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Take Me Home #1 (by Home Alone)

Summary: Adam is called home from Boston for a family emergency after a ten-year absence. Will he be able to win back the love of his life he left behind?
Rated: MA/R
Word Count: 19,208

Take Me Home #2 – Letters from Home (by Home Alone)

Summary: A prelude to “Take Me Home”. Adam has left for Boston, leaving his wife Ellie behind while he makes ready for her to join him. This is a collection of their letters to each other during their separation.
Rated: K+/G
Word Count: 5169

Taken (by Rona)

Summary: After winning the rodeo, Joe is approached by a stranger about a job. He refuses, then disappears. Can the Cartwrights find Joe, when the stranger seems to be innocent?
Rated: T
Word Count: 11,720

Taken on Trust (by DianaG)

Summary: Caught between ‘a rock and a hard place’, Adam is forced to help rustle a Ponderosa herd.
Rated: T
Word Count: 16,885

Takin’ a Break (by AC1830)

Summary: When July rolls in like a flaming freight train perhaps it’s best to just kick back and have a little fun.
Rated: K
Word Count: 922

Takin’ Charge #1 (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: Dedicated to all those times when you have taken up the banner and led the way, even when you didn’t know where you’re going or why you had to…
Rated: T
Word Count: 35,600

Takin’ Charge #2 – The Story of Ruth (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: A follow up story for “Takin’ Charge”.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 6300

Taking Leave (by dbird)

Summary: When Joe disappears during a cattle drive, the Cartwrights must follow a disturbing trail to find him.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 17,025

Taking Responsibility (by JoanS)

Summary: Joe takes responsibility for his actions and as a result finds himself trapped in a loveless relationship.
Rated: T
Word Count: 22,910

Tale of a Cougar and Death – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: Mix the Cartwright brothers and the Bonner brothers, and this is what you get, more than you bargained for.
Rated: T
Word Count: 2100

Tall Tales and Taller Truths (by freyakendra)

Summary: An Indian woman who ‘haunts’ young, tenderfoot Joe during a cattle drive gives him a night he’ll never forget.
Rated: MA
Word Count: 1520

Taming of the Scrooge (by pbeaking)

Summary: Ten Year old Adam Cartwright must face a tough challenge in Mrs. Viola Watkins; a widow woman who is simply a scrooge. Can a falling out between them actually bring them together?
Rated: K
Word Count: 7865

Tangled Loyalties (by Rona)

Summary: Helping out at a friend’s horse ranch, Joe becomes entangled in a nasty rivalry, which could cost him his life.
Rated: T
Word Count: 9190

Tara (by debpet)

Summary: A former girlfriend of Joe’s seeks his help in dealing with a crisis.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 3700

Target Practice (by McFair)

Summary: It was just another ordinary day for Adam Cartwright, with the ordinary prospect that he would have to step in and keep his little brother out of trouble. Or was it?

Word count: 2507 Rated: G

Teach Me to Fly (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: A young woman is injured while riding across the Ponderosa; the Cartwrights find themselves doing more than helping her heal and Candy finds himself falling in love.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 5770

Tears of Growing Up #1 (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: An accident while breaking horses sets Joe and the family on a downward spiral as unfounded fears over rule common sense. And when tragedy again strikes upon the Ponderosa…will the family ever be whole?
Rated: K+
Word Count: 40,470

Tears of Growing Up #2 – First Ride (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: A follow up story for “Tears of Growing Up”. Two years have passed since Ben and Joe stood outside the corrals watching the taming of wild horses by Adam and their wranglers. Now, it’s finally Joe’s turn.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 2305

Tears of Growing Up #3 – Learning to Trust, One Last Time (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: It’s never easy seeing your youngest taking another step towards manhood.
Rated: G
Word Count: 715

Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy (by Rona)

Summary: Tragedy is compounded by heartbreak for the Cartwrights.
Rated: T
Word Count: 9020

Technology (by DanceDiva)

Summary: Joe buys a laptop without his father’s permission, and it later causes havoc for all of them.
Rated: K+

Tempt Not The Stars (by Claire)

Summary: Troubled by ill-health, Ben travels to Sacramento, little realising that Joe is about to embark upon the most important journey of his life.
Rated: K
Word Count: 13,040

Tempted to Steal (by DebbieB)

Summary: When Adam falls in love with a married woman, it sets off a chain of events that eventually leads to pandemonium for all the Cartwrights.
Rated: PG-13 (for spousal abuse)
Word Count: 15,020

Ten Hours (by pjb)

Summary: The Cartwrights struggle to intervene when a disturbed boy holds his classmates hostage–including Little Joe.
Rated: T
Word Count: 10,175

Ten Little Indians (by freyakendra)

Summary Four full grown Cartwrights—and one overworked Doc Martin—being bested by a bunch of angry, young Shoshoni boys could provide fodder for some uproarious saloon talk…if they can live long enough for their story to be told. SJS, SAS, ESA, ESH, ESB
Rated: T
Word Count: 18,500

Tending to Business (by dbird and pjb)

Summary: It’s never business as usual when the Cartwrights are around. . .Written by dbird and pjb.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 9800

Terror of the Night (by Frasrgrl)

Summary: Chaps and Spurs challenge to use the following five words: Bachelor, Medieval, Commence, Culmination, and Tassel
Rated: T
Word Count: 750

Terror Stalks the Night (by patina)

Summary: As day ends the fight to survive the night begins.
Rated: T
Word Count: 2738

Testament of Friendship (by Rona)

Summary: A WHN for False Witness. For all those who felt deprived of a JPM.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 7375

Thank You for Loving Me (RoseCartwright)

Summary: Joe goes to visit his Pa and brothers one summer’s day leaving his wife and child alone for the day. What will the Cartwright’s do when one of their own is injured and one is missing? Will Joe do whatever it takes to get his wife back or will he listen to Pa and have the sheriff help? What will they do when things start to go for the worse?
Rated: K
Word Count: 11,190

Thanks, Brother! (by Mamse5)

Summary: A little addition to the episode: The Honor of Cochise We all know how Pa, Joe and Hoss feel about Adam being wounded, but what is Adam thinking after he’s shot? This short story gives you a feel for Adam’s perspective.
Rated: K
Word Count: 5800

Thanksgiving (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: The lack of a turkey puts the Cartwright’s Thanksgiving celebrations in jeopardy, but the Giggly Sisters help them to reflect on the true meaning of the day.
Rated: T
Word Count: 1700

Thanksgiving Reflections (by DebbieB)

Summary: Ben remembers to give thanks for the blessings that made him a richer man than most.
Rated: G
Word Count: 1000

That Changes Everything (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: After Joe takes the sheriff position in Rubicon, Adam decides to head up there to knock some sense into him. But Ben isn’t about to let that happen. A WHIB/WHN for the episode The Tin Badge with a little bit if The Honor of Cochise thrown in for good measure.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1400

That Shrinking Feeling (by Claire)

Summary: Adam and Hoss play an elaborate practical joke on Joe that has unforeseen consequences.
Rated: T
Word Count: 9745

That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine #1 (by DebbieB)

Summary: Ben’s near death experience is cause for Joe to want to make atonement for his past misdemeanors.
Rated: G
Word Count: 12,600

That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine #2 – An Arm and a Leg (by DebbieB)

Summary: Joe’s need for revenge is squelched when he believes that his father’s heart has become as cold and callous as his own.
Rated: PG (for mild violence)
Word Count: 12,595

That Was The Week… (by Rona)

Summary: A week of hilarious mishaps is recounted for Candy’s benefit. But there is one thing he can’t believe…
Rated: K
Word Count: 4090

That Which Makes a Better Man (by Camera Chic)

Summary: After Ben and Adam arrive back at the Ponderosa to find Joe beaten, starved and almost dead, tied in his room, the Cartwrights search for the answer to the question, “Why?”
Rated: PG-13 (for violence)
Word Count: 21, 030

That’s How it Felt (by DebbieB)

Summary: A revengeful young man seeks out the Cartwrights. One of them is doomed to be hung, but which one and why?
Rated: PG-13 (for mild violence)
Word Count: 12,840

That’s What We Do Best (by jfclover)

Summary: A WHI for Season 10’s Emily. There are men who are easily broken and destroyed. Some men are too weak to come out ahead of the game. Is my young brother one of them? Can he finish the dance and survive with his head held high?
Rated: K
Word Count: 11,800

The “Polluter Pays” Principle (by Sibylle)

Summary: If you would like to know why Adam always wears black you must look at an incident that seriously affected not only him but the whole family.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 2100

The Abduction (by SusanG)

Summary: While working on the Ponderosa, Little Joe is kidnapped.
Rated: T
Word Count: 5700

The Accused (by JoanS)

Summary: An accusation by a girl could tear Joe’s world apart.
Rated: T
Word Count: 34,195

The Act of Living (by foreverFree)

Summary: WHN for The Truckee Strip. Unable to cope with Amy’s death, Joe has withdrawn from his family and shut everybody out. Will a trip alone to Placerville prove beneficial or disastrous?
Rated: T
Word Count: 9754

The Adventures of Adam and Tanner (by BettyHT)

Summary: After years in the east, Adam gets a notice that he has a son. The circumstances of his son’s upbringing to that point lead to some difficult situations but some rewarding ones too. Certainly his life becomes more interesting.
Rated: T
Word Count: 20,836

The Adventure of the Gooseberry Pie Eating Bear (by Deborah)

Summary: Adam tells his daughters a story about when he and their Uncle Hoss were little boys and got into some mischief.
Rated: K
Word Count: 2500

The Alternative Nativity Story (by Terri)

Summary: An unmarried mother arrives at the Ponderosa for Christmas. How will the family cope with the impending birth?
Rated: K+
Word Count: 7200

The Argument (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: Ben and Adam argue over Adam’s education.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1045

The Army Horses (by LynRobinson)

Summary: You’ve heard the saying, ‘Loose lips sink ships’? Joe learns a valuable lesson and Adam could pay the ultimate price when the family attempts to deliver a herd of horses to the Army.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 10,000

The Art of Cunning (by Dodo)

Summary: When Joe wants something badly to what lengths would he go? (My entry for March’s Literary Challenge with a few additions.)
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1496

The Art of Parenting: Lesson #1 (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: This is the first part of “The Art of Parenting” Trilogy.
Rated: K
Word Count: 1700

The Art of Parenting: Lesson #2 (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: This is the second part of “The Art of Parenting” trilogy.
Rated: K
Word Count: 14,080

The Art of Parenting: Lesson #3 (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: This is Part 3 of “The Art of Parenting” trilogy.
Rated: K
Word Count: 4370

The Art of the Possible (by Gillian)

Summary: written to explain how it was that Adam and Ben were both on the four-man Virginia City Council in No Less a Man – but it doesn’t spoil the episode if you haven’t seen it yet.
Rated: T
Word Count: 17,750

The Artist – A Missing Scene (by JennyG)

Summary: Just how much trouble can Adam get into while killing time in a sleepy town.
Rated: T
Word Count: 3300

