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Valentine Nightmares (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: A light-hearted look at the Cartwright men struggling with the upcoming Valentine’s Day dance.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 667

Valentine Romance (by BettyHT)

Summary: Adam met Meredith when she was a young girl and a friend of Joe’s. When he sees her again, she is a beautiful woman with a sad, dark secret. Love, romance, finding out her secret, and dealing with her past make up the rest of the story.
Rated: Teen
Word Count: 30,371

Valentine’s Day (by storm)

Summary: This is my entry for the February challenge.
Rated: K+

Valentine’s Day Journal (storm)

Summary: This story was written in response to the Ma Hoad’s Valentines Day challenge I hope you all enjoy it.
Rated: MA

Vanished (by Karen)

Summary: Joe disappears while looking for strays.
Rated: T
Word Count: 16,615

Vengeance – WHN (by LissaB)

Summary: A continuation of the episode Vengeance, taking up the story after barn scene between Adam and Joe, and Red Twilight.
Rated: T
Word Count: 67,830

Vengeance is Mine (by MonicaSJ)

Summary: A year after the worst time of his life, Adam Cartwright sees his old nemesis. No one else does.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 28,000

Veroon (by Krystyna)

Summary: A brief stop-over in a small town turns out far longer than the Cartwright brothers thought when they meet Veronica Sadler and find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery in town without law.
Rated: T
Word Count: 25,390

Very Series #1 – Adam’s Very Bad Week (by BettyHT)

Summary: After the Lotta Crabtree encounter, Little Joe is angry with Adam and events increase that as well as his jealousy. Adam is angry and acts accordingly. Ben and Hoss do their best to calm the waters but it takes a crisis to bring the brothers back together again.
Rated: T
Word Count: 15,286

Very Series #2 – Very Bad and Then Very Good (by BettyHT)

Summary: Adam has a lot of things go wrong for him on the Ponderosa causing him to leave. His travels and accomplishments are fulfilling, but despite all the people he meets, he longs for his home and family. Note: This posting contains two stories.
Rated: T
Word Count: 62,739

Very Series #3 – Very Much a Cartwright (by BettyHT)

Summary: Adam has a new wife who has much to learn about him, about the Ponderosa, and about being a Cartwright, but it turns out that she’s a great learner as she and Adam face a number of difficulties. Story follows “Very Bad and Then Very Good”.
Rated: T

Word Count: 18,676

Vigilantes (by Rona)

Summary: Taking the law into your own hands is never the answer, as the Cartwrights discover.
Rated: T
Word Count: 10,875

Virginia City Tea Party (by Heike)

Summary: In Virginia City ladies know how to celebrate a proper tea party.
Word Count: 2100

Virginia Series #1 – Never Too Late To Say You’re Sorry (by BettyHT)

Summary: Adam has been gone from the Ponderosa for ten years. His family knows little of his life but then Ben decides it’s time for at least a visit. There’s a backstory to explain Adam leaving, and flashbacks to explain his personal life, and then the reunion and the results of that as old grievances are aired and new relationships are forged.
Rated: T
Word Count: 34,246

Virginia Series #2 – Like Father, Like Son (by BettyHT)

Summary: Adam’s son Garrett finds that he has some experiences much like his father had as a youth, and Adam can help him with those because of it. The story follows the “Never Too Late To Say You’re Sorry” and has the same OCs.
Rated: T
Word Count: 15,282

Viva la Brothers! (by freyakendra)

Summary: After a night of brotherly bonding is complicated by a group of distrustful vaqueros and a jug of pulque, the morning after — two days later — opens Adam’s eyes to a whole new dimension in his relationship with Little Joe.
Rated: T
Word Count: 4351

Vivian (by pjb)

Summary: Joe grapples with a moral dilemma when he falls in love with another man’s wife. First in a series.
Rated: T
Word Count: 11,500

Vivian #2 – Another Auld Lang Syne (by pjb)

Summary: Just before his wedding, Joe meets up with the woman he once loved—and thought he’d lost forever. This is a sequel to “Vivian” and refers to characters and events from that story.
Rated: T
Word Count: 6500


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