeared in a few Bonanza episodes including “The Truckee Strip”, “Rich Man Poor Man”, “The Infernal Machine”, “The Countess”, “First Born”, “Denver McKee” and “The Abduction” as well as characters and plot lines we created for our other modern Cartwright tales.
Rating: PG (33,150 words)

A Modern Cartwrights Story #5 – Remnants of the Past (by Robin & GinnyF)

Summary: Most of the action in this tale takes place in the spring and summer of 2000. We have included elements and characters who appeared in a few Bonanza episodes including “The Truckee Strip”, “Rich Man Poor Man”, “The Infernal Machine”, “The Countess”, “First Born”, “Denver McKee” and “The Abduction” as well as characters and plot lines we created for our other modern Cartwright tales.
Rating: PG (33,150 words)

A Moment #1 (by Calim11)

Summary : What Happened In-Between/What Happened Next for the episode “Vengeance”
Rating: T (3,230 words)

A Moment #2 – A Moment Lost (by Calim11)

Summary: What Happened Next for the episode “Vengeance”
Rating: T (4,250 words)

A Moment #3 – A Moment Later (by Calim11)

Summary: What Happened Next for the episode “Vengeance”
Rating: T (2,800 words)

A Moment #4 – A Moment Feared (by Calim11)

Summary: What Happened Next for the episode “Vengeance”
Rating: T (6,200 words)

A Moment #5 – A Moment Given (by Calim11)

Summary: Part of the “A Moment” series and What Happened Next for the episode “Vengeance”
Rating: T (6,500 words)

A Moment #6 – A Moment Revisited (by Calim11)

Summary: The finale of the Moment series and What Happens Next for the episode “Vengeance”
Rating: T (9,690 words)

A Moment Before Leaving (by Miss Judy)

Summary: This WHN for A Journey Remembered looks at a “missing page” from the journal chronicling the journey West with Inger. After reading the story to Hoss while they waited for a horse to foal, Ben finds evidence of a page that was removed and remembers that it’s kept with personal papers. When he finally has a chance to do so, he rereads the missing page and recalls what he witnessed the night after Inger died.
Rating: K+     WC   2600

A Moment Just Before Dark (by Robin)

Summary: A prequel story that includes the Milfords   from The Hayburner.
Rating: G (9,630 words)

A Mother’s Treasures (by puppycuddles)

Summary: A golden curl tied with a pink bow; a broken arrowhead; a crudely carved wooden horse; and a rough sketch of a two story log house… What do these things have in common? And what makes each one so special? Most people would say nothing, but to a mother’s heart, each of these symbolize something- or rather someone- very special.
Rating: K     Word count :   5,643

A Mouthful of Regret (by patina)

Summary: It’s roundup time for the Cartwrights. Heated words are exchanged between Adam and Joe as they search for steers. A bear attack, though, changes everything.
Rating: T   Word Count=6472

A Moving Tale #1 – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: There’s no reason, but a story to send any woman’s heart a-fluttering.
Rating: M (3,040 words)

A Moving Tale #2 – The Golden Saloon – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: How to cure a broken heart.
Rating: M (2,380 words)

A Near-Perfect Courtship (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: Little Joe Cartwright is surprised to find himself attracted to shy little Laurie Reynolds, the girl next door.   Although she isn’t the sort of girl that normally draws his attention, he’s beginning to wonder if she just might be the one true love of his life.
Rating: K     WC 22,000

A New Bonanza (by BettyHT)

Summary:  A short silly discussion about what’s wrong with Bonanza.  It’s meant to be a light-hearted story and not to be taken seriously.
rating = T  word count = 865

A New Perspective (by Gillian)

Summary: Hoss’ birthday present goes missing, and retrieving it gives both Adam and Ben an opportunity to find a new perspective on important matters in their lives.
Rating: G (9,745 words)

A New Understanding (by Terri)

Summary: A WHN for First Born. Adam is angry at Joe for offering to leave with Clay. Will he be able to reconcile with his youngest brother?
Rating: K+ WC 2200

A New Year, A New Resolution (by patina)

Summary: Joe makes a resolution to stay out of trouble. Hoss and Adam are determined to help him break it. How long can Joe last?
Rating: K         Word Count=4509

A New Year’s Renewal (by Karen)

Summary: It’s the littlest things in life and the littlest one who can inspire.
Rating: K (1,045 words)

A Night at the Opera (by Krystyna)

Summary: A night at the Opera House in San Francisco really goes with a bang. But will Joe will able to save Adam’s life as his brother desperately seeks a way to survive.
Rating: T (15,390 words)

A Night by the Lake (by KateP)

Summary: A hot summer night at Lake Tahoe
Rating: K+ (2,225 words)

A Night in San Francisco (by Frasrgrl)

Summary: June 2013 C&R Challenge. Adam and Joe are in San Francisco and all Adam wants is one night of culture. Word Count :   502
Rating: T

A Night of Reflections (by DebbieB)

Summary: With a snowstorm coming and his sons late in getting home, Ben reflects back on his life and the three wives that bore him, his sons.
Rating: G (6,000 words)

A Night on His Own (by Frasrgrl)

Summary: This story is my contribution to the 2012 Michael Landon’s Birthday Literary Challenge to write a spooky story. On a foggy All Hallows Eve, Joe has made camp by himself. What possibly could be out beyond the fog? Word Count :   1,686    
Rating: K+

A Note for Santa #1 (by Dodo)

Summary: A Christmas WHI for First Born Word Count :   1709
Rating: K+

A Note for Santa #2 – Regrets and Resolutions (by Dodo)

Summary: A WHN for A Note for Santa
Rating: K+ Word Count :   1725

A Pa for Toby (by DebbieB)

Summary: Young Toby’s parents have been killed in an accident, and Ben takes the boy under his wing. But Toby wants something that Joe has, and he sets out to take it away from the youngest Cartwright. Someone has been silently observing the goings on, does that person save for Joe, what Joe has feared most in his life of losing?
Rating: G (11,125 words)

A Peep Came this Way – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: Pa should have known better than to let Jamie run an errand.   A WHI for A Stranger Passed This Way.
Rating: T (13,480 words)

A Penny Saved, A Lesson Learned (by pbeaking)

Summary: I’ve written several prequels, but this is my first adult Cartwright story. Joe and Hoss have a falling out and Hoss is deeply hurt by Joe’s actions. Will Joe be able to make things right again?
Rating: K+     6700

A Performance to Remember (by Puchi Ann)

A Performance to Remember was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection.  Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author.  Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  The citizens of Virginia City are treated to The Nativity Play, with the Cartwrights having prominent parts in the production.

A Perspective of One (by Calim11)

Summary: What Happened In Between and What Happened Next for the “Honor of Cochise”
Rating: K+ (8,170 words)

A Place to Belong #1 (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: An idea I got off the episode ‘Love Me Not’.
Rating: T (16,285 words)

A Place to Belong #2 – Star’s Hope (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: Sequel to “A Place to Belong”
Rating: T (16,350 words)

A Place to Call Home (by patina)

Summary: WHN for Return to Honor. Will Cartwright adjusts to life on the Ponderosa.     Written for Round 3 of the Ponderosa Poker Tournament. My words were :   round up, soap making, scissors, chopping wood, and branding.
Rating: K+     Word Count=5568

A Ponderosa Christmas Carol (by Questfan)

Summary: My version of Charles Dickens’ famous story, as written for the 2016 BoNaNo Challenge. Thank you to the fun group of writers who participated as it was the first time I have done anything like that. Word Count :   7111  
Rating: T

A Ponderosa Pine for Christmas (by BettyHT)

Summary: Adam goes to Tennessee on business but finds personal concerns outweigh business considerations.   A light romantic adventure. WC =10,935    
Rating: = PG13

A Poor Man’s Roses (by DebbieB)

Summary: Running away from your problems never solved at thing.     That’s what Pa had always preached to his three sons, but now Ben was doing exactly that, running away.
Rating: G (10, 660 words)

A Portion of God (by faust)

Summary: Wisdom has different faces. So has solace. Especially on a sunny Sunday afternoon at the lake. 1,300 words,
Rating: K

A Prayer in the Night (by Miss Judy)

Summary: Ben stands vigil as thirteen-year-old Adam lies near death with a raging fever. The father blames himself and questions his ability as a parent while offering a prayer to give his own life to spare his son’s. A stranger helps Ben face his fears and understand that parenthood takes courage and help from unexpected places.
Rating: K+ WC     4600

A Prickly Problem (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: Little Joe learns a lesson the hard way.   Chaps and Spurs inspired story.
Rating: K+     Word Count :   1, 371

A Promise by Ring Nose (by BettyHT)