The Artist’s Touch (by pjb)

Summary: A tongue-in-cheek kickoff for SJS Month 2011. The smallest crumb can become a masterpiece in the hands of an artist.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 3000

The Art-Universe # 1 – The Art of Horse Selling (by faust)

Summary: Adam Cartwright has a lot of things to deal with: burglars, unwanted newspaper articles about his family, and someone who doesn’t want to saddle a horse. Will he at least be able to survive the whole mess? A WHN for Enter Mark Twain, in a way.
Rated: T
Word Count: 31,100

The Art-Universe # 2 – The Missing Week or The Art of Convalescing (by faust)

Summary: The way to recovery can be stony. But sometimes obstacles come from the most unexpected origins. And just how many times will Doctor Martin have to come to the Ponderosa to patch up Adam once again?
Rated: T
Word Count: 16,750

The Art-Universe # 3 – The Art of Setting Priorities (by faust)

Summary: Both Adam Cartwright and Juliet Heatherstone encounter someone from their past, with grievous impact on their lives. Where will they set their priorities? Life or honour? Safety of a once-in-a-lifetime offer or perchance to dream of even more?
Rated: T
Word Count: 58,200

The Art-Universe # 4 – A Warm Welcome (by faust)

Summary: An American in England, lukewarm beer, and haunting experiences. Is it possible to adjust with people who insist you’re from “the colonies?” Halloween story, a PS for “The Art of Setting Priorities”.
Rated: K
Word Count: 3000

The Art-Universe # 5 – Somewhere Beyond the Sea or The Art of the Impossible (by faust)

Summary: Prequel set in Adam’s college years in Boston. A formal ball, a friendly social, a red dress, a flamingo, and the sea, the sea! The beginning of Adam’s complicated love life, and, somewhere beyond the sea, someone’s first tentative steps into becoming The Queen. Can be read by itself, yet it is a part of the “Art” series, and best read after “The Art of Setting Priorities”.
Rated: K
Word Count: 12,70

The Art-Universe # 6 – Home Sweet Home or The Art of Settling Down (by faust)

Summary: Clementine Hawkins’ story – how an English artist came to settle down in Virginia City. And what is it with her and Ben Cartwright? Set in the Art-universe, but definitely a stand-alone.
Rated: T
Word Count: 1800

The Art-Universe # 7 – The Art of Serenading (by faust)

Summary: Adam tries to serenade The One — if she’d only let him.
Rated: K
Word Count: 1250

The Art-Universe # 7a – Flowers (by faust)

Summary: Five women, five flowers, each of them holding a special meaning.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 990

The Art-Universe # 7b – What Matters (by faust)

Summary: Three times it didn’t matter that he loved her, and the one time it did.
Rated: K
Word Count: 630

The Art-Universe # 7c – The Art of Bronco Busting (by faust)

Summary: It might look like everyday business, but it’s more, much more. Ben makes some quite interesting observations, and Juliet learns something, too.
Rated: K
Word Count: 2300

The Art-Universe # 8 – The Art of Belonging (by faust)

Summary: After a long day out in the rain, Adam longs for more than a hot drink and a hearty meal, and he knows where he’ll find it. # 8 in the series.
Rated: K
Word Count: 4400

The Art-Universe # 9 – The Art of Giving (by faust)

Summary: Christmas on the Ponderosa is, more or less, always the same. Yet this year, there’s a certain moment of unpredictability: there’s a visitor staying over the holidays who could jeopardise it all…or make it extra special. And maybe she even knows a better present for Adam than yet another book…
Rated: K
Word Count: 3200

The Art-Universe #10 – The Art of Mopping, Making Tea and Keeping Your Sanity (by faust)

Summary: Like so many before it, the day began uneventfully, quietly, normally. But nothing would ever be the same again.
Rated: K
Word Count: 4250

The Art-Universe #11 – Early One Morning (by faust)

Summary: Early one morning Adam muses about where his home is—and why.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1100

The Art-Universe #11a – Night Duty or the Art of Living the Moment (by faust)

Summary: “You go.” Dreaded words, Juliet knew that, but Adam simply had to admit that this night’s duty had lain heavily on her shoulders and to understand it was his turn to pacify their unhappy child.

The Art-Universe #12 – Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? or The Art of Love and War (by faust)

Summary: Adam embarks on an adventure his family had not expected him to — although maybe they should have. And now they all have to watch helplessly as their once peaceful world shatters around them..
Rated: T
Word Count: 74,600

The Art-Universe #12a – Gettysburg (by faust)

Summary: A dying man’s last thoughts, a family’s grief…and a glimpse of hope?
Warning: Character death
Rated: T
Word Count: 1400

The Art-Universe #13 – What Do You Tell Your Children? or The Art of Explaining (by faust)

Summary: There’ll come a time your children ask questions, uncomfortable questions. And then you might find answers that’ll help you, too, to cope with what was and is.
Rated: T
Word Count: 970

The Art-Universe #13a – Fortuna Smiles (by faust)

Summary: Written for the prompt: Adam wins the lottery. And that’s all there is to it.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 880

The Art-Universe #14 – The Birds and The Bees (by faust)

Summary: Some questions are easier to answer than others. And it doesn’t help that Adam is entirely on his own when his son asks this particular one.
Rated: K
Word Count: 1650

The Art-Universe #14a – Bushwhacked or The Art of Negotiating (by faust)

Summary: On coming home after a long day out, Adam find things are not quite as they should be. There is someone lurking, someone with evil intentions. But as Adam realises that, it’s too late already to stop the inevitable.
Rated: K
Word Count: 1200

The Art-Universe #15 – The Eyebrow of Doom (by faust)

Summary: Bankrobbers, mysterious family secrets, burnt food, some new additions to the household, and even two shot wounds — what else could possibly make a six-year-old’s summer more interesting?
Rated: K
Word Count: 10,700

The Art-Universe #15a – Snow (by faust)

Summary: Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar.
Rated: K
Word Count: 2180

The Art-Universe #16 – Fortuna’s Children and Other Lucky Creatures (by faust)

Summary: It’s a scandal, that much is certain, and Adam becomes aware of it only when it’s much too late to do anything about it. But that doesn’t mean he can’t get agitated. Even though, taking everything in account….
Rated: K
Word Count: 2300

The Autumn Race (by wk4rmk)

Summary: The cross country race for the Virginia City fall festival brings some unexpected challenges for Little Joe and his new horse, Penny. Prequel.
Rating: K+ / Word Count: 3244

The Awakening (by DebbieB)

Summary: When Hoss is left on his own to run the ranch, he begins to doubt his ability in himself and in everything that his father had tried to teach him.
Rated: PG
Word Count: 4850

The Awakening Dream (by starlite)

Summary: Ben is troubled by a recurring dream that almost comes true.
Rated: G
Word Count: 4700

The Babysitter (by HelenA)

Summary: The family has to deal with jealousy as Hoss suffers through the Middle Child Syndrome.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 11,290

The Balance of His Mind (by Rona)

Summary: Ben encounters a bank robber and the subsequent shoot-out leads to a trail of tragedy and terror for the Cartwrights.
Rated: T
Word Count: 11,915

The Ballad of Ben Cartwright (by ansinico)

Summary: l have put my own words to the air of an Irish drinking song, ‘The Wild Rover’ also called ‘No Nay Never’. I hope you like it.
Rated: K

The Ballad of Tahoe Tessie (by sandspur)

Summary:  Cattle are being eaten, and their picked-clean skeletons are being deposited near the lake, but when the Cartwrights investigate, they find a lot more than they ever bargained for … and the effects will last forever.
Rating: T (20,000 words)

The Banns Having Been Read (by DJKk)

Summary: Little Joe is engaged for the first time.
Rated: T
Word Count: 8840

The Barn Cat #1 (by pjb)

Summary: Faced with a heartbreaking prognosis after a riding accident, Joe finds unexpected solace with a new friend.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 26,000

The Barn Cat #2 – The Most Important Thing (by pjb)

Summary: In the sequel to “The Barn Cat,” Ben discovers what is–and isn’t–most important about his youngest son.
Rated: T
Word Count: 36,000

The Barn Dance (by Frasrgrl)

Summary: It’s a typical barn dance for the Cartwrights.
Rated: K
Word Count: 2690

The Battle of Wills – # 1 – Begins (by patina)

Summary: Ben brings his new wife, Marie, home to the Ponderosa. Hoss is overjoyed to have a new mother but Adam is not happy.
Rated: K
Word Count: 4433

The Battle of Wills – # 2 – Education is More than 3R’s (by patina)

Summary: During a family picnic at the lake, Adam gets in trouble adding poison ivy to Hoss’ bouquet of wildflowers for Marie. After an argument with his father, Adam decides to leave home. A neighbor and old friend, Abe Garvey, shows Marie that there’s more to education than reading, writing, and arithmetic while leading the search for Adam.
Rated: K
Word Count: 6007

The Battle of Wills – # 3 – The Shadow of Jean deMarigny (by patina)

Summary: Men break into the house while Marie is home alone with Adam and Hoss. After observing his step-mother’s actions when faced with the robbers, Adam calls Marie a name he once heard Jean de Marigny use. This incident leads to an argument between Ben and Marie about Adam’s upbringing. And Adam finally realizes that Marie had been Jean’s wife.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 5268

The Battle of Wills – # 4 – A Gift Horse (by patina)

Summary: Ben announces at supper that he is going to buy a horse for Marie. Adam becomes unhappy because Ben had promised to buy him a horse before leaving for New Orleans. Will this situation cause another rift between Marie and Adam?
Rated: K
Word Count: 3059

The Battle of Wills – # 5 – New Expectations (by patina)

Summary: Marie and Adam race their new horses. Luckily, Paul Martin has arrived in Virginia City to practice medicine. Ben has invited Paul out to the Ponderosa for supper. After examining both Marie and Adam, Paul has to relate Marie’s and Adam’s conditions to Ben.
Rated: K
Word Count: 4470

The Battle of Wills – # 6 – Remembering Childhoods (by patina)

Summary: It’s the morning after the events in “New Expectations”. Ben’s thoughts of the coming baby make him remember Adam’s childhood and Hoss’ early years.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 3240

The Battle of Wills – # 7 – A Room Full of Memories (by patina)

Summary: It’s time to clean out the spare room so it can be turned into a nursery for the coming baby. As Ben, Adam, and Hoss go through the room’s contents, they remember the past.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 3622

The Battle of Wills – # 8 – A New Pattern (by patina)

Summary: The Cartwrights go into town so Marie can order baby furniture and Adam can get a haircut. Hoss goes shopping with Marie and, while in the store, he overhears her conversation with two elderly ladies about food cravings and whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. Which of course leads to questions.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 4384

The Battle of Wills – # 9 – Naming the Newest Cartwright (by patina)

Summary: The Cartwrights try to decide on a name for the coming baby.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 2542

The Battle of Wills – #10 – Presents from the Heart (by patina)

