The Wormwood Cup

The Wormwood Cup

Air Date: April 23, 1967

Written by: Michael Landon, Joy Dexter

Directed by: William F. Claxton

Guest Stars: Frank Overton (Amos Crenshaw), Judi Meredith (Linda Roberts), Bing Russell (Deputy Clem Foster)

Joe tries to convince a long time friend and neighbor of the Cartwrights that he had to kill the man’s son in self-defense.

Trivia: Frank Overton makes his last appearance on the series, previously seen as Captain White in Season Three’s ‘The Storm.’

Judi Meredith makes her second and last appearance as well – she was previously seen in Season Four’s ‘Knight Errant.’ She was a star figure skater with the Ice Follies as a youngster, but she broke her back in an accident and was told she would never skate again. She did, but then broke her kneecap. She turned to acting in 1956 when George Burns spotted her in a play and gave her a steady part on his TV show.