Summary: This is a prequel but not by much. It is an attempt to give background for “The Paiute War” episode and answer some questions. Why had Young Wolf developed animosity toward Adam? Why did Ring Nose agree to come back with Ben knowing he would be jailed or hanged for what had happened? Why was Wilson so intent on getting revenge on the Paiute and Adam?
Rating: = T   WC = 17,962

A Proper Friend (by freyakendra)

Summary: For the good folks of Virginia City, Roy Coffee is a darned good sheriff. For the Cartwrights, he is also a proper friend, as he proves to himself when his job intermixes with a tragic event on the Ponderosa. (Word Count :   2400;
Rating: K)

A Quartet of Limericks (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: Ben Cartwright reflects on his three sons in this quartet of limerick verses.
Rating: K

A Question of Doubt (by KateP)

Summary: Joe is left to face the future alone when the unthinkable happens.
Rating: T (16,145 words)

A Question of Guilt (by Camera Chic)

Summary: After an accident, Little Joe is saved by an outlaw…and then held captive by him and his gang. Joe has to decide whether to turn him in, or trust him to do the right thing…
Rating: PG-13 (14, 440 words)

A Question of Honor (by Karen)

Summary: Joe stuns his family when he joins the Army.
Rating: T (22,790 words)

A Question of Intent (by DebbieB)

Summary: Was his intent purely to talk to Billy Walker, or was he actually intending to seek revenge?   When the younger man is killed, and Joe is charged with murder, Joe begins to question his real intent.
Rating: R for fight scenes and death (19,860 words)

A Question of Mercy (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: A What Happened Instead/What Happened in Between for the episode A Question of Strength. Written and expanded from my entry for February 2017’s Pennings from Prompts challenge on Bonanza Boomers.
Rating: K+ (Includes one instance of mild language and mentions of violence)     Word Count :   1,466

A Quick Trip (by DJK)

Summary: Adam’s quick trip to the necessary results in trouble.
Rating: T     Word count :   1083

A Quiet Legacy (by pjb)

Summary: Even when the time together is brief, memories can last a lifetime. This story was originally published in the Bonanza 2009 Friendship Convention Anthology.
Word count: 3,500 Rating: K

A Quiet Storm (by EPM)

Summary: A neighbor is murdered! One brother plays detective while another finds romance.
Rating: K+ (9,505 words)

A Rainy Day Tale (by Miss Judy)

Summary: Marie and Ben’s attendance at a funeral in town leaves Adam at the Ponderosa to watch six-year-old Hoss, and seven-month-old Little Joe. The day of babysitting gets started with only minor difficulties, but takes a frightening turn as a late-season thunder storm hits the area, trapping the parents in town overnight, and making the boys rely on all that they’ve learned to get by alone.
Rating: K     Word Count :   12,862

A Real Brother (by KateP)

Summary: What makes a Real Brother?
Rating: K+ (1,935 words)

A Reversal of Roles (by DebbieB)

Summary: This time it is Ben who suffers from guilt and who shoulders the blame and Joe who delivers the lecture that relives his father of his burdens.
Rating: G (15, 240 words)

A Ride in the Sun; Survived (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: In the tenth season episode, “A Ride in the Sun” the Cartwrights are scammed by brother/sister con artists, Tobias and April Horn. This story is told from Joe’s POV as he heads into the desert.
Rating: T (teen) (9,560 words)

A Rose for Abigail (by Sierra Girl)

Summary: A year following the marriage of Abigail Jones and Hank Myers, the services of Cupid and Cupid Unlimited are called into action once again when the Myers’ marriage hits a rocky patch. And once more, Adam finds himself an unwilling participant—or should that be victim—in Hoss and Joe’s uproarious schemes.
Rating: K+     Word Count :   9105

A Rose for Marie – マリーのバラ (by deansgirl)

Summary: This is for the International Member’s Celebration.   It is my story A Rose For Marie translated into Japanese.
Rating: K+

A Rose for Marie (by deansgirl)

Summary: Adam finally learns to accept Marie as his mother. A special Mother’s Day story, the companion story to Forever Ben Cartwright
Rating: K+ (2,850 words)

A Royal Pain (by DebbieB)

Summary: Adam and Hoss think their littlest brother is a royal pain…but Ben is beginning to think all three of his sons are a royal pains, and the knowledge soon leads him to taking refuge in the hayloft.
Rating: G (9,075 words)

A Sacrifice of Love (by Rona)

Summary: When a man from Ben’s past returns, the Cartwrights are plagued by accidents. After Adam is badly injured, Ben decides to do something about it. But the worst is yet to come.
Rating: T (9,840 words)

A San Francisco Encounter (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: Ben Cartwright is in San Francisco on business and meets Barbara Dameron through mutual friends. He is quite taken with her, but pursuing a relationship with her could lead to unexpected danger.
Rating: T     Word Count :   17,739

A Score to Settle #1 (by DebbieB)

Summay: When Joe is found unconscious and in a coma, his family has no idea how the boy was injured.   A storm, a fire and a miracle, turn Ben’s long nights of worry into a happy ending.   The only questions left unanswered are how and why?   Only one person knows the answers, and he’s not telling.
Rating: G (10,720 words)

A Score to Settle #2 – Settling the Score (by DebbieB)

Summay: A month after coming out of a coma caused by a head injury, Little Joe is full of hate for the one responsible and wants to get revenge.   His father however, has other plans for the persons responsible for nearly killing his son.   Can father convince son that vengeance is of the Lord and not of man?
Rating: PG   (12,800 words)

A Score to Settle#3 – The Final Score (by DebbieB)

Summay :   Five years after having been sent to prison, Lucas Tatum returns to seek his own revenge on Joe Cartwright.   What he does this time is far worse than a wallop on the head; he wants to make Joe suffer for what he believes was Joe’s fault.   Joe learns just how badly hate can destroy a man and just how far a man filled with hate will go to seek revenge.
Rating: PG contains violence (19,150 words)

A Second Chance At Love (by Adam’s Lover)

Summary: After the break up with long time girlfriend, Lisa, Adam heads out to the cattleman’s convention at Dallas, Texas where he meets a spicy Dallas Assistant District Attorney, Jennifer Devereux. The two have an instant connection and fall in love, but not without drama and intrigue throughout and of course there is Lisa, the ex-girlfriend that wants Adam back. WC 92,500  
Rating: MA (Sexual situations as well as mild violence).

A Second Chance? (by mumu74)

Summary: When Ben succumbs to heat exhaustion, who should appear but Joan Wingate, the young woman he rescued from the Paiutes. Only now she’s Mrs. Henry Dexter, but does she still have feelings for Ben? And does he have feelings for her? Could their love possibly have a second chance?
Rating: :   T :   violence, murder and death sentence.

A Secret Worth Keeping (by Dodo)

Summary: A late night conversation takes Ben down a road he’d long thought he would never again have to travel.
Rating: K+     Word Count :   12430

A Sense of Something Greater (by Krystyna)

Summary: Ben’s attempt to escape his misery at Marie’s death leads him to an appreciation of another kind of sorrow.
Rating: G (3,725 words)

A Separate Dream, Book 1:     A Fresh Beginning (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: This novel begins a new series, A Separate Dream, which is a companion to my Heritage of Honor books.   In “A Fresh Beginning” Adam Cartwright travels east to attend college, meeting new friends and facing new challenges throughout his freshman year against the backdrop of a nation at war.
Rating: K+ (212,654 words)

A Shot in the Dark (by Krystyna)

Summary: The question the Jury wanted answered was who shot Judd Clancy? It was a question to which the Cartwrights also required an answer as one of their own faced the charge of murder.
Rating: G (3,320 words)

A Silent World (by KateP)

Summary: Stranded miles from home, Ben and Joe face many dangers.
Rating: K+ (11,365 words)

A Skeptic, A Dreamer, and A True Believer  (by DJK)

Summary: A skeptic, a dreamer, and a true believer set out on a journey to find gold. Written for the 2018 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament.
Rated:   PG  8,890 words

A Special Blessing (by Mamse5)

Summary: Ben’s awakens on Christmas morning, but what happened to his boys?
Rating: K     WC 800

A Special Child (by Terri)

Summary: This story is written in tribute to my eldest brother who was left severely mentally handicapped as a result of a smallpox injection when he was a child.
Rating: K WC 9000

A Special Kind of Love #1 (by JoanS)

Summary: Joe searches for a mother figure in his life.
Rating: K (13,770 words)

A Special Kind of Love #2 – To Trust in Love (by JoanS)

Summary: Joe finds it difficult to accept a new woman in Ben’s life. (Sequel to ‘A Special Kind of Love’)
Rating: K