Summary: The Cartwrights celebrate Adam’s 12th birthday.
Rated: K
Word Count: 5313

The Battle of Wills – #11 – Love’s Labor (by patina)

Summary: The birth of Joseph Cartwright.
Rated: T
Word Count: 6306

The Battle of Wills – #12 – Big Brother Lessons (by patina)

Summary: Hoss wants to learn how to be a good older brother to his new sibling.
Rated: K
Word Count: 2598

The Battle of Wills – #13 – No Regrets (by patina)

Summary: Marie writes a letter to her favorite aunt in New Orleans, describing her life on the Ponderosa.
Rated: K
Word Count: 2265

The Battle of Wills – #14 – Baby’s Breath (by patina)

Summary: Hoss finds a kitten in the barn and decides to bring it in the house. Marie is not happy because of the old wives’ tales of cats stealing the breath from babies. Will this kitten change her mind?
Rated: K
Word Count: 3937

The Battle of Wills – #15 – Ennui (by patina)

Summary: Hoss fears that he’s sick and dying while Pa and Adam are out of town.
Rated: K
Word Count: 3791

The Bear and the Bear Cub (by ViveAdam)

Summary: The story of a friendship between Hoss Cartwright and…a bear cub
Rated: K
Word Count: 5500

The Beltane Fires (by Claire)

Summary: After a fight with Adam, things start to go very wrong for Joe.
Rated: T
Word Count: 9750

The Best Laid Scheme? (by Diana G)

Summary: Adam decides that it is time for him to leave the Ponderosa, but things don’t work out quite the way he plans.
Rated: T
Word Count: 46,590

The Best Little Bed & Breakfast in Nevada (by JC)

Summary: The Cartwrights entertain house guests. Again. Joe has a better idea.
Rated: K+, or maybe T
Word Count: 4512

The Best Loved Son (by Wrangler)

Summary: Written by Wrangler and Karen Fedderly
Word Count: 16,000

The Best Medicine #1 (by Wrangler)

Summary: Ben struggles with saving Joe’s life having already dealt with an incompetent replacement physician. Followed by “Malice A Forethought”.
Rated: T
Word Count: 11,000

The Best Medicine #2 – Malice A Forethought (by Wrangler)

Summary: Once more Little Joe finds himself desperate for his father’s help to save his life. Sequel to “The Best Medicine”.
Rated: T
Word Count: 28,000

The Best Medicine (by Diana G)

Summary: Adam must take desperate measures to get Joe out of his depression.
Rated: G
Word Count: 8785

The Best Present (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: A Christmas Tale
Rated: K Word Count: 4970

The Best Proof of Love (by McFair)

Summary: This piece is a WHN and WHB for season thirteen’s Bushwhacked!. Even as a child I was troubled by Joe’s fever dream image of his beloved brother Hoss pulling out a pistol and shooting him. I have read a lot of fan fiction’s based on Bushwhacked and though a few have tackled the issue, none have to my satisfaction. This is my idea of how and why Joe might have thought his big brother was trying to kill him.
Rated: PG-13 (for angst, some violence, and vile characters)
Word Count: 13,660

The Best-Laid Plans (by pjb)

Summary: Laid up for weeks with broken bones, Joe’s getting very, very frustrated. But New Year’s Eve is here, and he’s got big plans. . .if only a certain lady will cooperate.
Rated: MA
Word Count: 4100

The Better Man? (by DianaG)

Summary: Adam goes undercover to help capture a group of rustlers.
Rated: T
Word Count: 25,800

The Biggest Miracle of All (by McFair)

Summary: Just before Christmas Ben Cartwright makes a choice he will soon regret. He allows his twelve-year-old son, Joseph, to help the young woman who is filling in for Abigail Jones over the holidays find her way home. Little does Ben know that the blue sky of morning will soon become the deep gray of an approaching snow storm, and that his son and his teacher will need a miracle to survive.
Rated: PG-13
Word Count: 12,321

The Birth of a Man (by DianaG)

Summary: Tired of being told he’s too young, Joe takes off to hunt a cougar on his own, leaving Adam to follow him into danger.
Rated: T
Word Count: 29,075

The Birthday Gift (by pony)

Summary: It’s Hoss’ birthday, and afterwards, he reveals his true nature to his family.
Rated: K
Word Count: 1520

The Birthday Wish (by pony)

Summary: It’s Joe’s birthday, and he’s making a wish. But the Cartwrights don’t realize it’s someone else’s birthday too…and he has a secret wish of his own.
Rated: K
Word Count: 3300

The Black Gloves (by Milesky1)

Summary: Answering the burning question, “Why did Joe suddenly start wearing those black gloves?”
Rated: T
Word Count: 850

The Black Hat (by Cheaux)

Summary: A Ponderosa fairy tale inspired by a drawing by bahj’s niece.
Word Count: 1187

The Black Letter “C” (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: Ben’s delirium leaves him haunted.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 605

The Black Widow (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: A wealthy widow comes to Virginia City seeking investment opportunities. A WHN for the season 11 episode Long Way to Ogden where Ben gambles the future of the Ponderosa when a convincing meat packer (Emmett J. Whitney) from Chicago, sets out to ruin the local cattle industry. Written from the perspective of the villainess.
Rated: T
Word Count: 4056

The Black Wreath (by VCLS)

Summary: Joe returns to the Ponderosa after a short trip only to find no one home and a black wreath on the door. What could have happened? Read on.
Rated: T
Word Count: 11,300

The Blows of Sound (by McFair)

A WHN and Missing Scene story for ‘The Stillness Within’.  While rewatching the episode I realized that, after the first commercial break, while Doc Martin was examining him, Joe says it’s been a month since he was blinded.  Say WHAT??  This tale explores what happened between the explosion and Paul’s examination of Joe, as well as what happened during that missing month and ends after Miss Dobbs’ departure.
Word count: 18,320 Rated: PG

The Bond (by Frasrgrl)

Summary: Ben is late getting back from a business trip to Carson City.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 4159

The Breach (by Indyanna130)

Summary: 13 year old Adam Cartwright struggles between being a boy and becoming a man. Time: Spring of 1843
Rated: PG
Word Count: 3570

The Breaking Game (by Rona)

Summary: An accident leads to self-doubt for Joe, until a potential disaster restores his faith in himself.
Rated: T
Word Count: 9350

The Bronco Buster (by Krystyna)

Summary: This is a coming of age story for Joe. Determined to become a horse breaker he learns a hard lesson when he faces a challenge…from the horse itself.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 6400

The Brother Campaign (by JoanS)

Summary: Little Joe advertises for a new Cartwright when he decides that he doesn’t want to be the youngest brother anymore.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 5610

The Burden of the Oath (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: Hoss struggles with how to help Doc Martin in the aftermath of the epidemic and Julia’s Bulette’s death. A WHN for The Julia Bulette Story.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1493

The Burning Bridge (by Miss Judy)

Summary: Adam has never worried about his father’s faith and trust in him. That changes dramatically after a woman drops an 11-year-old boy at the Ponderosa, telling Ben that the boy is Adam’s son, conceived before he left for college. After repeated attempts to defend himself against the accusation, Adam leaves home, angry and hurt by his father’s seeming refusal to accept that the woman is lying. Once Adam confronts his accuser, he is forced to look further to find out how he and his family became targets for her ploy, and pays a high price for trying to find the truth in her life of lies.
Rated: T
Word Count: 60,000

The Butterfly (by SusanG)

Summary: A new foreman at a neighboring ranch causes trouble on the Ponderosa.
Rated: T
Word Count: 29,000

The Cabin (by EPM)

Summary: This is my first trip into the world of erotic writing. Please be warned that this little story may not appeal to all readers.
Rated: MA
Word Count: 5700

The Cabin in the Woods (by Sierra Girl)

Summary: Nothing stays the same, no matter how much we believe we want it to. For a lonely homesteader, life in her remote forest cabin was to be changed forever with the arrival of a riderless horse, a wounded Cartwright and a trigger-happy gunman.
Rated: T
Word Count: 24,151

The Café Scene – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: Ben raised them better than this. We know he did.
Rated: T
Word Count: 870

The Calling (by Hooded Crow)

Summary: An old actress touches a very special spot in Adam’s heart.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 3075

The Candidate (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: Hoping to be the next Governor of Nevada, Joshua Whitaker is campaigning in Virginia City. It doesn’t take long for him to take aim at the Cartwrights. An adaptation of The Big Valley season 2, episode 7 The Target.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 7039

The Care Package #1 (by HelenA)

Summary: College freshman Adam gets a special package from home.
Rated: K
Word Count: 7065

The Care Package #2 – Bridging the Gap (by HelenA)

Summary: Adam returns to find that he and Joe must re-adjust to each other. — Sequel to “Care Package”.
Rated: K
Word Count: 48,390

The Cartwright Curse (by HelenA)

Summary: Oh, the curse of having to appease Pa with his friends. Who knew what a disaster it would lead to?
Rated: T
Word Count: 4430

The Cartwright Figure Skating Challenge – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: In honor of Susan Grote, and her love of ice skating championships.
Rated: T
Word Count: 4050

The Cartwright Name (by SusanG)

Summary: Living up to the responsibilities that come with the name, almost costs Ben the life of one of his sons.
Rated: T
Word Count: 18,000

The Cartwright Vigil (by AC1830)

Summary – Jamie learns first- hand about a special trait of the Cartwrights.
Rating – K, Word Count – 1270

The Cave (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  Caught in an ambush, three brothers have a chance to show what’s in their hearts and take on different roles than the usual.  The outlaws aren’t going to be easily defeated and rescue isn’t as near as they hoped.
Rating:  T  Word count = 6282

The Cave-in (by Becky S)

Summary: I wrote this as a Ponderosa story, but it fits in the Bonanza world as well. Warning for claustrophobics. Which I nearly was after finishing writing it
Rated: T
Word Count: 6100

The Cavern (by ViveAdam)

Summary: Lost in a sandstorm, the Cartwrights find a shelter in a mysterious cavern.
Rated: MA
Word Count: 4300

The Cheat (by CJ Wooster)

Summary: Adam cheats on a test, in order to win a bet.
Rated: K
Word Count: 3705

The Cherry Tree Saga (by Robin)

Summary: Like the ever changing seasons, life blooms and dies on the Ponderosa.
Rated: T
Word Count: 140,000

The Chickens – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: A Squawking tale about a shipment of chickens for Hop Sing.
Rated: T
Word Count: 1850

The Choice (by Krystyna)

Summary: Ben faces the revenge of a woman bent on killing one of the Cartwright sons…but which one? The choice is Ben’s…but how can he even start to consider such a decision when it means the death of Adam or Hoss or, perhaps, even Joe.
Rated: T
Word Count: 32,400

The Christmas Child (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: It’s Christmas on the Ponderosa with some unexpected visitors.
Rated: K
Word Count: 2394

The Christmas Gift (by pbeaking)

