Season 11

A Helping Hand: 1969-1970

“The Ponderosa is not just a ranch, it’s our home. And a home is a place surrounded by friends and neighbors.” – Ben

334: Another Windmill to Go

335: The Witness

336: The Silence at Stillwater

337: A Lawman’s Lot is Not a Happy One

338: Anatomy of a Lynching

339: To Stop a War

340: The Medal

341: The Stalker

342: Meena

343: A Darker Shadow

344: Dead Wrong

345: Old Friends

346: Abner Willoughby’s Return

347: It’s a Small World

348: Danger Road

349: The Big Jackpot

350: The Trouble with Amy

351: The Lady and the Mark

352: Is There Any Man Here

353: The Law and Billy Burgess

354: The Long Way to Ogden

355: Return Engagement

356: The Gold Mine

357: Decision at Los Robles

358: Caution: Easter Bunny Crossing

359: The Horse Traders

360: What Are Pardners For?

361: A Matter of Circumstance