A Spoonful of Medicine (by patina)

Summary: Marie Cartwright is sick with a chest cold. Three year old Little Joe discovers her cough syrup.
Rating: K     Word Count=4253

A Stake in the Future (by jfclover)

Summary: Will longtime friendships be severed for one reason or another?     Will an unwarranted land dispute or the sale of a prized Kentucky stallion wreak havoc with the Cartwrights?     One son is injured in a freak accident.   One son is anxious to bring home the prized stallion while the third is out of town and is late returning home.
Rating: K+ WC 14,600

A Still Small Voice (by Miss Judy)

Summary: Adam has been away at school for two years when he starts having vivid dreams about his youngest brother. He wonders why his memories center around Little Joe even while he misses his entire family. What he is about to find out will shake his certainty about many things and make him look for a clue hidden in his dreams.
Rating: K (Word Count 22490)

A Stitch in Time (by sandspur)

Summary: Joe lies dying of injuries 19th century medicine could never cure while Adam, given a cryptic clue from an ancient fraternal feud, searches for help 100+ years in the future..
Rating: T

A Stitch in Time (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: Ever wondered where all those cloths that miraculously appear to mop fevered brows actually come from? When Joe has another unfortunate accident, the Giggly Sisters reveal all.
Rating: K+ WC 2150

A Stop Along the Way (by bahj)

Summary: Sometimes, it’s the littlest things in the smallest places that make the biggest impact. To young Adam Cartwright, Galesburg, Ill. is just another stop on the long journey West, but this time his life will be changed forever.
Rating: K (Word count :   42,700)

A Story of a Gentle Man (by Krystyna)

Summary: A story of how Hop Sing came to join the Cartwright family.
Rating: T (6,870 words)

A Stranger Came to Stay (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: What if Hoss had not regained his memory during his overnight stop at the Ponderosa and had, instead, gone off with the Vandervorts?   Could he ever find his way back to himself again and how would the other Cartwrights cope with a loss that might become permanent?   Discover the answers in this WHI version of “A Stranger Passed This Way.”
Rating: K     ( 26,269 words)

A Stranger in the House (by DebbieB)

Summary:The last time that Little Joe sees his father is when Ben yells at him to jump seconds before their wagon careens down a steep ravine. Little Joe is found badly wounded and brought home to his brothers……..but what about his father? Ben has vanished and Joe’s grief is more life threatening than the injuries he suffered from the accident.
Rating: G (12,440 words)

A Stranger Passed this Way (by Rona)

Summary: Epilogue. What happened when the Cartwrights went back into the house at the end of the episode.
Rating: K (2,440 words)

A Stranger Returns #1 (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: A what if I got off the episode “A Stranger Passed This Way”, mainly what if the Vandervorts had already been in the process of moving when they found Hoss? Genre always subject to change. Little Joe and Candy will also make appearances in the story.
Rating: K+ (15,460 words)

A Stranger Returns #2 – Coming Home (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: Short Sequel to “A Stranger Returns”.
Rating: and Genre always subject to change. While all the Cartwrights will be mentioned and shown at times, it center mostly on Hoss, Adam and their families.
Rating: K+ (5,860 words)

A String of Bad Luck (by Mamse5)

Summary: It’s just one of those days, and nothing’s going right for Little Joe. But things go from bad to worse when he tries to ride an unruly bronc. Will a simple comedy of errors turn into something much more serious?
Rating: K     7100

A Summer Affair (by Diana G)

Summary : Adam, Hoss and Little Joe stop to help a woman travelling alone.   Their act of kindness brings with it a storm of emotions, and a revelation for their father.
Rating: G (30,615 words)

A Summer’s Tale (by Krystyna)

Summary: A hot day, a melting pig, and Joe wants to know about the birds and the bees.
Rating: G (1,390 words)

A Sure Thing (by JoanS)

Summary: A traveling rodeo comes to town and Joe enters the competition.
Rating: K (8,475 words)

A Sure-Fire Plan (by patina)

Summary: Two men plan are entrusted with a plan to kidnap one of Ben’s sons and hold him for ransom.
Rating: K     Word Count=5950

A Surprise Birthday (by Terri)

Summary: Joe is celeb
Rating: an important birthday, but will his family allow him to become a man?
Rating: K+ WC 3000

A Switch in His Shoe (by McFair)

Summary: Written in honor of Dan Blocker’s birthday. The Hoffmeisters have come to the Ponderosa for their annual December visit bringing tales of Germany’s Wienachsten and its mystical creatures. As strange things begin to happen, young Hoss Cartwright becomes convinced that St. Nick’s man-servant, a feller he calls ‘K-necked Rupert’, has come to bring judgement on them all.
Rating: G (14,550 words)

A Tale of Four Brothers (by Miss Judy)

Summary: Adam and Hoss seem to have vanished while on their way to Placerville for ranch business, leaving Ben and Joe to search for what might have happened. What they can’t imagine is that the lost Cartwrights were left for dead by two brothers who had once worked on the Ponderosa. Hoss and Adam’s lives depend on being rescued quickly, but their situation stacks the odd against that happening, forcing Adam to make a decision that may leave the family short one son. Word Count :   23,425  
Rating: K+

A Tale of Two Feathers #1 (by DebbieB)

Summary: Joe learns that compassion and understanding are the footnotes to love; and that love can destroy the hate in a man’s heart, give renewal to a man’s spirit as it binds two unlikely souls in a most unusual friendship between a young man and a hardened Pauite warrior.
Rating: PG (21, 330 words)

A Tale of Two Feathers #2 – A Winter of Hope (by DebbieB)

Summary: Ben has no idea what has happened to his youngest son, only that Joe has been missing for weeks. Forced by impending snow, Ben calls off his search and returns home without finding a trace of the young boy whom he loves dearly.   Heartbroken and defeated, his son’s fate unknown, Ben is forced to wait out the long, lonely winter, his winter of hope.
Rating: PG (12,650 words)

A Tale of Two Feathers #3 – An Old Acquaintance (by DebbieB)

Summary:.   Joe is reunited with his old friend, the Paiute chief, Two Feathers, in a most unusual way.   This time, it is up to the Indian to teach Joe how to forgive and how to stop hating.
Rating: PG13 (13,600 words)

A Tale of Two Feathers #4 – A Final Goodbye (by DebbieB)

Summary : Joe sets off on an adventure to visit his old friend, Two Feathers.   Not long after arriving at the Paiute village, Joe is told of a vision that the chief has had, one that spells disaster for the entire Indian village.   When the vision becomes reality and Two Feathers dies while being held in the arms of his young friend, Joe, heart broken, must now face the future without his dearest friend.
Rating: PG (13,100 words)

A Tale Told by an Idiot (by McFair)

Summary: It is 1875. Two years later, Joe Cartwright’s inability to cope with his wife’s death is ruining his life. His Pa thinks getting away might be the answer. Little does Ben know that his decision will put Joe’s life in danger, as well as the lives of the Ingalls’ family who take a wounded Joe in and bring the wrath of a man who hates him down on their heads.
Rating: PG-13 for violence, brutality and adult situations (54,680 words)

A Tale Within a Tale (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: A descendent of the Cartwright family discovers his family history. Written for Bonanza Trails Tall Tale challenge.
Rating: K+     Word Count :   2492

A Tangled Web (by patina)

Summary: A What Happened Instead story for The Lady From Baltimore. Deborah Banning’s scheme to marry her daughter to a Cartwright had come to fruition when Joe proposed to Melinda. But Melinda was in love with Adam. What if Melinda decided to have Adam, no matter the cost? Word Count=10,632  
Rating: T

A Taste of Southern Sugar (by BnzaGal)

Summary: A sweet little ol’ lady arrives on the stage and befriends Hoss and Joe. Who would have guessed that such a sweet woman could be such a deranged killer?
Rating: T (15,765 words)

A Taste of Strawberries (by iceangelmkx)

Summary: Joe and his girl have a little fun with strawberries. *Written for Ma Hoad’s Valentine R Challenge!* Warning! :   Contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature. Please be advised before reading!
Rating: MA WC 6700

A Thousand Little Things (by Harper)

Summary: Joe and an injured Adam struggle to return a murderer to justice, but someone will do anything to get revenge. A WHN for “The Hanging Posse.”
Rating: K+ (14,695 words)

A Time for Grieving (by DJK)

Summary: Three vignettes from the time after Inger Cartwright’s death.
Rating: K+     Word count :   2580

A Time to Heal (by DebraLynn)

Summary: This is the first in a series of stories portraying a Bonanza future after Adam’s return to the Ponderosa.   Expect joys, sorrows, adventures, marriages, births, deaths, and the enduring love within the Cartwright family.
Rating: T (15,430 words)