Summary: Ben’s granddaughter, Lizzy gives her grandfather a special Christmas gift. This story touches upon the importance of family, remembering those who have passed and those that cannot be with us. Just a short story for the Holiday Season. Enjoy!
Rated: K
Word Count: 1780

The Christmas Gift (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: Little Joe’s recent misbehavior has him singing the “I’m Gettin’ Nothing for Christmas” blues.
Rated: K
Word Count: 1155

The Christmas Miracle (by Indiana)

Summary: Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar
Rated: K
Word Count: 900

The Christmas Payroll (by Rona)

Summary: Collecting the Christmas payroll is such an ordinary chore, that the Cartwrights can hardly believe when things go so wrong.
Rated: T
Word Count: 7660

The Christmas Surprise (by deansgirl)

Summary: The first Christmas after Marie died was going to be a sad one. Can Adam and Hoss make the season bright after all?
Rated: K+
Word Count: 2240

The Christmas Tableaux (by Harper)

Summary: Joe proves what Ben has always known, the Cartwrights have never had good luck in pageantry.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 5705

The Christmas Tree Surprise (by BettyHT)

Summary: Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar
Rated: K
Word Count: 2480

The Christmas Visitor (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Home alone on Christmas Eve; a special visitor keeps watch over a young man.
Rated: G
Word Count: 910

The Church Picnic (by Sibylle)

Summary: It’s a short story about a peaceful Sunday afternoon in town with the whole family. Or wasn’t it so peaceful? Prequel: around 1846.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 3550

The Church Social (by Rona)

Summary: A church social brings tragedy to Virginia City and the Ponderosa.
Rated: K
Word Count: 6365

The Closed Door #1 (by HelenB)

Summary: Ben says something to Joe that he didn’t think he would ever say to one of his sons.
Rated: T

The Closed Door #2 – Door to the Past (by HelenB)

Summary: Joe crosses paths with the men who were involved in his kidnapping. And what is the secret Joe’s family are keeping from him?
Rated: T
Word Count: 24,025

The Color of Chocolate (by DebbieB)

Summary: Chocolate has more meaning to Little Joe than just a piece of cake. It keeps appearing in his dream and the vision scares him.
Rated: G
Word Count: 9200

The Commitment (by Cheaux)

Summary: Joe makes a commitment without fully understanding what’s involved.
Rated: T
Word Count: 1200

The Commitment of Charlie Angelus — a REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: If only they hadn’t stopped in that town.
Rated: T
Word Count: 1140

The Company You Keep (by DJK)

Summary: Sheriff Coffee has a lesson to teach Ben Cartwright’s son.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1320

The Contest (by bahj)

Summary: Hoss finds out you can be a winner in more ways than one.
Rated: Family Friendly
Word Count: 1085

The Contract #1 (by Gwynne)

Summary: Desperadoes and a contract with the Army spells trouble for those on the Ponderosa.
Rated: T
Word Count: 16,650

The Contract #2 – The Price of Courage (by Gwynne)

Summary: The following script, based on the story “The Contract”, was submitted to Bonanza in early 1963 by a kind agent willing to take on an unsold writer. The script was rejected as ‘well done, but too expensive in production’.
Rated: PG-13
Word Count: 19,427

The Cost of Being Right (by lminzer)

Summary: Joe is tossed in jail after a barroom brawl, and he spends the night contemplating the punishment that awaits him once Pa finds out…
Rated: K+
Word Count: 2300

The Countess (by KateP)

Summary: A What Happened Next for the episode The Countess. What happens when the Countess returns to the Ponderosa?
Rated: K+
Word Count: 8675

The Course of True Love (by Rona)

Summary: A beautiful and very young widow comes to town and Joe falls for her. Is he destined for a happy ending this time?
(13,325 Rated: T

The Cowboy and the Lamp (by KateP)

Summary: Joe is caught in a blizzard on Christmas Eve.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 3550

The Crazy Lady (by Jayne)

Summary: Joe and Hoss scare themselves one night, come to Adam’s room and tell him the story of the crazy lady. Prequel/Young Cartwrights/Humor.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 700

The Crucible – WHN (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: This is what happens when a writer responds multiple challenges. Four variations on the same story.
Rated: T
Word Count: 2290

The Cry of the Dove (by debpet)

Summary: Adam encounters Regina Darien again. Will fate allow them to stay together this time? Or will tragedy overtake them?
Rated: K+
Word Count: 16,000

The Cup of Bitterness (by Questfan)

Summary: After being cleared for shooting Zach Crenshaw in self-defense, Joe tried to square things with Zach’s father. While he thought he was helping Amos Crenshaw to dig a well, Amos had other plans for that hole. A WHI for The Wormwood Cup.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 9,689

The Curse of Bodie (by McFair)

Summary: In 2269 an archaeologist digging in the ruins of the Bodie mine on Earth discovers skeletal remains dating to 1876. On the wrist of the dead man, who is wearing a green jacket, is an alien device. Its discovery sends the crew of the Enterprise into the past to Ben Cartwright’s Ponderosa where the eddies of time and an alien menace are moving together to doom Ben’s youngest son.
Rated: PG-13 (for western violence and adult situations)
Word Count: 77,500

The Curse of the Blue Dress (by patina)

Summary: One little dress, so much trouble.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 4802

The Curse of the Faceless Fiend (by ChristyG)

Summary: Convinced the Ponderosa is haunted, Little Joe, Hoss, and Hop Sing join forces to resist the ancient evil, despite Adam’s protestations.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 3985

The Dare (by KateP)

Summary: When a childish prank injures Hoss can Little Joe cope with the guilt?
Rated: K+
Word Count: 10,580

The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze (by freyakendra)

Summary: On a quiet night after a rough afternoon that could have taken their little brother from them, Hoss and Adam ponder Joe’s instincts and…athleticism.
Rated: K
Word Count: 1846

The Dark Cloud (by SusanG)

Summary: Joe is attacked and left for dead on the trail home after winning big at the poker table; and left with a case of amnesia.
Rated: T
Word Count: 23,700

The Dark Void (by KateP)

Summary: Problems ahead when Joe falls from his horse.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 4880

The Darker Angels of Our Nature (by McFair)

Summary: An angel. A messenger. Sent to bring news, sometimes good, often bad. Which was this, the one who gazed at me? Had she come to reward or punish me? To return me to my family or cut me down as I deserved? Forgive me, Adam, Pa. Mama, forgive your little Joseph. If only, I had known…
Rated: PG-13 (for brutality and violence, minor torture, and some uncomfortable language. Story contains words in use by some people in the South during the 1860s such as ‘dusky’, ‘bright’, and so on when referring to African Americans.)
Word Count: 71,074

The Darkness (by SusanG)

Summary: Adam and Hoss spy Cochise standing in front of the saloon and no Joe in sight. After being informed someone else had ridden the horse, they threaten the rider to learn the truth.
Rated: T
Word Count: 12,500

The Dash (by Dogwood)

Summary: The Cartwrights have faced many challenges in their lives. Now they face one that will be with them always.
Rated: K
Word Count: 1075

The Dawson Gang (by freyakendra)

Summary: Heroism comes in all shapes and sizes, as the good folks of Virginia City discover when Sam Dawson and his notorious gang of outlaws hold the whole town under siege—all because Joe tried to help a woman in need and Adam was thirsty for a beer.
Rated: T
Word Count: 37,000

The Days Between (by Calim11)

Summary: Adam contemplates another death, and the prospect of giving the euology.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 13,240

The Dead Hole (by SusanG)

Summary: The Dutchman mine had long been boarded over, but finding some of their cattle within is only the beginning of their troubles.
Rated: T
Word Count: 5200

The Dead of Night (by PSW)

Summary: Little Joe has an unsettling night.
Rated: G
Word Count: 633

The Dead Mule Story – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: With these three sons, this tale should never have been told. They’re your sons, Ben.
Rated: T
Word Count: 1225

The Deadeye Kid #1 – The Daring Deeds of the Deadeye Kid (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: When bandits invade the Ponderosa, a fourteen-year-old boy with an overactive imagination fed on dime novels decides that he and he alone can save his family.
Rated: K
Word Count: 6040

The Deadeye Kid #2 – The Deadeye Kid Rides Again (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: Little Joe once again draws inspiration from his favorite dime novels when he is kidnapped and held for ransom.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 15,138

The Deadliest Disease (by SusanG)

Summary: Away from the Pondersoa, Joe becomes sick while staying overnight in Green Meadows; and Cartwrights face the fear of a town without a doctor.
Rated: T
Word Count: 12,900

The Deadliest Game: Joe in Tights (by HelenA)

Summary: A Missing Scene from the episode, The Deadliest Game.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 2825

The Deadliest Sin (by Rona)

Summary: Alone on the ranch while his family is on a cattle drive, Joe is kidnapped by a jealous hand. When the man dies, an injured Joe is forced to try and get back home alone.
Rated: T
Word Count: 11,245

The Deadly Ones (by Rona)

Summary: Based on the episode, this is the story we didn’t see.
Rated: T
Word Count: 10,335

The Decision (by MaryS)

Summary: Joe meets a young woman and her family, and suspects she is in trouble. She is too frightened to ask for help so he decides to do what he can to help her anyway.
Rated: G
Word Count: 20,950

The Decklin Principle (by freyakendra)

Summary: When Adam’s favorite professor pays him a visit, another visitor hides in the shadows, intent on proving a skewed theory about savagery.
Rated: T
Word Count: 27,000

The Dentist (by JoanS)

Summary: A traveling dentist visits town.
Rated: K
Word Count: 11,710

The Departure #1 (by KateP)

Summary: Adam is about to leave for college.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 4200

The Departure #2 – The Homecoming (by KateP)

Summary: Adam returns home after three years away at college. Companion piece to “The Departure”.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 6115

The Deputy (by lminzer)

Summary: Joe’s first turn as a deputy isn’t quite what he thought it would be.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 6600

The Desert (by dbird)

Summary: WHN for The Crucible. Joe learns that finding Adam in the desert is easier than saving him.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 9085

The Destruction of Joe Cartwright (by VCLS)

Summary: An unspeakable tragedy threatens to break apart the close-knit Cartwright family.
Rated: T
Word Count: 14,500

The Detour Home (by DebbieB)

Summary: When Joe becomes dissatisfied with his lot in life and decides to leave home for good, he soon learns that not all roads lead home, sometimes you have to take a detour.
Rated: G
Word Count: 20,000

The Devil Among Us (by Cheaux)

Summary: A missing scene from Season 12’s The Night Virginia City Died.
Rated: T+
Word Count: 2800

The Devil and Miss Jones (by JennieA)

Summary: Little Joe’s first days of school isn’t what he thought it would be.
Rated: G
Word Count: 15,510

The Devil in Disguise (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Learning bits and pieces of the past enforces a difficult lesson regarding thinking before one acts, and the need to hear both sides of a story before reacting. With the family poised to fall apart, can harmony be restored?
Rated: T
Word Count: 16,335

The Devil’s Angel (by ansinico)

