The Falling Out (by MissJudy)

Summary: The Cartwright family should have returned to normal after Señor and Delores Tenino left for Mexico, but it hasn’t. Hoss, Adam and Joe have been surly and avoiding one another since the lovely young woman left, and Ben can’t understand what’s driving it. He senses that what had started as a competition to win the young lady’s heart, had left some unexpected wounds behind. When circumstances and harsh words fracture his family even more, Ben decides he must force his sons to take stock of what they’re about to lose, in the one way he thinks will work. A What Happened Later story, for Ponderosa Matador.

Rating: K Word Count:  22,960

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First Kiss–Book Three: Joe and Ben (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  The third story in the First Kiss series has Joe still scheming. Of course Ben won’t scheme, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be affected by the schemes Joe has hatched. The story of Adam and Anita continues first as the catalyst for a scheme and then as a crisis envelops the two.

Rating = T Word count = 23,409

First Kiss Series, links to stories of this series included.

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Never Quote Me the Odds (by McFair)

Summary: Ben Cartwright had thought the worst thing that could happen was that his son, Hoss, was shot in back by mistake.  But like the other time Hoss was shot – by Red Twilight – Little Joe was in danger too.  His brother could be dying and Joe is nowhere in sight.   What’s going on? 

Rated PG – references to drunkeness

Word Count – 4406

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