A Time to Step Down (by Rona)

Summary: An alternative ending to the episode. Could Ben forgive Dan Tolliver so easily?
Rating: K+ (4,195 words)

A Tiny Preprandial Tale (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: An old short story, which I was inspired to post by the Dan Blocker Literary Birthday Challenge.   It was originally written in response to a challenge to use the word “preprandial” in a story. Word Count :   770  
Rating: K

A Torn Shirt (by Krystyna)

Summary: Like a stitch in time, Ben remembers a few special moments through the years.
Rating: K+ (1,050 words)

A Travesty of Justice (by Dodo)

Summary: WHN for The Quality Of Mercy….The trial of Seth Pruitt and its aftermath. Word Count :   25690    
Rating: T

A Tree for Maggie (by EPM)

Summary: Adam remembers a gift given to him last Christmas.
Rating: K+ (595 words)

A Tribute to Pa (by AC1830)

Summary: This is a Father’s Day tribute to our favorite Dad, and to all the dads and kids everywhere.
Rating: K     WC = 1694

A Trip to Town (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: The Giggly Sisters go to town with the Cartwrights (in more ways than one).
Rating: MA WC 2500

A True Cartwright (by freyakendra)

Summary:  The Ponderosa sets the stage for a kangaroo court that puts Ben on trial and puts a pubescent Joe through a whole lot of trouble.
Rated:  T Word Count: 14,000

A Twisted Affair (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  In San Francisco, Adam found someone, but that relationship will be threatened by what happens at home. Hoss has landed the Ponderosa in deep financial trouble whcih may doom Adam’s new relationship before it has a chance to develop. If you like twists and turns, you’ll find them in this story.
rating = T  word count = 19,913

A Very Present Help (by Gillian)

Summary: A stranger hired on to help when the Cartwrights find themselves shorthanded has a secret.
Rating: T (5,925 words)

A Visit and a Cup of Tea (by mumu74)

Summary: What could a 17-year-old Adam do to avoid chores ?

A Voice in the Night (by Patina)A Voice in the Night was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection.  Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author.  Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  On this of all nights, an unexpected voice offers comfort to an weary traveler.
A Wanted Man (by SusanG)

Summary: Far from home, Joe is charged with a crime he didn’t commit, and the dead man’s brother wants justice…or is it revenge?
Rating: T (14,525 words)

A Warm Place in Your Heart (by Camera Chic)

Summary: The family starts to heal after the loss of Marie, as Adam strives to be strong for his family.
Rating: G (1,310 words)

A Winter’s Tale (by Rona)

Summary : Caught in a storm together, Adam and Joe reminisce.
Rating: K+ (2,100 words)

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: Did Adam really shoot Joe by accident in My Brother’s Keeper? Or was there something more sinister going on? the Giggly Sisters investigate.
Rating: K+ (1,575 words)

A Woman Cloaked in Scandal (by patina)

Summary: WHIB for She Walks in Beauty. After Regan Miller’s kiss, Adam realizes he has a decision to make since Hoss plans to marry her. As he ponders his course of action, his thoughts turn to another scandalous woman–his step-mother, Marie.
Rating: K+     Word Count=2195

A Woman Scorned (by Rona)

Summary: A face from the past comes back to haunt Adam.
Rating: K+ (11,760 words)

A World of Hurt (by southplains)

Summary: Failing to heed Adam’s advice, Joe leads his brothers and himself into harm’s way.
Rating: T     WC 15,600

A World Turned Upside Down (by Krystyna)

Summary: Little Joe Cartwright can’t believe it when Clay Stafford enters his life again …nor can his brothers for very different reasons. Is Clay back for good? Are his motives honest and above board? And who is the man with whom he keeps in contact?
Rating: T (55,545 words)

A Young Man’s Journey – Book 1 (by jfclover)

Summary: Seventeen year old Joseph Cartwright leaves his home and his family to prove he’s no longer a boy but a man. His journey takes him to places unknown and foreign to him and leads him to question his ability to know right from wrong, and at times, question what’s real. Word Count 40,925.

A Young Man’s Journey – Book 2 – The Debt (by jfclover)

Summary: A sequel to A Young Man’s Journey. Joe contemplates a long journey in order to help a friend, knowing he may be her last hope. Word Count 17,000.
Rating: T

Abigail, My Love (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: Hoss, his pa and brothers sit by the bedside of Hoss’ wife, Abigail, praying she recovers from a bank robber’s bullet. As they wait, they reminisce.
Rating: T (15,800 words)

About his Mother (by dbird)

Summary: An argument, an impasse, and the truth that really matters.
Rating: K+ WC 2700

Absolution (by Calim11)

Summary: WHN for Death at Dawn   Adam’s brothers didn’t stick with him and he put his father’s life on the line. How would you feel after it was all over?
Rating: K+ (5,190 words)

Adam & Sam #1 – Adam’s Journey of Memories (by acspeej)

Summary: After being thrown by a wild mustang, Adam suffers total amnesia. A specialist from San Francisco is summoned – and the specialist turns out to be a sassy, out-spoken but empathetic young woman. As she and Adam spend time together, watch as the two hard-heads become emotionally involved.
Rating: T (20,060 words)

Adam & Sam #2 – Adam’s Surprise Visitor (by acspeej)

Summary: This is a sequel to “Adam’s Journey of Memories.” Sam returns to Virginia City to help Doc Martin and also to try to rekindle the romance with Adam. But Adam is involved with another woman. Sam’s life is in danger, but who is the culprit?
Rating: T (53,215 words)

Adam & Sam #3 – Adam’s Angels (by acspeej)

Summary: This sequel to “Adam’s Surprise Visitor” deals with Adam and Sam’s marriage and with living on Adam’s ranch – “The Pines.” Everything is perfect with the new couple. But there is a plot to destroy this relationship, and Sam finds her very life in peril once again.
Rating: T (34,455 words)

Adam a Paris (by ViveAdam)

Summary: Dégoûté par la trahison de laura, Adam quitte Ponderosa. Ses pas vont le mener à Paris où l’attendent la réussite et l’amour.
Rating: K+         WC 25,000

Adam and Ruth – #1 – The Beginning (by Bonanzaluver)

Summary: This is the first story in what will be my “Adam and Ruth”series based on the episodes “The Savage” and “Truckee Strip”. Some time after they are sepa
Rating: by the Shoshones, Adam decides to go after Ruth and bring her home. What happens next will be the beginning of the long road of their love. Meanwhile, Joe and Amy are fighting for a happy ending of their own. Enjoy! Comments welcome and appreciated!
Rating: K+ (13,290 words)

Adam and Ruth – #2 – The Darker Side of the Moon (by Bonanzaluver)

Summary: After a month of courting, Adam decides to take that pivotal step which leads them on a new adventure resulting in the wedding of the year taking place on the Ponderosa.
Rating: K+ (20,445 words)

Adam and Ruth – #3 – In a Time of Miracles (by Bonanzaluver)

Summary: Adam and Ruth have enjoyed almost a full year of marriage but something seems to be missing and the other ‘ladies’ of Virginia City don’t seem to want to leave her alone about it. Meanwhile in an effort to make a little extra money for the couple, Adam takes a risky job unaware of who is really running it.
Rating: K+ (14,980 words)

Adam and Sam #4 – Bringing Up Babies (by acspeej)

Summary : A number of years have passed and we now find Sam and Adam with two small children. Sam and Adam learn that little children have thoughts of their own and don’t bother to keep their knowledge to themselves.
Rating: K+ (12,695 words)

Adam and Storm #1: Return to England (by storm)

Summary: I have always felt that there would be only one type of woman for Adam or any man but many ways for them to meet. Here is one way in which I feel they might have met. I hope you can find one to your liking. In this version an old friend of the Cartwrights returns to Nevada to keep a promise finding that sometimes nightmares are only bad dreams. (112.975 words)  
Rating: MA

Adam and Storm #2: The Special Rope (by storm)

Summary: This is yet another way in which I believe Storm and Adam may have met. I hope you’re not getting too bored with these stories. In this version Adam is forced to admit to something but comes to realize it may be the only way he ever would have.
Rating: MA     WC 50,300

Adam and Storm #3: Foolish Questions (by storm)

Summary: Here is another way in which Adam and Storm could have met. In this one Adam finds out that sometimes the answers are more important than the questions.
Rating: MA (45,990 words)

Adam and Storm #4:   Ante Up (by storm)

Summary: In this version of Adam and Storm’s first meeting and life Adam finds out that sometimes the one we save ends up being our savior.
Rating: MA (78,205 words)

Adam and Storm #5: Love Lost, Destiny Found (by storm)