Summary: Halloween Night Fright
Adam Cartwright’s account of the conspiracy and chain of events that led up to the night of the 31st October 1852. We knew what had to be done. We knew that in a civilised society we would be deemed as murderers, assassins. . .What had driven three law-abiding men—Sheriff Roy Coffee, Doctor Paul Martin and I—to become co-conspirators? We let you, the reader, be our judge and jury. You tell us, would you have done things any differently?
Rated: T
Word Count: 2525

The Devil’s in the Details (by McFair)

Summary: This grew out of a discussion on Bonanza Boomers regarding all the conflicting info about Joe’s mother and his birth. Ten year old Joseph Cartwright has been assigned a project by Miss Jones to write a paper about his mother. The trouble is, he’s not quite sure what he knows so he asks for her help.
Rated: G
Word Count: 2100

The Diet (by pjb)

Summary: “What’s it gonna be? Pie or Mary Alice?” Hoss enlists Joe’s help when he decides that he needs to lose weight to win a girl’s heart.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 8300

The Dime Novel Rescue (by freyakendra)

Summary: A complete tale told in 5 progressive short stories (each of which can stand alone)
Wounded, trapped in the desert and surrounded by a renegade band of Bannocks, Paiutes and Shoshones, Adam and Joe prepare for death, unaware of the unfolding chain of tiny miracles that is setting them up for an improbable, last-minute rescue.
Rated: T
Word Count: 23,500

The Dreaming Eagle Book 1 – As it Began (by Hooded Crow)

Summary: Adam falls in love with a rather unusual young lady and has a lot of trouble come his way. While facing his father’s strong disapproval, he will have to confront his own deepest feelings and find out what he really wants in his life. Matters are complicated by an unknown foe who wants to destroy him, just as his struggle with his father comes to a head.
Rated: T
Word Count: 128,600

The Dreaming Eagle Book 2 – Through the Shadows (by Hooded Crow)

Summary: Adam has a hard time with his father still disapproving of his love, he is torn apart by his loyalty to the Ponderosa and his desire to live his own life, be his own man. When a devilish plan leads him into a vicious trap, he goes through a hell of pain and despair, through an ordeal that threatens to break his spirit and jeopardizes his future with the woman he loves.
Rated: T
Word Count: 128,060

The Dreaming Eagle Book 3 – Spreading Wings (by Hooded Crow)

Summary: Adam has overcome the ordeal that nearly broke him and now sets out to find the woman he loves – and then try to set things straight with his father. A flock of sheep gets in the way and sparks off a bitter power struggle between father and son. Adam won’t give in anymore, and Ben cannot accept that his son isn’t a boy any longer. And in the background, Adam’s unknown foe is pulling some strings of his own.
Rated: T
Word Count: 132,835

The Dreaming Tree (by chellek)

Summary: The boys are given the unpleasant task of cutting down a tree that holds special memories for the whole family.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 8070

The Earth Will Hold Us (by Claire)

Summary: A story in five parts, exploring the ties of love and loyalty between the Cartwrights.
Rated: T
Word Count: 48,580

The Echo of a Heartbeat (by patina)

Summary: While watching her sons playing down by the lake, Marie wonders about the child she lost.
Rated: K
Word Count: 1523

The Eighth Day (by Sierra Girl)

Summary: When Adam encounters a mysterious woman on the shores of Lake Tahoe, his whole world will be changed forever. And just what is the woman’s involvement in the abductions taking place around the lake? This is my take on how and why Adam left the Ponderosa. An AU fantasy set in the ‘real’ world of Bonanza. A story where the lake is the star of the show.
Rated: T
Word Count: 36,890

The Empty Box (by DebbieB)

Summary: When word reaches Ben and Joe telling them that Hoss has been murdered, father and son must each learn to deal with their own grief. A journey to retrieve their loved one’s body leads them to an empty box and two missing brothers instead of just one. Where’s Adam?
Rated: G
Word Count: 18,540

The End (by faust)

Summary: It’s the end. The end of everything–or is it? No KAOS in this story. Honestly!
Rated: K
Word Count: 700

The End of a War (by BnzaGal)

Summary: Written using the five words (Bachelor, Medieval, Commence, Culmination, and Tassel) from the Chaps & Spurs Challenge, June 2011.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1110

The Enemy Among Us (by Milesky1)

Summary: After being wounded during a robbery attempt, Joe’s life is endangered by the surviving member of the gang.
Rated: T
Word Count: 22,750

The Engagement (by LynRobinson)

Summary: A beautiful new lady in town leads to trouble between and for the brothers.
Rated: PG
Word Count: 44,027

The English Rose (by Diana G)

Summary: Adam rides into the mountains seeking to regain control of his emotions. But a meeting with a stranger leads to events that he cannot control.
Rated: T
Word Count: 29,285

The Fairness of Life (by Terri)

Summary: Joe falls passionately in love and his behaviour causes concern for Ben. Adam is the only one to suspect all is not what it seems.
Rated: T
Word Count: 10,100

The Falling Out (by Miss Judy)

Summary: The Cartwright family should have returned to normal after Señor and Delores Tenino left for Mexico, but it hasn’t. Hoss, Adam and Joe have been surly and avoiding one another since the lovely young woman left, and Ben can’t understand what’s driving it. He senses that what had started as a competition to win the young lady’s heart, had left some unexpected wounds behind. When circumstances and harsh words fracture his family even more, Ben decides he must force his sons to take stock of what they’re about to lose, in the one way he thinks will work. A What Happened Later story, for Ponderosa Matador.
Rated: K
Word Count: 22,960

The Fastest Gun (by SusanG)

Summary: Living life through his son, a father seeks revenge after refusing to accept that his son, who forced the confrontation, was outdrawn and killed.
Rated: T
Word Count: 7750

The Favor (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: Ben asks Joe for a favor that turns out much better than Joe could have ever imagined…
Rated: MA (Adult Themes)
Word Count: 4200

The Final Bequest (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: A retrospective on two episodes of Bonanza, The Quality of Mercy and The Dark Gate. Adam and Joe each contemplate the death of a best friend.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 6285

The Final Goodbye #1 (by JudyW)

Summary: Just my feelings on how Adam may have come back to the Ponderosa. (Warning: character death)
Rated: K
Word Count: 3670

The Final Goodbye #2 – Joe’s Letter (by JudyW)

Summary: A follow up to “The Final Goodbye”.
Rated: K
Word Count: 1915

The Final Sacrifice (by Rona)

Summary: An outbreak of measles set in motion a series of heart-breaking problems for the Cartwrights.
Rated: T
Word Count: 11,130

The Fire (by Frasrgrl)

Summary: There’s a fire in Virginia City, but is that all there is to it?
Rated: T

The Fire and The Night (by pony)

Summary: Tempers flare as Joe and Adam find themselves in conflict…but then discover an unexpected harmony.
Rated: K
Word Count: 1260

The Fire Inside (by freyakendra)

Summary: A surprise assault on the Ponderosa tests twelve-year-old Little Joe’s mettle, and proves he truly is his father’s son.
Rated: T
Word Count: 4470

The First Born Returns — a REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: Clay Stafford returns to the Ponderosa.
Rated: T
Word Count: 2500

The First Duty (by Rona)

Summary: A chance meeting with an army officer sends Joe on a desperate mission to help save a soldier’s life.
Rated: T
Word Count: 10,120

The First Roundup (by Starlite)

Summary: A look at a very enthusiastic little boy’s first roundup.
Rated: G
Word Count: 2400

The First Thanksgiving (by storm)

Summary: Here is my answer to the November Chaps and Spurs challenge.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 2000

The First Time (by pjb)

Summary: With age comes wisdom. . .sometimes. A gentle, erotic WHN for Marie, My Love.
Rated: MA
Word Count: 3300

The Flume (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: The timber industry is booming. Anxious to truly use his skills and attempt to make the Ponderosa financially secure for years to come, Adam proposes constructing a narrow gauge rail line and flume from Tahoe to Empire City. But there is a price for becoming a major player in this high stakes game. Written for the 2018 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament.
Rated: T
Word Count: 8870

The Foresaken (by iceangelmkx)

Summary: Caught in a storm after securing a contract, Joe finds shelter in a shack occupied by a lonely woman. Unknown to him, Joe would come face to face with things he never imagined would exist.
Rated: T
Word Count: 13,000

The Founder’s Day Race (by Harper)

Summary: Adam makes a rash bet on the outcome of a race, but when he is unable to ride, Joe and Hoss aren’t about to stand by and let their brother’s rival win. However, their solution is not quite what anyone expected…
Rated: K+
Word Count: 14,665

The Fourth Son (by Rona)

Summary: Jamie is worried about meeting Adam for the first time. He thinks they are getting along well, but how wrong can he be? Originally written for “Bonanza Gold”, and expanded after it was rejected.
Rated: T
Word Count: 6080

The Fourth Wife (by SusanG)

Summary: After receiving an invitation to a neighbor’s wedding, Little Joe conspires to find Ben the perfect wife; while the rest of the family holds off an attempted land grab.
Rated: T
Word Count: 21,300

The French Piano Player – #1 (by pjb)

Summary: When a violent argument with Ben drives Joe from the Ponderosa, the Cartwrights learn that sometimes, you can look straight at a man and never really see him.
Rated: T
Word Count: 16,300

The French Piano Player – #2 – Be Still, My Soul (by pjb)

Summary: This is the sequel to “The French Piano Player.” Joe’s return to the Ponderosa proves to be more difficult than he or his family expected, to the point where questions arise as to whether he can stay on the Ponderosa, or whether he will go back to his life as a piano player in San Francisco.
Rated: T
Word Count: 26,000

The French Piano Player – #3 – Doubt (by pjb)

Summary: A serious misunderstanding threatens Joe’s relationship with Hoss. This is part of a series and refers to events portrayed in “The French Piano Player” and “Be Still, My Soul.”
Rated: T
Word Count: 17,000

The French Piano Player – #4 – The Love of his Live (by pjb)

Summary: In the conclusion to “The French Piano Player” series, the Cartwrights face their greatest challenge as they learn what a man’s heart can bear, and what it means to love–and to let go. The previous stories in this series are “The French Piano Player,” “Be Still, My Soul,” and “Doubt”.
Rated: T
Word Count: 37,500

The Friendship – A Parody (by LissaB)

Summary: What happened after the director yelled cut, or worse yet, what was left on the cutting room floor.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1185

The Friendship (by Frasrgrl)

Summary: Did you ever wonder if Joe and Danny got off scot-free after all that happened at the end of The Friendship?
Rated: K
Word Count: 1200

The Friendship Game (by Sierra Girl)

Summary: It’s tough being a 14-year old boy, but it’s especially hard when you have little brothers, a friend you’re eager to impress and the added complication of those creatures from another planet…girls! Will Adam survive his first forays with the opposite sex in one piece, and still have a friend at the end of it? Written for the 2018 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 13,535

The Full Moon (by SusanG)

Summary: It should be just an ordinary day, but with a full moon, it’s anything but normal.
Rated: T
Word Count: 3700

The Funeral (by Silver Sven)

Summary: a missing scene from Forever.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 971

The Gallant Cowboy (by Harper)

Summary: The author of a dreadful dime novel visits Virginia City in pursuit of the book’s harshest critic – Adam Cartwright.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 2888

The Gambler (by faust)

Summary: Most people thought Adam wasn’t a gambler. They thought wrong.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1800

The Gambler and the Cowboy (by Dodo)

Summary: What if the Episode The First Born had never happened?
Rated: T
Word Count: 2750

The Garden’s Secret (by bahj)

Summary: Punishment turns into a summer of memories, all while tending the garden.
Rated: K
Word Count: 3900

The Ghost Chief (by SusanG)

Summary: Legends, myths, and tall tales collide in the days leading up to Halloween, but is there more to it than meets the eyes?
Rated: T
Word Count: 6700

The Ghost of Christmas Past (by SusanG)

Summary: An innocent conversation from five years before leads to devastating consequences in the present.
Rated: T
Word Count: 13,000

The Gift (by JoeC)

Summary: Joe gets a special birthday present.
Word Count: 553

The Ginger Thief (by Shakespeare Cowgirl)

Summary: A gingerbread house + A thief = One very angry Little Joe!
Rated: K+
Word Count: 4615

The Gingerbread Man (by Sierra Girl)

“The Gingerbread Man” was included in the 2016 Advent Calendar Collection.
Summary: As Christmas as the tree and ornaments, it’s not Christmas without the Gingerbread Man.

