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Never Again (by HarpistforHim)

Summary: Ben’s guilt-ridden slump during the Prime of Life unearths painful memories for his oldest son. Despite this, the boys try their hardest to meet the contract deadline on their own. In the end, it’s up to Hoss to make sure his older brother gets back on the right track again. A WHIB/WHN for The Prime of Life.
Rating: G Word Count: 7,380

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The Wilderness (by HarpistforHim)

Summary: During the intense first day of the Battle of the Wilderness, Adam finds himself staring down his youngest brother, someone he had hoped to heaven he’d never meet on the battlefield. A terrible day only gets worse when Adam realizes he and Joe aren’t wearing matching uniforms. Part one of the Allegiance Series.
Rating: G Word Count: 2197

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Allegiance (by Harpistforhim)

Summary: After the first grueling days of the Battle of the Wilderness, Joe comes across someone he hadn’t expected to meet during the war. Two brothers caught on opposite sides of the Civil War come face-to-face one night in an intense battle of words, forcing Joe to reconsider exactly where his allegiance lies.

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