Summary: In this story Storm returns to Nevada with hopes that her past will help her deal with her future only to find that her past is her future.
Rating: MA (54,711 word)

Adam and the Chain Gang (by JennyG)

Summary: A dark story.   Snake bitten on the trail, Adam is captured by white slavers, tortured by his twisted captors and sold into hard labor in Canada while his frantic family searches for him.
Rating: PG-13 Violence and abnormal psychology (48,740 words)

Adam and the Imp of Satan #1 (by DJK)

Summary: It’s been five years since Abigail Warner’s first visit, and Adam’s proclamation.
Rating: T (14,820 words)

Adam and the Imp of Satan #2 – The Imp, Some Demons, and a Few Short Lists (by DJK)

Summary: Abigail Warner has returned, just in time for the trial.
Rating: T (19,070 words)

Adam and the Stagecoach (by Grimesgirl)

Summary: What could be so difficult in helping out a friend?
Rating: K (1,090 words)

Adam Discovers Secrets – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: The pitfalls and nightmares of being the eldest.
Rating: T (3,025 words)

Adam en voyage (by rozenn)

Summary: Adam est parti visiter le monde. Il termine son périple par la France.
Rating: K+ (619 words)

Adam in the Outback # 1 – My True Love Hath My Heart Part 1 (by Deborah)

Summary: This story is one explanation of why Adam might have settled in Australia as posited in the Bonanza sequels. This is the first story in my “Adam in the Outback” series.
Rating: T     WC 32,000

Adam in the Outback # 2 – My True Love Hath My Heart Part 2 (by Deborah)

Summary: Adam and Bronwen adjust to parenthood and life in the outback in the second of my “Adam in the Outback” series (2 of 16).
Rating: T   WC 30,000

Adam in the Outback # 3 – My True Love Hath My Heart Part 3 (by Deborah)

Summary: This is the third story in my “Adam in the Outback” series. Adam and Bronwen learn that being the parents of two little girls only 10 months apart is not easy.
Rating: T     WC 22,200

Adam in the Outback # 4 – Family Reunion (by Deborah)

Summary: Adam, Bronwen and their daughters visit the Ponderosa. The fourth story in my “Adam in the Outback” series.
Rating: T     WC 18,500

Adam in the Outback # 5 – Cartwright is the Name (by Deborah)

Summary: This story takes place in 1883, and is the fifth story in my “Adam in the Outback” series. It tells of Adam, Bronwen and their daughters’ second visit to the Ponderosa.
Rating: K+     WC 25,000

Adam in the Outback # 6 – A Son and Heir (by Deborah)

Summary: This is the sixth story in my “Adam in the Outback” series. After four daughters, will Adam and Bronwen finally have a son?
Rating: T WC 29,000

Adam in the Outback # 7 – The Country of the Heart (by Deborah)

Summary: This is the seventh story in my Adam in the Outback series. The year 1889 is one of many reunions among family and friends of the Cartwrights when Adam and Bronwen bring their five children to visit the Ponderosa.
Rating: K+     WC   67,500

Adam in the Outback # 8 – To Bloom in Another Man’s Garden #1 (by Deborah)

Summary: This is the eighth story in my “Adam in the Outback” series. Adam must deal with the fact that his little girls are becoming young women.
Rating: T

Adam in the Outback # 9 – To Bloom in Another Man’s Garden #2 (by Deborah)

Summary: This is the ninth story in my “Adam in the Outback” series. Will Adam and Bronwen survive three teen-aged daughters? Are there wedding bells in Beth’s future? Will Miranda cope with living in Boston without her family? All these question are answered in Part 2.
Rating: T     WC 53,300

Adam in the Outback #10 – In Memoriam (by Deborah)

Summary: Adam and Bronwen experience the most devastating loss any parent has to face. They, and the rest of the Cartwright family, must struggle to accept their loss and deal with their grief.
Rating: T     WC 54,000

Adam in the Outback #11 – The Marriage of True Minds #1 (by Deborah)

Summary: Part 1 takes place during 1894 through 1896.
Rating: T WC 49,000

Adam in the Outback #12 – The Marriage of True Minds #2 (by Deborah)

Summary: Part 2 takes place during 1896 through 1898.
Rating: T     WC   47,000

Adam in the Outback #13 – The Marriage of True Minds #3 (by Deborah)

Summary: Part 3 covers the years 1898 through 1901—a time of weddings and births for the Australian Cartwrights.
Rating: T     WC 76,000

Adam in the Outback #14 – The Joys of Parents (by Deborah)

Summary: Adam and Bronwen discover raising a teenage son is every bit as challenging as raising daughters.
Rating: K+ WC 46,400

Adam in the Outback #15 – Grow Old Along With Me (by Deborah)

Summary: A.C. is off to the Technical College in Sydney, leaving Adam and Bronwen alone for the first time in 31 years. A secret that has been hidden for many years is about to be revealed.
Rating: T     WC 49,000

Adam in the Outback #16 – The Best is Yet To Be (by Deborah)

Summary: This is the sixteenth and final story in my “Adam in the Outback” series. It begins in 1908, two years later.   However, there is one last story, told as a flash-back.
Rating: T (97,221 words)

Adam in the Outback #17 – O Tannenbaum (by Deborah)

Summary: In a flashback, Adam tells his grandchildren the story of the Cartwrights’ first Christmas tree.
Rating: K (19,700 words)

Adam in Wonderland (by Barbara)

Summary: Anxious to return home, Adam takes a detour that leaves the family to fear the worst.
Rating: K (3,820 words)

Adam Just and Aida (by BettyHT)

Summary: Sexually explicit sections in the story that explains why Adam has been gone from the Ponderosa for eight years.   It is Adam centric but the other Cartwrights have significant parts in the story as well. WC = 36250  
Rating: MA.

Adam Just and Aida stories (by BettyHT)

Summary: Four Adam and Aida stories; sequels to Adam Just and Aida. The first, Hallucinations, pits Adam against a sinister and clever enemy. The second is meeting between Adam and Aida’s family.   The third is a Christmas story in which things just don’t go as planned.   The fourth is a story of what happens when some seek to deceive and others make mistakes; Candy also has a romance in that one.
Rating: = T   WC = 60,527

Adam Knows a Secret (by BettyHT)

Camp In the Pines 2015 challenge story.   Adam holds a secret but can’t tell because of injuries so it is up to his brothers and father to try work out who hurt him, why, what they might do next, but most importantly, how to stop them.   It’s his youngest brother who proves to be invaluable in working out what they have to do until the oldest can recover enough to tell them what he knows.
Rating: = T   WC   = 13,018

Adam Through The Ages (by BettyHT)

Summary: A series of stories about Adam after college from ages twenty-three to twenty-right and then from thirty-five to forty with troubles within the family as well as against outsiders who want something from the Cartwrights.   The chapters follow one another but each one could stand on its own as a complete story. WC = 218,113
Rating: = T

Adam:   The Early Years #1 – The World was all Before Them (by Deborah)

Summary: This is the first of my series of stories about Adam. It begins with his birth and ends shortly before he and Ben meet Inger Borgstrom.
Rating: K WC 21,400

Adam: The Early Years #2 – A Real Nice Lady (by Deborah)

Summary: This is the episode “Inger, My Love” told from the point of view of five-year-old Adam.
Rating: K+ (12,340 words)

Adam: The Early Years #3 – A Gentleman and a Scholar Part 1 (by Deborah)

Summary: The year is 1849 – a year of dramatic changes for Ben Cartwright and his two sons, Adam and Hoss. Men are pouring across the Sierra Nevadas in search of gold in California, and ben has just arrived back at this ranch after a trip to New Orleans with a surprise for his boys.
Rating: K+ WC 56,600

Adam: The Early Years #4 – A Gentleman and a Scholar Part 2 (by Deborah)

Summary: Adam Cartwright has a dream that seems impossible—he wants to attend college. Will that dream remain forever out of his reach? This story is both a continuation of “A Gentleman and a Scholar, Part 1” and a prequel to my story “Veritas”
Rating: K+ WC 67,300

Adam: The Early Years #5 – Veritas (by Deborah)

Summary: This is the story of Adam’s freshman year at Harvard College.
Rating: T (44,500 words)

Adam: The Early Years #6 – Building for Forever (by Deborah)

Summary: After four years at Harvard’s Lawrence Scientific School, Adam Cartwright is returning to the Ponderosa with a gift for his family. This story is a sequel to my stories “A Gentleman and a Scholar” and “Veritas”.
Rating: T WC 53,200

Adam’s Day Off (by JennyG)

Summary: A just for fun story wherein Adam finally gets a break.
Rating: G (4,750 words)