The Girl in the Blue Dress (by debpet)

Summary: Joe’s encounter with an attractive young lady takes a turn into the unexpected. Something for the Halloween season.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1100

The Girl with Red Hair (by Inca)

Summary: Robbed and left for dead at the roadside, Adam and Joe are forced to take shelter from a storm in an abandoned house. Injured himself, Adam struggles to keep his brother alive. But the house has a past, and it returns to haunt them…
Rated: T
Word Count: 9500

The Gold Wagon (by SusanG)

Summary: A group of army deserters lay siege to the Ponderosa, waiting for the boys to return home with a very large payroll.
Rated: T
Word Count: 11,500

The Golden Fleece (by SusanG)

Summary: Joe lies trapped while Ben sets out to organize a rescue party.
Rated: T
Word Count: 9100

The Good Doctor (by KateP)

Summary: Joe runs into trouble in San Francisco
Rated: K+
Word Count: 7500

The Good Samaritan (by SusanG)

Summary: Helping and not expecting anything in return. It’s a matter of paying it forward.
Rated: T
Word Count: 20,000

The Grand Prize (by jfclover)

Summary: An election in Virginia City proves dangerous for Ben Cartwright’s sons.
Rated: T
Word Count: 14,000

The Grandest Aqueduct (by pbeaking)

Summary: Adam brings a well known engineer from California to help Virginia City with their water problems. Alexis von Schmidt proves to be a brilliant man with brilliant ideas, but is he the best answer for Virginia City and its residents?
Rated: K+
Word Count: 9500

The Grandest of Homecomings (by Camera Chic)

Summary: A prequel. Little Joe has been excitedly awaiting the arrival home of Adam from college, but he hasn’t considered how different things will be now.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 5690

The Great Aunts (by KateP)

Summary: Ben’s aunts visit the Ponderosa
Rated: K+
Word Count: 7525

The Great Baby Switch (by PuchiAnn)

Summary: Bored boys, left to their own devices, can come up with wild ways of passing the time, and when the bored boys are Little Joe Cartwright and his friends, Virginia City is in for quite a fright. Written for the Michael Landon Birthday Challenge.
Rated: K
Word Count: 5068

The Great Egg Race (by KateP)

Summary: A little Bonanza story for Easter
Rated: K+
Word Count: 2200

The Great Hijacking (by BnzaGal & slaine89)

Summary: What happens when a fanfiction author leaves a story hanging? Three fans decide to take matters into their own hands and rescue (aka kidnap) the main character, unmindful of the insanity that will ensue.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 6560

The Greatest Gift (by Cheaux)

Summary: Joe overhears what he knows to be a lie, but cannot convince anyone else to believe him.
Rated: T
Word Count: 7800

The Greatest Love of All (by Terri)

Summary: How will Ben react to the new love in Marie’s life?
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1100

The Greatest of These (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: April Christopher has contracted rabies from a bite from a rabid wolf. Now more than just a dear friend, Ben is committed to being by her side for her horrific final days. A WHI for the season 12 episode “A Time to Die”.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 5055

The Green Eyed Monster (by DebbieB)

Summary: Little Joe’s been bitten by something his Pa calls the green-eyed monster. He isn’t quite sure what it is, but he knows he’s not feeling to well because of it.
Rated: G
Word Count: 10,800

The Green Jell-O Mold – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: The Worst Fan Fic Ever Written…so far…and it includes recipes too!
Rated: T
Word Count: 12,140

The Grizzly and God’s Hand (by freyakendra)

Summary: A day at the lake with his brothers is shattered by gunfire, leaving Joe in God’s hands. Follow Joe’s muddled thoughts through his family’s struggle to keep him alive, and his own struggle to focus on where he belongs.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 6500

The Guardian — What the Heart Knows (by JC)

Summary: A fateful encounter at the river leads to a revelation for Adam Cartwright.
Rated: T
Word Count: 3475

The Hand of Fate (by SusanG)

Summary: The stage on which Joe is riding home is held up and robbed, sending Ben and Hoss on a mission to rescue Joe.
Rated: T
Word Count: 19,900

The Handkerchief (by freyakendra)

Summary: Caught in a mudslide, Little Joe’s survival might just depend on a lacy handkerchief. Written for the 2018 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1675

The Hangin’ Tree (by DebbieB)

Summary: Left hanging from an old oak tree to die a horrific death, Joe’s life takes on a strange twist when he is cut down. An old mountain woman that he meets, isn’t what she appears to be. Neither is anyone else it seems.
Rated: PG-13 (for violence)
Word Count: 30,700

The Hanging Posse (by J7339)

Summary: Ben Cartwright is confronted by some rather angry husbands and families of Fanfiction writers who try and take matters in to their own hands to get some normality in their lives.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 5075

The Hat in the Water (by debpet)

Summary: Joe and Hoss spot something floating in a pond, and the implications are devastating
Rated: K+
Word Count: 2500

The Haunting #1 (by BettyHT)

Summary: It sounds like a Halloween story and there is a ghost story involved, but it is more a story of Adam coming to terms with his lost dreams and making a decision on his future.
Rated: T
Word Count: 18,559

The Haunting #2 – Broken (by BettyHT)

Summary: In this one, there is a darker tone as Adam and Savannah have to face a villainous foe who will stop at nothing to get a major part of the Ponderosa for the timber there.
Rated: T
Word Count: 11,947

The Haunting #3 – Christmas Story (by BettyHT)

Summary: This is, as the title suggests though, a lighter story set on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day focusing mostly on Adam and his wife, Savannah, and children, Owen and Eva, although Adam’s father and brothers play roles in the drama as well.
Rated: PG
Word Count: 4496

The Healing (by MissJudy)

Summary: Adam’s unexpected illness; an unexpected visitor, and Ben’s unexpected reaction to a developing situation leaves the Cartwright home in upheaval. Can the information this stranger holds, bring healing to old and new wounds?
Rated: G
Word Count: 25,743

The Healing Hearts Series #1 – Smoke Rings in the Dark (by MissKitty4Adam)

Summary: It is nearing the end of 1866’s spring. Having found true love, Adam is at long last feeling complete after being rejected by Laura the summer before. But, while a web of intrigue is being spun by a mysterious personage and a kidnapping occurs, can he find enough inner strength in time to save his own heart from final ruination? Can he solve the mystery before his family is destroyed? Will his heart be forever doomed to remain isolated and alone?
Rated: T
Word Count: 32,514

The Healing Hearts Series #2 – Spirit of a Wild One – Part One (by MissKitty4Adam)

Summary: In this first installment of the sequel which takes place after the events of “Smoke Rings In The Dark”, Adam Cartwright has more difficulties and intrigues to deal with along with a few unexpected but welcome twists to his future and life.
Rated: T
Word Count: 33,738

The Healing Hearts Series #3 – Spirit of a Wild One – Part Two (by MissKitty4Adam)

Summary: The adventure of the “Healing Heart” series continues in this second installment with more heartwarming moments, angst, romance and many dark clouds churning on the horizon for our Man and his Lady to face together, as one soul.
Rated: T
Word Count: 42,856

The Healing Hearts Series #4 – Spirit of a Wild One Part Three (excerpt) the One and Only (by MissKitty4Adam)

Summary: A dream of reincarnation, visiting the ebb of Adam’s slumber…mere hours before the happiest moment of his life.
Rated: T
Word Count: 1369

The Healing Hearts Series #5 – Spirit of a Wild One Part Four (by MissKitty4Adam)

Summary: In this final part, Adam and his fiancée power toward their wedding despite danger, drama and a troubling physical ailment that plagues Adam along the way. Jody continues to be a light in the Cartwright family’s lives and a few new characters are introduced, both good and evil to be found. Wrongs are righted, pasts conquered and comfort found in the company of love.
Rated: T
Word Count: 6600

The Healing Process (by JoanS)

Summary: An accident leaves Joe and Cochise emotionally hurt and estranged from each other.
Rated: T
Word Count: 22,465

The Healing Touch (by SusanG)

Summary: Joe is wounded when the stage he and Ben were riding in is robbed.
Rated: T
Word Count: 5100

The Heart of a Hero (by Christy)

Summary: Joe and Hoss have taken time off on a fine spring day to go fishing when something terribly wrong brings the Cartwright’s worst nightmare to reality. How will the heart of a hero see them through their darkest days? I’m sorry I’m not a Jamie fan. He does not exist in this story.
Rated: G
Word Count: 8200

The Hidden Hurt (by Anne G)

Summary: Problems for Little Joe in school are a reflection of something else that is troubling him. A trip in the mountains with Adam reveals the problem.
Rated: G
Word Count: 24,280

The Hideaway (by SusanG)

Summary: Joe is accused of murder.
Rated: T
Word Count: 18,000

The High Cost of Pride #1 (by HelenB)

Summary: A young Ponderosa ranch hand learns that sometimes the cost of pride can be too high.
Rated: T
Word Count: 10,950

The High Cost of Pride #2 – The Seeds of Hate (by HelenB)

Summary: When someone with a grudge against a friend of the Cartwrights starts causing trouble, the Cartwrights are drawn into it.
Rated: T
Word Count: 9570

The History Essay (by patina)

Summary: Little Joe has to write an essay on George Washington. His first draft is so bad that Adam makes him rewrite it. Ben can’t believe the second version got turned in. Read the final version and see if Little Joe finally got the facts right.
Rated: K
Word Count: 3554

The Hoads (by JoanS)

Summary: A Hillbilly family seeks revenge after Joe kills two of their members. A WHN story for The Spitfire.
Rated: T
Word Count: 19,990

