Desperate Passage

Air Date: November 5, 1967

Written by: John Hawkins

Directed by: Leon Benson

Guest Stars: David Canary (Candy Canaday), Steve Forrest (Josh Tanner), Tina Louise (Mary Burns), James Forrest (Paul Burns)

Driving horses to Utah, the Cartwrights and Candy discover only two people left in a town wiped out by rampaging Paiute Indians. Mary Burns and Josh Tanner travel through hostile territory, along with the Cartwrights and Candy.

Trivia: This was Tina Louise’s only appearance in the series. Although she was most associated with playing Ginger in Gilligan’s Island (1964), she detested the role and did not appeared in any of the series’ various reunion specials. According to Russell Johnson (Professor), Tina was told she would be the main star of the show when she was initially approached about doing it, and when she arrived in Los Angeles after accepting the offer, she found out otherwise. Johnson also recalls that while Tina remained professional throughout the show’s run without raising a fuss, she “divorced herself from the show as soon as it went off the air”.

Steve Forrest (Tanner) was the brother of actor Dana Andrews. This was his first of two appearances in the series, later seen in Season 11’s ‘To Stop a War.’ Forrest was a well known character actor in the 60’s and 70’s, probably best remembered for his portrayal of Team Commander Dan ‘Hondo’ Harrelson in the ABC Series S.W.A.T.