Adam’s Family First Christmas at the Ponderosa (by Gracemolina)

Summary: After returning to The Ponderosa, Adam with his family had to face his first Christmas with all their members, his wife, their twins, Peggy and Olaf. Olaf go away and returned late to Christmas eve dinner, because he wants to share Christmas spirit, but Adam only understand he disobeyed him The twins received amazing Christmas presents and a mysterious visit.
Rating: K+ (6,440 words)

Adam’s Last Days (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: for the October challenge to write an out of this world story. Adam is suffering from a mysterious malady, and his days are growing short. Hoss gives Joe a clue to solve the mystery, but what Joe discovers is a horror. Most appropriate for the Halloween season.
rating = T word count = 1438

Adam’s Memoirs – Part 1 – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: Adam’s memories from his early years.
Rating: T (2,400 words)

Adam’s Memoirs – Part 2 – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary : How I Got A Lifelong Reputation for Being a Hard Worker or How Little Joe Learned to Iron Sheets
Rating: T (1,650 words)

Adam’s Memoirs – Part 3 – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: Getting lucky with Mary.
Rating: T (1,770 words)

Adam’s Memoirs – Part 4 – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: Visiting Dustville Junction
Rating:   T (2,700 words)

Adam’s Memoirs – Part 5 – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: Sailors, Lilly, and the Gold Thief
Rating: T (2,000 words)

Adam’s Memoirs – Part 6 – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: Pa Teaches me to be a Man of Few Words
Rating: T (2,600 words)

Adam’s Memoirs – Part 7 – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: Educating My Brothers was Never Easy
Rating:   T (2,140 words)

Adam’s Rib (by Barbara)

Summary: Will love ring true for Adam’s secret admirer?
Rating: K (8,550 words)

Adam’s Story (by DebbieB)

Summary: Growing up was never easy, but it did have its rewards…just ask Adam Cartwright.
Rating: G…tissue alert for those with tender hearts! (8,660 words)

Adonis in the Wilderness (by JoanS)

Summary: One of Adam’s retired professors visits the Ponderosa for a vacation; involving the entire family in his latest art project.   Is Virginia City ready for the newest Adonis?
Rating: T

Adventures Inn (by JennieA)

Summary: Little Joe gets lost in a blizzard but finds out being by himself really isn’t so bad. Features the entire family.
Rating: G (9,850 words)

Advice #1 (by Belle)

Summary: Advice sought and given, but why bother.
Rating: K+     Word Count :   5,764

Advice #2 – Aunt Agnes’s Dilemma (by Belle)Aunt Agnes’s Dilemma was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection. Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author. Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  Pressures of the season and falling behind lead to unexpected results. <a class=”more-link” href=”
Affinity (by Rona)

Summary: Sent to help at a neighbour’s ranch for a couple of weeks, Joe and Danny run into prejudice that leads to tragedy.
Rating: K+ (9,960 words)

After the Dragon (by Frasrgrl)

Summary: This is a WHN for Day of the Dragon. Word Count :   1,063
Rating: K

After the End (by ViveAdam)

Summary: What happened next hours, days, months or years after five episodes.
Rating: K+     WC   4500

After the Last Viking by SusanG)

Summary: A WHN for the episode “The Last Viking”
Rating: T (13 730 words)

After the Storm (by MaryS)

Summary: Adam comes to terms with what happened and his responsibility   for his actions during The Crucible.
Rating: G   (17,150 words)

After the Storm (by pjb)

Summary: As Christmas approaches, Joe struggles anew with his grief over Laura’s death. A WHN for “The Storm.”
Rating: K+ (7100)

Aftermath (by dbird)

Summary: The Cartwright brothers struggle to put their lives together, after surviving a brutal Indian massacre.
Rating: K+ WC 17,500

Aftermath of a Hanging (by Dodo)

Summary: A What Happened Instead for The Gamble. Joe escapes from Alkali and heads towards Virginia City to fetch help. But what if he never got there?
Rating: T (37,450 words)

Aftermath! (by No1ButJoe)

Summary: The aftermath of Joe being kidnapped.
Rating: K (1,665 words)

Aftermaths #1 (by sklamb)

Summary: It’s November 1865, and a winter storm and a stagecoach accident are interfering with many people’s plans…. Not so much a WHN as a What Happened Later for “The Crucible.”
Rating: T (15,840 words)

Aftermaths #2 – Exit Lilah Rose (by sklamb)

Summary: Adam Cartwright may have left Nevada, but in the late summer of 1866 his influence remains powerful in Virginia City. Follows on from my story “Aftermaths,” although it stands on its own; also contains WHIBs for the seventh-season episodes “The Other Son” and “Mighty Is The Word,” and an incidental WHN for “The Search.”
Rating: T     WC 22,500

Afterward (by pjb)

Summary: After the flowers have wilted and the mourners have left, the Cartwrights must learn to live with the loss of the woman they loved.
Rating: K     WC   2100

Afterwards (by deansgirl)

Summary : For the BB Chaps and Spurs Mega Challenge.   Started in August 2011. What happens after Hoss dies and the storyline of Bonanza ends
Rating: K+ (7,585 words)

Afterwards (by GinnyF)

Summary: A sequel to the episode “My Brother’s Keeper”
Rating: K+ (2,230 words)

Afterword (by JoaniePaiute)

Summary: A tribute to Bonanza World :   much loved, gone too soon. Adam’s nightmare would indicate that all is lost. But Hoss has a different perspective…
Rating: K     WC 1900

Against His Will (by Rona)

Summary: The opportunity for Adam to help out a holidaying professor with his research seems wonderful. But is it too good to be true? And who will pay the price for the professor making Adam do something Against His Will? (8,840 words)
Rating: T

Aim True (by southplains)

Summary: A man doesn’t always hit what he’s aiming for—even when he’s a Cartwright. Sometimes all he can do is hold his breath, squeeze the trigger, and just do the best he can.
Rating: T     WC 22,600

Alias Adam Cartwright (by Kenda)

Summary: A “what happened next” story based on the aired episode “Alias Joe Cartwright.” What happened after Adam returned home from an extended trip to discover Little Joe’s life almost came to a tragic end at an army fort outside Lode City.
Rating: K+ (16,125 words)

All About Adam (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: Exactly what it says in the title. All about the Man in Black.
Rating: T WC 2000

All But One Sense (by pbeaking)

Summary: Joe is coming of age and is becoming quite the ladies’ man. This is just a short story of how Adam and Hoss tamed the wild beast within, but knowing Joe, it certainly won’t be for long. It’s a short story, but comes from the heart. It was written when I lost my sister to cancer and needed a good laugh.
Rating: K+ 1700

All For Nothing (by Gillian)

Summary: 14 year old Adam tries to help Hoss out of trouble, but things, of course, go wrong.
Rating: G (9,350 words)

All Hallow’s Eve (by ljlover2001)

Summary: Joe stays in town, after the Halloween dance, to enjoy a game of poker with his friends, but soon wishes he had gone home with his brothers.
Rating: K+ (1,960 words)

All in a Day’s Work #1 A Near-Perfect Day (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: A single day in the life of the three Cartwright brothers.   Please read them in order. Pa has divvied up the chores according to his “usual fair method,” and Joe is exceedingly happy with his assignment.
Rating: K     WC   6300

All in a Day’s Work #2 – A Day for Respect (by Puchi Ann)

Summary : The events of a single day for the Cartwright brothers.   Please read the stories in order. Neither winner nor loser in Pa’s assignment of chores, Adam still faces a challenging day.
Rating: K     WC   4550

All in a Day’s Work #3 – A Day Beyond Endurance (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: Hoss faces a day that only he could be strong enough to endure.     Please read these stories in order.
Rating: K+     WC 4600

All Lies and Jests (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: A conversation between brothers returns Ben to a time in the past. Missing scene for The Stranger.
Rating: T      Word Count :   4,135

All Lynchin’ Aside … (by PSW)

Summary: A WHN for A Hot Day for a Hanging; or, the aftermath of an attempted lynching. (Because while the writers seemed to like ending episodes in mid-scene, I needed more closure here — a springfew extra scenes, and maybe even the Cartwrights riding off into the sunset.)
Rating: K+       Word Count :   8060

All on his Own (by Krystyna)

Summary: Little Joe is on an errand to Placerville when misfortune strikes … being all on his own he has to place his life in the hands of others who are fighting battles of their own.
Rating: K+ (10,570 words)

All the Fun of the Fair (by Sibylle)

Summary: Ben and Adam visit a small fair on their way West.   Prequel 1835   — WC :   670    
Rating: K

All the Shades of Gold (by JennyG)