The Honey Tomb (by bahj)

Summary: A dark and mysterious cave, a whispering pendant, and a ruthless enemy. It’s just an old legend, right? **Halloween Story**
Rated: PG-13 (for scariness…Well, sort of)
Word Count: 3510

The Horses (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: The Giggly Sisters turn their discerning eye upon the Cartwright mounts.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1750

The Hostage (by Camera Chic)

Summary: Just a very short story about what one brother would do for the other one.
Rated: PG (for violence)
Word Count: 1650

The Hotel (by Rona)

Summary: A new hotel intrigues Hoss but doesn’t interest Joe initially.
Rated: T
Word Count: 6085

The House Jack Built (by Sibylle)

Summary: An offering of shelter and memories, to each his own.
Rated: G
Word Count: 1410

The House on Kay Street (by Bonanzaluver)

Summary: Adam and Joe are asked to fix up an old house for a friend of Ben’s who is about to move in to it. What they find is that there is someone or something opposed to their doing so. A little Halloween story narrated by Joe that I made last year.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 3200

The House on Watson’s Hill (by SusanG)

Summary: Strange things abound when the family takes shelter in an abandoned Victorian era house, but is it really abandoned?
Rated: T
Word Count: 8100

The Hunch (by Dodo)

Summary: Written as a Birthday challenge for one of our most devout fanfic readers. SJS for Devonshire: Sometimes a father’s intuition is worth its weight in gold.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 4632

The Hunt for Danny Miller (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: When Little Joe searches for a friend against his father’s wishes, he gets into more trouble than he bargained for.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 9570

The Hunted (by DebbieB)

Summary: When an old friend of Ben’s visits the Ponderosa, Ben has no idea that the world renowned wild game hunter is there to hunt the most elusive animal of all…man. He has three young men to pick from…what makes him choose the youngest?
Rated: PG-13
Word Count: 13,500

The Hunted Woman (by SallyAnn)

Summary: Hoss helps a woman escape from her controlling and conniving cousins. This leads to a blossoming romance, and danger!
Rated: K+
Word Count: 5790

The Impatient Patient (by JoanS)

Summary: Joe is forced to stay in bed after an accident and causes trouble for everyone as a result.
Rated: K
Word Count: 14,980

The Indian Painting (by JoanS)

Summary: Ever wondered about the Cartwright’s Indian painting and why it moves around so much? This story should answer your questions if you have.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 10,345

The Indignity of it All (by Terina)

Summary: A routine day of rounding up stays turns into a comedy of error for Adam.
Rated: T
Word Count: 1800

The Inheritance (by ChristyG)

Summary: After learning the contents of his father’s will, Hoss’ behavior changes radically.
Rated: K
Word Count: 3313

The Interview (by slaine89)

Summary: On the way to their new home, six year old Adam asks his Pa some questions. One long, drawn out Pa-Adam-Moment.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1245

The Intruder (by Arien)

Summary: An intruder finds his way to the Ponderosa.
Rated: K
Word Count: 572

The Intruders (by Camera Chic)

Summary: While Ben is away on a trip, Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe are taken hostage at the ranch.
Rated: PG (for violence)
Word Count: 4710

The Invitation (by Sibylle)

Summary: Pa is away and…A little comedy about fights, the mail, and an old friend. Typically?
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1900

The Jacket (by pjb)

Summary: When twelve-year-old Joe comes home from school without his jacket, it’s up to Hoss to find out why.
Rated: K
Word Count: 1700

The Jailbreak (by BettyHT)

Summary: Joe has talked Hoss into another scheme although for a good cause, and Ben confronts Roy about it in this sometimes serious, sometimes flippant story.
Rated: PG
Word Count: 1064

The Journal (by jfclover)

Summary: Joe receives an odd but heartfelt gift from his eldest brother, Adam. At first, Joe questions its value but within time, he finds the small leather book becomes more a part of his life than he’d ever dreamed possible.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 17,000

The Journey (by Dodo)

Summary: 2010 Halloween Challenge: Injured and alone Ben prepares to take a journey.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 5050

The Journey (by Rona)

Summary: An accident forces Joe to embark upon a journey he had never expected to take.
Rated: T
Word Count: 11,075

The Jury… A Missing Scene (by Grimesgirl)

Summary: Just what was Adam supposed to do when he returned to Virginia City only to hear malicious talk concerning Hoss?
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1400

The Jury-Go-Round (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: Written for Camp in the Pines, 2018. Sometimes the best show in town is in the courtroom, especially when the Cartwrights are involved.
Rated: K
Word Count: 5385

The Just and the Unjust (by JennyG)

Summary: The rain falls on us all, and when the river rises, Adam’s plans take an unexpected turn.
Rated: T
Word Count: 8250

The Lady from Baltimore – A Missing Scene (by JennyG)

Summary: A missing scene for the episode.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 900

The Lady in the Shadows (by DJK)

Summary: Young Adam tells his new mother about the lady in the shadows.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1141

The Lady Lawyer #1 (by pjb)

Summary: The Cartwright brothers vie for the affections of a beautiful lawyer.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 28,300

The Lady Lawyer #2 – Fugue (by pjb)

Summary: Tensions mount when Joe is charged with murdering a drifter, but he has no recollection of the incident—and no explanation for why he came home covered in blood. This is a sequel to “The Lady Lawyer,” and it refers to characters and events in that story.
Rated: T
Word Count: 32,000

The Lady Lawyer #3 – To Know the Truth (by pjb)

Summary: In the sequel to “The Lady Lawyer” and “Fugue,” beliefs unravel and the lines between guilt and innocence blur as one man’s efforts to protect his brother jeopardize the Cartwrights’ hope for healing and love–and survival.
Rated: T
Word Count: 77,200

The Lady with Yellow Hair (by McFair)

Summary: Each year at Christmas a beautiful lady graces the Cartwright’s Ponderosa ranch house. From her post high atop their tree the little angel with cornflower yellow hair watches them. A smile lights her face for she knows that, without her, Ben Cartwright’s life would have been very different…
Rated: G
Word Count: 7489

The Lake Tales (by faust)

Summary: What if things had gone differently the night Adam had wooed Abigail Jones? What impact can a lost horse shoe, a squirrel and a spider have on a blossoming romance? And had faust gone completely bonkers?
Rated: K
Word Count: 4000

The Land Dispute (by Claire)

Summary: A visit from old friends is disrupted by a boundary dispute which nearly leads to tragedy.
Rated: T
Word Count: 15,480

The Landlord (by faust)

Summary: There are lots of things that could possibly go wrong in a nativity play, but the reverend certainly hadn’t expected that.
Rated: K
Word Count: 2000

The Lantern Man (by McFair)

Summary: That baby brother of his, he could talk him into anythin’. They shoulda been home, but instead they ended up campin’ out near 13 year old Little Joe’s little gal’s house. All would have been well and good if’n only Joe’d have stayed put. But this was Joe and he didn’t. When he asked him how come, his baby brother said he didn’t know. Was it a nightmare, Hoss wondered, that called Little Joe out into the mist and got him nearly drowned? Or was it somethin’ else?
Rated: PG
Word Count: 7666

The Last Bullet (by BnzaGal)

Summary: FEB. 2013. Chaps & Spurs challenge.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 670

The Last Fear (by BettyHT)

Summary: Joe has an emotional talk with Hoss and reviews his memories of the events that led to Adam’s departure from the Ponderosa. Written for the 2018 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament.
Rated: T
Word Count: 3890

The Last Laugh (by DebbieB)

Summary: Those who laugh last, laugh the hardest. Thus, Joe proves this statement to be true.
Rated: G
Word Count: 18,200

The Last Straw (by Rona)

Summary: A What Happened In-Between for Tommy.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 3640

The Last Time I was Dying (by dbird)

Summary: The Cartwrights must turn to each other after being caught in a disastrous avalanche.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 4815

The Last to Go (by DebbieB)

Summary: Adam has finally found what he has spent a lifetime searching the world for.
Rated: G
Word Count: 3100

The Last Viking (by Rona)

Summary: A WHIB (what happened before the ending scene). How did the Cartwrights get Joe home after he had been shot? If you ever wondered, read on.
Rated: T
Word Count: 9075

The Learning Curve (by Dodo)

Summary: Hoss is at his lowest ebb when he unexpectedly receives wise words of comfort.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 2160

The Least Dreaded (by BeckyS)

Summary: He used what he had at hand to save himself; now he pleaded, “Don’t let him kill me.”
Rated: T
Word Count: 1460

The Left-Handed Holster (by DJK)

Summary: Little Joe has a plan, and all he needs is a left-handed holster.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 6170

The Legend of Tahoe Tessie (by Jerri B)

Summary: In the Scottish Highlands the Loch Ness has Nessie. In America, Lake Champlain has Champ and Lake Tahoe has…Tessie.
Rated: T
Word Count: 8020

The Legend of the White Grizzly Bear (by mo1427)

Summary: On a visit to Chief Winnemucca’s Paiute Camp, Adam hears a legend that he wonders later if it could be true.
Rated: K
Word Count: 421

The Lengths a Man can be Driven To. . . (by JennyG)

Summary: A just for fun story that asks the question, ‘What does it take to drive Adam to desperate measures?’
Rated: K+
Word Count: 2680

The Letter (by BettyHT)

Summary: During the Christmas season, six-year-old Little Joe learns the importance of a letter and the impact it can have. He learns too about consequences, and learns both lessons well. Years later, the importance of a letter is still strong.
Rated: K
Word Count: 2593

The Letter (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Hoss has a very important message to impart. A missing scene from The Stillness Within.
Rated: K
Word Count: 775

The Letter of the Law (by freyakendra)

Summary: Joe makes an instinctive, impulsive decision to help a widow and her family, bringing his own family along for the (bumpy) ride.
Rated: T

The Letter of the Law (by SusanG)

Summary: Ben and Joe aid an acquaintance in evaluating a mine whose owners care little for their impact on the land.
Rated: T
Word Count: 17,300

The Letters (by Barbara)

Summary: Ever since Adam left the Ponderosa, he and Ben have corresponded. The last communication brought the eldest son home. Could his return truly be the end of an era?
Rated: K
Word Count: 6060

The Lie (by KateP)

Summary: Joe lies on behalf of a friend.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 6400

The Light Inside (by AC1830)

Summary: On Christmas Eve Hoss guides a new friend from darkness into light.
Rated: K
Word Count: 1566

The Light of His Life (by Gillian)

Summary: After ten years in Boston, Adam is forced to return home with his family. He finds giving up his dream very difficult, but something wonderful happens to give him the peace he has always desired. Has all the family in this one.
Rated: G
Word Count: 20,210

The Lilies Series #1 – The Lilies of the Field (by sandspur)

Summary: With Ben away, the Cartwright boys face down poachers, a train robbery, a fire that nearly destroys the Ponderosa, a strange new school teacher and a lost dog. But when Ben returns, the biggest problem of all is gossip.
Rated: T (mild language, mature themes, violence)
Word Count: 109,300

The Lilies Series #2 – The Lilies of the Valley (by sandspur)

Summary: Adam and Tilly go to Europe for the worst honeymoon ever, landing in the middle of a war to end up missing and presumed dead. Meanwhile, Ben, Adam and Hoss move on with their lives, finding new friends and uncovering strange secrets from the past.
Rated: T (Violence, character death, attempted rape, etc.)
Word Count: 109,635

The Lilies Series #3 – One Scarlet Lily (by sandspur)

Summary: Adam and Joe leave the Ponderosa, perhaps for good, in the wake of tragedy and misunderstanding. But the danger only Adam knew about is still with them. Note: the backstory is filled in gradually, through a series of nonsequential flashbacks.
Rated: T (Contains some violence, mild language, a grisly murder scene and a couple of animal death scenes)
Word Count: 105,500

The Lilies Series #4 – The Strawberry Roan (by sandspur)

Summary: A cowboy who returns to the Ponderosa after a long absence discovers a new horse trainer…with an unwelcome training method.
Rated: T (mild language)
Word Count: 4316

Note: This short story is set in the “Lilies” universe, but it can stand on its own.

