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Loss (by Bakerj)

Summary: Joe Cartwright is married!  The marital bond brings love, joy, and children, but also change, challenges, and heartache. Faced with the shattering of his own expectations for the man he will become, how will Joe and his family deal with these dark times?

Rated:  R (Adult situations)          Word Count:  45,318

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The Final Curtain (by Bakerj)

Summary: Set after the events of Season 14. After years away, Adam returns to the Ponderosa, where danger and tragedy stalk Joe.
Rating: T Word Count: 33,504

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MARIE (by Bakerj)

Summary: What if Marie hadn’t died? Would it be the happy ever after for the Cartwrights, and most of all for fifteen-year-old Little Joe, who struggles to find his place in the family.

Rating: MA (References to adult themes and situations.)
Total Word Count: 56,191

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The Gifts (by Bakerj)

Summary: It’s almost Christmas, but Joe’s eagerness to hunt a wolf lands him in the middle of trouble, and we learn that gifts can come in many forms.
Word count: 3964 Rating: K

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The Mysterious Death of Amos Snead (by Bakerj)

Summary: Hoss’ suspicions over a death leads him and Joe to an unexpected encounter. This is my entry for the October Chaps & Spurs and the Bonanza Spooktacular challenge for October 2019.
Word Count: 1735 Rating: K

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Truth Will Out (by Bakerj)

Summary: Can the Cartwright family strength overcome the trouble brought to them by an ambitious man and his pretty daughter?
Rating: K+
Word Count: 9532

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Summary: Little Joe’s hopes to leave school are dashed by Adam’s interference. Then the arrival of a tyrannical substitute schoolmaster’s brings trouble for the children and takes Little Joe’s relationship with his family to breaking point. But will something far darker in the man prove even more dangerous for Little Joe?

Word Count – 20,868 Rating MA – For adult themes. Child punishment, cruelty and spanking.

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Jinx (by Bakerj)

Summary: A tragedy forces Joe to face his darkest fears.

Rating: T Word count: 5457

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My Son (by Bakerj)

Summary: Caught in flash flood Little Joe loses his family and memory. After months of searching, Ben is forced to accept he is gone for good. Can Joe find his way back to his family, or will the man who rescued him but has his own reason for keeping him, succeed?

Rating T: some language and violence. Word Count: 21,465

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Hidden Star (by Bakerj)

Summary: Written for the 2018 Advent Calendar, based on the quilting prompt, Hidden Star. Grief intrudes on what should be a festive time.

Rating: G 1,120 words

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