Summary: looking at the flexible structure of the Ponderosa ranch house.     Does the house seem warm and inviting to you or do you always wonder where all those bedrooms come from when guest visit?
Rating: G (3,550 words)

All Through the Night (by bahj)

Summary: Left alone once again to pick up the pieces, Ben struggles to move forward after Marie’s death, and finds comfort in the words to an old song.
Rating: K (1050 words)

All Ye Are Brothers (by Hogan)

Summary: WHN for All Ye Are Saints. Joe must fight to save the life of ‘Lijah, an Indian man who is on trial for the murder of Tom Caine, a white man.
Rating: K+ WC 4700

Almost (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: A close call for someone.
Rating: K Word Count :   3152

Almost 13 (by Starlite)

Summary: Little Joe learns a family secret about his mother and Adam.
Rated:  PG  (9,400 words)

Almost Lost Two (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: The story is set after Hoss’ death when Adam is reunited with his family, and Adam and Joe have to reconnect which uncovers what could have been a second tragedy for the family. There is limited description of the barbaric practices used in insane asylums in the 1800s in some states.
Rating = T Word Count = 3851

Almost Lost Two #2 – A Piece of the Puzzle (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  In this one, someone who wants to destroy Ben Cartwright decides to take advantage of Adam believing that his recent past makes him the weak link in the Cartwrights.
Rating = T Word count = 19,687

Alone #1 (by Rona)

Summary: After an accident, Joe finds himself facing a long wait for possible rescue, alone and injured, while his family race time and the weather to find him.
Rating: K+ (9,795 words)

Alone #2 – Learning a Lesson (by Rona)

Summary: Set five months after ‘Alone’, Joe quarrels with his family, then falls foul of some outlaws. It isn’t necessary to have read ‘Alone’ before reading this one. (9,930 words)  
Rating: T

Alone (by Cheaux)

Summary: A moment in time in a special place.
Rating: K. (505 words)

Alone (by Krystyna)

Summary: While trying to help some friends, Adam becomes trapped in a mine, no one knows he’s there, he faces death ..alone.
Rating: K+   (15,575 words)

Along the Truckee (by dbird)

Summary: The Cartwrights face an unfathomable situation, when Joe pulls a gun on his father. A companion piece for the story, “The Truckee Strip”
Rating: K+ WC 5300

Alternate Ending for Quality of Mercy (by csb)

Summary: This is an alternate ending for Quality Of Mercy. I wanted to pursue Adam and Joes’ argument further and resolve their differences.
Rating: K (3,690 words)

Always (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: The days and weeks after one of the worst times on the Ponderosa culminates in a moment between father and son.   What should have happened.
Rating: G (625 words)

Always My Heart (by Wrangler)

Summary: This story addresses the arrival of Adam Cartwright after a ten year absence and how his return affects the remaining Cartwrights.
Rating: T ~ WC 25,500

Always My Son #1 (by Wrangler)

Summary: This is a two-part series.
Rating: T     WC 55,000

Always My Son #2 – The Color of Love (by Wrangler)

Summary: This is a sequel to Always My Son.
Rating: K+ WC 18,000

Always With Me (by BettyHT)

Summary: Little Joe wants a solo hunting trip, but he won’t be as alone as he thinks he is when he gets his grand adventure.   Story features Joe but Ben and Adam have prominent roles too.
Rating: = T WC = 1346

Amber (by acspeej)

Summary: This is a romance/mystery story featuring Hoss Cartwright. Watch for the twists and turns in this one!
Rating: K+ (85,490 words)

Amelia Series #1 – Pa’s Favorite (by Meg)

Summary: Little Joe becomes jealous when Ben starts to pay more attention to little sister Amelia prompting Joe to think that Amelia is Pa’s favorite. Joe’s P.O.V (3,900 words)

Amelia Series #2 – My Hero (by Meg)

Summary: Little Joe is given an assignment to write about who his hero is. And surprises everyone when he reveals who he wrote about.
Rating: K+ (2,355 words)

Amelia Series #3 – A Precious Gift (by Meg)

Summary: After an accident leaves eight year old Amelia with amnesia has a great impact on her family especially for Joe and Adam.
Rating: K+ (6,615 words)

Amelia Series #4 – A Letter to Adam (by Meg)

Summary: Amelia writes a letter to her departed brother informing him on the on goings of the Ponderosa including the scams and trouble Little Joe and Hoss had gotten themselves into.
Rating: K+ (1,210 words)

Amelia Series #5 – Raising Amelia (by Meg)

Summary: Amelia’s mother Catherine snooty over bearing sister Martha makes an unexpected visit to the Ponderosa determine to tear Amelia from her father and brothers apart. Amelia’s P.O.V
Rating: T (14,570 words)

Amelia Series #6 – Shatter Bond (by Meg)

Summary: Joe jeopardizes his relationship with his sister by dating her teacher. Will she ever be able to forgive him? Will he ever be able to gain her trust back?
Rating: K+ (6,060 words)

Amelia Series #7 – The Talk (by Meg)

Summary: Adam thinks he should give his fourteen year old sister Amelia the “Birds and the Bees” talk after seeing her and her boyfriend becoming closer.
Rating: K+ (4,215 words)

Amelia Series #8 – Cartwrights Stick Together (by Meg)

Summary: After getting into an awful fight with Joe Amelia’s relationship with him is put to the ultimate test after he is accuse of murder and Amelia is force to testify against him.   Will their sibling love survive or will it die?
Rating: K (7,410 words)

Amen and Amen (by Krystyna)

Summary: So what did happen to Will and Laura and Peggy after the wedding day? Did they ride happily off into the sunset and disappear like many other Cartwright neighbours and friends? If they did it was only after this particular adventure … (32,505 words)
Rating: K

Amidst the Winter Snow (by Rona)

Summary: Out checking on the herd, Joe follows some tracks and finds an injured Indian girl. Will his gallantry cost him more than he is prepared to pay?
Rating: T (10,425 words)

Among the Bones of My Ancestors (by EPM)

Summary: A peaceful summer morning turns into a struggle of the spirit as well as the body.
Rating: K+

An Abigail Triptych (by sklamb)

Summary: That pioneer of education in the Nevada Territory, Miss Abigail Jones, is featured in these three very short stories.
Rating: K+ WC 5400

An Afterwork Conversation (by JennyG)

Summary: An unusual take on what it’s like living in the big house.
Rating: K (1,540 words)

An Apple A Day (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: Another unfortunate accident means that Doctor Paul Martin has to tend to maimed Joe once again.
Rating: K+ 1900

An Awkward Age (by sklamb)

Summary: Two vignettes giving insight on Adam’s initially awkward relationship with his second stEPMother.
Rating: K     WC 2600

An Excellent Plan (by BettyHT)

Summary: A guest on the Ponderosa finds her time monopolized with activities planned by Adam and Joe.   Hoss comes up with a plan to change all of that.
Rating: = PG   WC = 1455

An Eye for an Eye (by Rona)

Summary: A WHN for The Quest.   Joe has completed his contract for the Sun Mountain Mining Company, but Povey, his rival, has disappeared.
Rating: T (10,310 words)

An Ill Wind (by JoanS)

Summary : An ill wind invades the Ponderosa, leaving the Cartwrights unable to take care of themselves while Hop Sing is away.
Rating: K (16,900 words)

An Indoor Bathroom (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: On a cold, snowy day, the sisters want to know about something related to everyone’s comfort.
Rating: K+ WC 2000

An Offering of Comfort (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Ben sat and waited as one of his sons lies in bed injured… the details… the depths… maybe a revelation or two.
Rating: K (1,000 words)

An Undercover Christmas (by ljlover2001)

Summary: It’s almost Christmas Day, but ten year old Little Joe can’t wait and is desperate to find out what big brother Adam has bought him.   However, when he goes looking he finds a lot more than he bargained for.
Rating: K+ (3,160 words)

An Unspeakable Dawn (by (McFair)

Summary:  It has been five years since Joe Cartwright took Bella Carnaby as his wife and nearly twenty since he first met Rosey O’Rourke – a woman he knows his father loves, but one that life and time has conspired to keep away from the Ponderosa. A new threat and an old enemy appear to threaten the Cartwrights – will the end of their collective tale be joy, or tragedy?
Rated PG-13 for western violence and brutality and mild adult language
81,360 words

And Afterwards (by Krystyna)

Summary: This story is a spin off from an episode called The Tall Stranger in which Hoss proposed to Margie Owens and lost out to Mark Connors, who married Margie and then dumped her. Hoss found Margie just before she died in childbirth. In this story Hoss is battling the worst misery of his life as he struggles to overcome a broken heart with no hope of ever seeing Margie again. He has to suffer physical anguish, and experience other people’s direst heartache, before he can bury the past and get on with his life, find happiness and return home to his family.
Rating: T (21,580 words)

And Amen to All That (by Krystyna)

Summary: Adam and Joe Cartwright face the worse possible kind of danger, a silent enemy, one unseen and lethal … but which of them will survive?
Rating: K+ (22,570 words)

And He Shall Not Depart From It (by DJK)

Summary: Adam gives in to a small temptation while at college.
Rating: T     Word count :   1331

And Hell Rode with Him (by EPM)

Summary: It’s late October and the boys are out on the range. Will a stranger take one of them away?
Rating: K+

And I’ve Got Mine… — aka Until the Pain’s a Cloud of Dust (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: For those who were never satisfied with the brief glimpse of a picture on the desk.   What should have happened before Forever.
Rating: K (1,550 words)

And It Came to Pass (by DJK)

And it Came to Pass… was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection.  Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author.  Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  When it comes to his family, Adam decides some things are more important than cattle and horses.

