Chores (by the Tahoe Ladies)

One of our founding Ladies was a lawyer/whirlwind by the name of Katie. She was into everything and we had trouble going places and not running into people she knew. Her appetite for life knew few limits and those were generally NOT self-imposed. Katie had one bad habit that we ever found: she never knew what day it was without a calendar.

Rated K+  Word Count:  1350

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He Just Wanted To Help (by Lima)

Ben is away on business, leaving 22-year-old Adam in charge of the ranch and his brothers. However, a bank robbery in Carson City and Little Joe’s stubborn insistence on helping is more than enough trouble for him. After Adam forbids Joe from helping, the 10-year-old decides to take matters into his own hands and ends up in the hands of the robbers. Now the only chance Adam has of seeing his youngest brother again is to track down the robbers, and hope he finds them in time.

Rated: K+ (35,170 words)

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