The Line Shack Trip (by Rona)

Summary: Based on a drabble by Lillian, here is my idea of why they were at that line shack.
Rated: T
Word Count: 5960

The Lineshack (by slaine89)

Summary: My response entry for the Chaps and Spurs Mega Challenge. The three Cartwright boys lose their horses and have to seek shelter in a shack.
Rated: K
Word Count: 6265

The Lion Cub (by Krystyna)

Summary: Joe’s determination to ‘grow up and prove to the world he’s a man’ provides his brothers’ with a full time job on their hands trying to keep him out of trouble!
Rated: K
Word Count: 21,060

The Long and Winding Road (by chellek)

Summary: The boys get kicked of the stage and must find a way to get back home.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 17,730

The Long Night (by AC1830)

Summary: This is a missing scene for My Brother’s Keeper. What happened from the time Ben arrived home with eyes blazing and gun drawn, to the next morning when he and Adam appear quite calm, despite Adam’s horrific, days-long ordeal of caring for his brother?
Rated: K
Word Count: = 1498

The Long Picnic (by HazelMom)

Summary: They blamed everyone but themselves, and dragged the Cartwrights into their revenge.
Rated: T
Word Count: 22,340

The Long Ride to Home (by SusanG)

Summary: A simple hunting excursion turns deadly.
Rated: T
Word Count: 10,000

The Long Road Home #1 – Missing (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: Ben receives a telegram about his eldest son that brings despair to the whole Cartwright family. Written for November’s C & S Challenge.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1600

The Long Road Home #2 – Father’s Gift (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: Ben’s thoughts as one of his sons lies in an Army hospital.
For June Chaps and Spurs. An SAS (Suffering Adam Syndrome) Posse story.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1515

The Long Road Home #3 – A Well Deserved Comeuppance (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: The Jessup Gang get a little more than they bargained for when they pick a fight with a certain stranger. A slight AU story that could tie in with “Missing” and “A Father’s Gift”, but you don’t have to read them first to understand what’s going on. A Chaps and Spurs tale.
Rated: K+ (for a bit of violence)
Word Count: 1890

The Long Road Home #4 – Someday Never Comes (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: A few months after the Union defeat at Fredericksburg, a disillusioned Captain Adam Cartwright writes a letter to his family. A prequel to my other Adam in the Civil War stories.
Rated: T (for the horrors of war)
Word Count: 1830

The Love of His Life (by Krystyna)

Summary: Memories and the hurt over losing Rebecca Kaufman cause someone else to recount their own loss, in hopes it will help Adam to understand — he is not alone.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 4360

The Love Paddle Boat – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: Love, exciting and new. Come aboard, we’re expecting you…
Rated: T
Word Count: 3785

The Luck of the Draw (by Rona)

Summary: A careless remark leave Joe’s life hanging on the turn of a card.
Rated: PG
Word Count: 8305

The Magic of Christmas (by storm)

Summary: Here is my Christmas story I hope you like it.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1800

The Magician and the Pirate – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: Strangers arrive in Virginia City who turn out to be, who else, old-time friends of Ben.
Rated: T
Word Count: 2980

The Man (by pbeaking)

Summary: As we come upon the 17th anniversary of Michael Landon’s passing July 1st, 1991, I’ve been trying to think of a way to celebrate what he has left for us all. This is a different sort of story because it is written in rhyme. I find I can express myself easier that way. These ditties, as I so call them, happen to be a hobby of mine. I hope you will enjoy my tribute to Michael, for I feel he has left his mark on the world in many ways.
Rated: K
Word Count: 1060

The Man in Black #1 (by deansgirl)

Summary: A girl traveling alone to Virginia City meets a piece of her past and The Man In Black.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1385

The Man in Black #2 – The Man in Black Rides Again (by deansgirl)

Summary: Thomas Stevens was more than grateful when a black clad rider helped him bring his sister’s attacker to justice.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1130

The Man in Black (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: Response to the 2013 Pernell Roberts writing challenge. Why does Adam dress in black almost all of the time? Here’s a possible reason for that…
Rated: K
Word Count: 880

The Man in the Middle (by Krystyna)

Summary: Hoss Cartwright finds himself in a situation which proves that he really is. . .the man in the middle.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 14,005

The Man of Many Spirits #1 (by Sierra Girl)

Summary: Adam’s life is turned upside down after an attack on a wagon train leaves him alone and injured in the desert. He is helped by an unlikely saviour. But what has become of his family? And why is his rescuer so keen to keep the truth from him.
Rated: T
Word Count: 83,320

The Man of Many Spirits #2 – The Man Who Lost His Heart (by Sierra Girl)

Summary: The sequel to “The Man of Many Spirits”. For two years Adam had been living in a village of Ute Indians believing his family had died in a wagon train attack. He was settled in his new life until the day he was abducted and left to die in the desert. Now, with help from some old faces, he embarks on a desperate search for his wife, before a heart-breaking decision has to be made.
Rated: T
Word Count: 54,802

The Man with a Plan (by Bakerj)

Summary: Ben and Joe run into outlaws doing a favour for Sheriff Coffee. Can they survive the encounter with them and their charismatic leader?
Rated: T+ (some language and violence)
Word Count: 11884

The Map (by JoanS)

Summary: You’ve probably read what the producers want you to know about the map that hung on the wall behind Ben’s desk, but here is the real story.
Rated: K
Word Count: 2790

The Mark of a Man (by Gillian)

Summary: As the weeks turn to months, Ben’s indifference weighs heavy on Adam’s shoulders. Will it take a tragedy to bring him home? And once home, will he see his son in a new light?
Rated: T
Word Count: 14,025

The Mark of Despondency (by ChristyG)

Summary: Is Adam suicidal? And can his brothers step in to save his life?
Rated: K+
Word Count: 4290

The Meadow (by Dodo)

Summary: A Secret from the past comes back to haunt the Cartwrights, especially Joe.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 21,288

The Measure of a Man (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: Six year-old Little Joe gets into trouble and has a lesson to learn.
Rated: K
Word Count: 1698

The Men in Black / The Men in Jail — a REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary: Adam finds himself in jail after running into trouble; if only he’d not left the Ponderosa.
Rated: T
Word Count: 1680

The Message (by DJK)

Summary: In London, Adam receives a message from Hoss that will change his view of many things. This story was written in answer to the Michael Landon Birthday Challenge.
Rated: T
Word Count: 1444

The Miss Adventures of Little Joe Cartwright (by bahj)

Summary: After going into town to buy a present for Hoss, Little Joe runs into a mysterious stranger with a bag of golden coins. Come follow along as Little Joe tells us the story of one of his greatest adventures.
Rated: Family Friendly
Word Count: 29,698

The Mission (by SusanG)

Summary: Ben and Joe are robbed and left afoot in the desert with the nearest outpost about twenty miles away. Their journey is complicated when Joe is bitten by a scorpion.
Rated: T
Word Count: 10,000

The Moneylender (by debpet)

Summary: When Joe makes an unwise gambling wager he faces the prospect of forfeiting something neither he nor the family can afford to lose. Can his brother Adam, with a little inspiration from Shakespeare, save the day?
Rated: K+
Word Count: 13,000

The Morning After (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: Ben suffers from a birthday hangover…
Rated: K
Word Count: 1100

The Morning Post (by slaine89)

Summary: A letter written from one sister to another regarding two of Nevada’s most eligible bachelors.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 1180

The Most Beautiful Poem (by HazelMom)

Summary: The family is in tatters; one brother promising to kill another, while another drinks his way to oblivion. What happened and can anything be done to redeem family?
Rated: T
Word Count: 30,620

The Most Eligible Bachelor in Nevada #1 (by DJK)

Summary: “Adam is going to kill me.” A school-age Little Joe tells you why in this modern era Cartwright story. Warning: references to literal corporal punishment and figurative fratricide
Rated: Teen (for mature references)
Word Count: 4584

The Most Eligible Bachelor in Nevada #2 – There’s Gold Diggers in Them There Hills (by DJK)

Summary: In this sequel to “The Most Eligible Bachelor in Nevada”, a modern day Little Joe and Hoss try to save Adam from a woman they are sure is a “gold digger”.
Rated: Teen (for mature references. Warning: reference to corporal punishment)
Word Count: 11,050

The Murder of Callie Shaw (by HelenB)

Summary: Adam and Joe arrange to meet. When Adam fails to arrive, Joe sets out in search of him.
Rated: T
Word Count: 8350

The Murder of Joe Cartwright (by Karen & Randy)

With special contributions by Helen Adams & Tahoe Ladies
Rated: T
Word Count: 59,355

The Murder of Joe Cartwright (by RandyS & KarenF)

Summary: Co-Author’s note: This final season story has a cameo appearance by a character created by Karen for her original-cast story, The Luck of the Draw.
Rated: T
Word Count: 59,355

The Murder of Little Joe Cartwright (by ChristyG)

Summary: Did Adam finally succumb to his baser instincts and murder his little brother?
Rated: K+
Word Count: 4745

The Mustang #1 (by Rona)

Summary: Joe sets his heart on capturing a skewbald stallion, and breaking him. Will giving his heart so recklessly to the horse cause it to break instead?
Rated: T
Word Count: 8746

The Mustang #2 – For the Love of a Horse (by Rona)

Summary: The sequel to “The Mustang”. Joe encounters Satan again, and then finds his life depends on the unpredictable stallion.
Rated: T
Word Count: 10,195

The Mustang #3 – Medicine Hat Horse (by Rona)

Summary: Despite the reservations of some members of the family, Joe breeds his bad-tempered mare to his famous wild stallion, Satan. The result is something none of them could have foreseen.
Rated: T
Word Count: 11,405

The Mystery of the Room behind the Stairs (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: Deep behind the stairs of the Ponderosa lurked a deadly secret – the Giggly Sisters go where other writers fear to tread.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 2100

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