Sensible Rules (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: A prequel with Joe at fifteen, this started as a pinecone and has been expanded. Little Joe faces a crisis when an important rule is ignored. He needs his family to face the results of that sad decision. There are lessons to be learned but the whole family works together, and all will learn from one tragic mistake.

rating = T word count = 1290

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Spirit of a Wild One – Part 4 (by MissKitty4Adam)

Summary:  In this final part, Adam and his fiancée power toward their wedding despite danger, drama and a troubling physical ailment that plagues Adam along the way. Jody continues to be a light in the Cartwright family’s lives and a few new characters are introduced, both good and evil to be found. Wrongs are righted, pasts conquered and comfort found in the company of love.

Rating: T   Word Count:  138,468

The Healing Heart Series:

Smoke Rings In The Dark
Spirit of a Wild One–Part 1
Spirit of a Wild One–Part 2
Spirit of a Wild One-Part 3

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Understanding (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  It is several years later and Adam has sent a message that he will be visiting the Ponderosa. There are many questions his family has for him and they would like answers such as what has happened to his marriage and why is he traveling so much. Jamie figures prominently in this story.

rating = T  word count = 27,250

Red Night Series
Red Night
I’m Telling You Now

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Bring Marie (by McFair_58)

Summary: A WHB or prequel to ‘Between Heaven and Earth.’ Have you ever wondered what happened when Little Joe climbed Eagle’s Nest as a five year old boy that could have been so traumatic it resulted, not just in a fear of falling, but in total amnesia that lasted for nearly 20 years? This is my take on what happened when Ben Cartwright was told to ‘Bring Marie’.

Rated PG-13

Word Count:  31,167

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