And on the Seventh Day – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: It’s all about the seventh day.
Rating:   T (3,840 words)

And So The Sad Tale Begins (by JoanS)

Summary: Ben comes home to find trouble in the house.
Rating: K (6,270 words)

And Then Along Comes Rupert (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Long-distant cousin Rupert brings greetings and glad tidings to the Ponderosa.
Rating: T (2,225 words)

And Then Came Marie (by DJK)

Summary: A set of vignettes featuring Marie.
Rating: K+     Word count :   2211

And This Gives Life to Thee (by freyakendra)

Summary: Adam returns home to stay, after a loss helps him to be ‘found.’
Rating: K+ Word Count :   4,700

Angel Light (by Cheaux)

Summary: A WHN for Twilight Town.
Rating: K     WC 2200

Angel of Love (by AC1830)

Summary – In the episode Gabrielle, one man was changed drastically by her consistent love. This is his reflection of that change. Written for a challenge of how Love Changes Everything. Based on the song by Andrew LLoyd Webber.
Rating = K, WC = 804

Angels Crossing Moonlight (by dbird)

Summary: A story about grief, fear, and love, told from the top of a mountain. A prequel for the episode, “Between Heaven and Earth”.
Rating: K+ WC 4500

Angels, In Spite of it All (by Questfan)Angels, In Spite of it All was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection. Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author. Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  Virginia City awaits the highly anticipated Nativity play.  Thankfully, anyone can be an angel when there is a need.
Aniron (by Arien)

Summary:   Adam was reading; his wife had other ideas. Rated:
MA (Warning:  Erotic, adult sexual situation.)
Word Count:  2189

Annie’s Story (by BettyHT)

Summary: Adam meets a feisty young woman who thinks that arguing means that you care.   It’s a tempestuous relationship at times, but loyalty, honesty, courage, and love are the cornerstones of the foundation that supports them through many crises.   Although the story is centered on the Adam and Annie relationship, the rest of the family is important to the story and there are changes for all of them too including romances.
Rating: = T   word count = 155,709

Another Chance (by southplains)

Summary: A What Happened Instead for the episode “Second Chance.”
Rating: K+ (21,880 Words)

Another Fine Mess (by Calim11)

Summary: Hoss/Adam are stuck in a cabin waiting for the bad guys to finish the job. A :   24, H:18, J:12
Rating: and Reader Alerts :   PG-13 for Western-style violence (13,550 words)

Another Fine Mess (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: Little Joe thinks he’s found the perfect way to raise money to help Virginia City’s needy orphans, while providing a few side benefits for himself and his friends.   Originally published in Bonanza Gold.
Rating: K (7,470   words)

Another Kind of Ending (by dbird)

Summary: WHN for “The Magnificent Adah.” Adam tries to understand his father’s words :   there are many kinds of love.
Rating: K+ WC 2700

Another Mountain to Climb (by Rona)

Summary : A WHN To Between Heaven And Earth.
Rating: T (9,860 words)

Another Sand Creek? (by BettyHT) 

Summary: In the Christmas season, Ben sends Adam on a short mission to the Paiute but that errand embroils his son in tragedy.
Rating: = T   WC = 6457

Another Side of The Triangle #1 (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Missing scenes from The Triangle, and what happened next.
Rating: K+ (5,170 words)

Another Side of the Triangle #2 – the Epilogue (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Aa continuation of Another Side of the Triangle — missing scenes and WHN for the episode, The Triangle It is not necessary to have read Another Side of the Triangle in order to understand the epilogue.
Rating: T     . (1,220 words)

Another Stranger in Town (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: This is the crossover story for the August 2018 challenge — Adam goes to Dodge City and meets the cast of Gunsmoke in a WHN for the episode of that series, A Stranger In Town.
rating = T word count = 8046

Answers (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: What if you lost nine years of your most recent memory and it never came back? What if you had memories that could hurt people if you got them back so they wanted you dead? But you don’t remember who those people are or what it is that they fear you will remember?
Rating: T Word Count: 20,397

Area of Expertise (by Rona)

Summary: A terrible accident teaches the Cartwrights that each of them have their own areas of expertise.
Rating: K+ (5,635 words)

Arizona Trail (by SusanG)

Summary: Riding home and leading horses from an unplanned purchase, the Cartwrights encounter more trouble than they bargained for.
Rating: T   (16,060 words)

Art of Forgiveness (by Destiny Adams)

Summary: Originally written for a Chaps and Spurs Challenge, now slightly revised. Joe did it again, but was it really so bad?
Rating: K (1,145 words)

As by Fire (by dbird)

Summary: My 50th story! The Cartwright family must rebuild their lives after a devastating fire.
Rating: K+ WC 12, 700

As Good as the Best Day He Ever Saw (by patina)

Summary:A man’s self-image doesn’t always match his reflection in the mirror. Ben sets out to prove he’s not yet ready for porch-sitting. Word Count=3794  
Rating: K

As Luck Would Have It (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: What can happen on a short cattle drive? The Cartwright brothers have a tale to tell.
Rating: K Word Count :   9262

Ashes to Ashes (by Krystyna)

Summary: A young woman seeks the help of Ben and Adam to locate her lost sister.
Rating: K (20,100 words)

At Dusk (by faust)

Summary: What has happened that has changed Adam so much? A story about the ravages of life and the endurance of love with references to ‘Triangle’ and ‘Forever.’ 9,500 words,
Rating: T

At Her Mercy (by JoanS)

Summary: Joe finds himself helpless and at the mercy of an older woman.
Rating: T (16,950 words)

At Odds #1 (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: In this story, Adam has returned home but is not sure of what to do and if he should stay. It’s a romance, but a bumpy one as there are detours involving all consuming work, tragedy, and life threatening trouble that will fully engage his mind and his heart until he has found his place and his future.
rating = T word count = 27599

At Odds #2 – Masquerade (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: A set of new projects brings with it a set of new problems, new partners, and a dangerous foe. The story continues the adventures of Adam and Kitty that started in At Odds.
rating = T word count = 13, 986

At the Cliff’s Edge . . . (by A-P) 

Summary:  Twelve-year-old Joe and Mitch are out exploring a cave when they meet Maybelle and Jean Williams.  They soon come to know that Mrs. Williams is not at all what they thought, but the figure it out right At the Cliff’s Edge… Written for the 2018 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament.
Rated:   K+  8,890 words

At the Hands of Strangers #1 (by Camera Chic)

Summary: A prequel. A revengeful hired hand kidnaps Little Joe, who discovers a new friend in an unlikely place.
Rating: K+ (13,805)

At the Hands of Strangers #2 – Friends and Strangers (by Camera Chic)

Summary: Little Joe decides to find an old friend of Ben’s, and along the way learns about growing up and responsibility. This story is a sequel to “At the Hands of Strangers”, but it stands alone.
Rating: PG-13 for mild language, strong language, violence (28,670 words)

August Moon (by Rider)

Summary: Little Joe Cartwright celebrates his 21st birthday with his family on the Ponderosa Ranch.
Rating: K+ (830 words)

Aunt Tilda (by Sibylle)

Summary: An unexpected guest brings a lot of surprises to the Cartwright brothers.     A story told by a twelve-year-old Joe.
Rating: K     Word Count :   3265

Autumn #1 – Autumn’s Surprise (by deansgirl)

Summary: Autumn is setting around the Ponderosa and with it comes a very dear and long awaited surprise. An October chaps and spurs story
Rating: K+ (1,180 words)

Autumn #2 – Autumn’s Story (by deansgirl)

Summary: A Sequel to Autumn’s Surprise. Adam is awake now and ready to tell his story.
Rating: K+ (1,685 words)

Autumn on the Ponderosa – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: It happened one autumn.
Rating: T (1,375 words)