To Slay the Dragon (by jfclover)

Summary:  Friendship is one of the greatest gifts of all, a mutual affection that dwells outside one’s family.  Some men are born natural loners, but in Joe Cartwright’s case, he depended greatly on those he considered true friends.  Could a friendship remain strong following events that were beyond his control?  Nano/Bonano 2017  

Rated M WC – 58,500

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The Darker Angels of Our Nature (by McFair)

Summary: An angel. A messenger. Sent to bring news, sometimes good, often bad. Which was this, the one who gazed at me? Had she come to reward or punish me? To return me to my family or cut me down as I deserved? Forgive me, Adam, Pa. Mama, forgive your little Joseph. If only, I had known….

Rated PG-13 for brutality and violence, minor torture, and some uncomfortable language.  Story contains words in use by some people in the South during the 1860s such as ‘dusky’, ‘bright’, and so on when referring to African Americans.

Word count: 71,074

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A Tale Told by an Idiot (by mcfair)

Summary: It is 1875. Two years later, Joe Cartwright’s inability to cope with his wife’s death is ruining his life. His Pa thinks getting away might be the answer. Little does Ben know that his decision will put Joe’s life in danger, as well as the lives of the Ingalls’ family who take a wounded Joe in and bring the wrath of a man who hates him down on their heads.

Rated PG-13    (54,680 words)

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The Lilies of the Valley–Book 2 of the Lilies series (by sandspur)

Summary:  Adam and Tilly go to Europe for the worst honeymoon ever, landing in the middle of a war to end up missing and presumed dead. Meanwhile, Ben, Adam and Hoss move on with their lives, finding new friends and uncovering strange secrets from the past. 

Rating: T. Violence, character death, attempted rape, etc.   (109,635 words)

The Lilies Series:

The Lilies of the Field
The Lilies of the Valley
One Scarlet Lily
The Strawberry Roan

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Sacred Promises / Malicious Games (by MissJudy)

Summary:  A “What might have happened” story for the Crucible, this story tells of Adam’s experience as a 12-year-old with a madman who played games with his mind. It begins with a prologue from the Crucible, but then switches back 20 years to the time when Ben returns from New Orleans after completing a sacred promise made to Jean DeMarigny before he died. The boys have been living with a widow in the town near the Ponderosa, eagerly awaiting Pa’s return. Neither expect the surprise Ben brings back with him, but Hoss adapts easily to Marie, while Adam likes her, yet feels he doesn’t need a “mother.” A sacred promise Adam has made to his own mother puts him at odds with Ben. Adam leaves home and sets out to prove himself a man after hearing a conversation between Marie and Ben that indicates his father plans to send his oldest son away since he won’t do as he’s told. All goes well until a man named Levi shows up and unleashes his own personal war against Adam.

Rating: T               Word Count:  30,000

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Wolf in the Wind (by freyakendra)

Summary: Seeking shelter in a line shack during an early spring ice storm, Joe encounters a family of moonshiners he doesn’t stand the chance of fighting. He can do nothing but hold to the thin hope that his family will reach him in time.

Rated: T  Word Count: 25,000  

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