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Our Fan Fiction Library contains something for everyone.  All stories in this Library are complete; there are no Works-in-Progress (WIPs).

Bonanza Brand continues to include stories written by early-era authors who have not previously posted in the Library, with their permission.  And every now and then we find a ‘lost story’ written by one of our authors.

The Bonanza Brand Library does include stories that have been assigned a Mature (MA) or R-Rating by their respective authors. These stories may contain explicit language, violence, and/or adult themes; and are not intended for readers under the age of 18.  Please heed our Rating Guidelines.

Note, this library does NOT contain slash or sexual situations involving minors.

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Stories by Author

Most recently written, computer-generated listing of stories by author.  Fanfiction series will not always be listed by the series title for ease of reading order.

Stories by Title

Alphabetical listing of stories.  Includes fan fiction series in reading order.

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Actor Celebrations

Our intent within these collections is to celebrate the actors.  Some celebrate birthdays while others deal the very real possibility of a brush with death.

Episode Inspired

What Happened Before, Missing Scenes, What Happened Next/Later, What Happened Instead, Alternate Universe, and stories that begged to be told that were not included within the episode.  Some of these stories are challenge inspired and others, the writers were just never satisfied with what was aired.

Over 170 episodes have inspired stories.

Fan Fiction Series

Our authors have written stories for over 200 of their own fan fiction series.

Holiday Collections

Within this index we have captured the stories that our authors have written regarding the holidays.

Stories by Author – see above for description

Stories by Title – see above for description


Another way for readers to find a story.  Location, item, event, illness, or person, etc.

Random Stories

An automated, system generated list of 10 random stories from the Library.  This program has a 60-second wait before accepting a ‘reload’ or ‘refresh’ page request to display a different list of stories.


Click on ‘Select Category‘ to open a drop down box to access the following:
(Stories may be assigned more than one category.)

Alternate Universe – story lines that diverge from canon.
(e.g., Adam staying beyond season six, the addition of a sister, wives, or children, etc.)
Chaps and Spurs – a writing challenge hosted in the Bonanza Brand Forums
Crossover – mix the Cartwrights with another TV show / movie / book
French – written in French for our members in France
Fright / Supernatural – Halloween themed, spooky, eerie, scary
German – written in German for our members in Germany
MA-Rated – Stories meant for readers 18 years of age and older
Missing Scene – episode inspired
Modern Day
Non-Bonanza – Stories are restricted to series/characters portrayed by the actors of Bonanza.
Ponderosa – the prequel TV series
Post Timeline – anything after the season 14 episode, The Hunter
Prequel – anything before the very first episode, A Rose for Lotta
Short Stories – stories with a word count between 500 – 999 words
What Happened Before – episode inspired
What Happened Instead – episode inspired that diverges from canon
What Happened Next/Later – episode inspired
Writing Challenges – challenges hosted in the Bonanza Brand Forums

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