Writers: Leo Gordon and Paul Leslie Peil  Director: Don McDougall Guest Stars: Earl Holliman (Sherman Clegg), Robert Wilke (Al Simmons), Read more.
Writer: Meyer Dolinksy  Director: William F. Claxton Guest Stars: Kathleen Crowley (Lori Hayden), Mario Alcalde (Roberto de Sorto), Betsy Jones-Moreland Read more.
Writer: Helen B. Hicks  Director: R.G. Springsteen Guest Stars: Michael Burns (Jamie), Ross Elliott (Mathew), Tracey Olsen (Elizabeth), Ray Teal Read more.
Writers: Borden Chase and Frank Cleaver  Story: Borden Chase  Director: Don McDougall Guest Stars: Robert Brown (Rev. Jordan), Ford Rainey Read more.
Writer: William Stuart Director: Lewis Allen Air Date: 3 March 1963 Guest Stars: Signe Hasso (Christina Vandervort), Robert Emhardt (Klaas Read more.
Writer: John Hawkins Director: William Wiard Air Date: 13 September 1970 Guest Stars: Angel Tompkins (Janie Lund), Ray Teal (Roy Read more.
Writer: Harold Jack Bloom Director: George Blair Air Date: 9 April 1960 Guest Stars: Don Dubbins (Todd McCarren), Merry Anders Read more.
Writer: Michael Landon Director: Michael Landon Air Date: 7 December 1969 Guest Stars: Arthur Hunnicutt (Salty Hubbard), Eric Christmas (Bobby Read more.
Writer: Don Tait Director: Tay Garnett Air Date: 10 May 1964 Guest Stars: Guy Williams (Will Cartwright), Kathie Browne (Laura Read more.
Teleplay: Ward Hawkins  Story: Frank Telford Director: Leon Benson Air Date: 15 December 1968 Guest Stars: Dick Foran (Ed Gittner), Read more.