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A Father’s Thoughts About His Son (by pjb)

Summary:  A little extra bit for “Hoss and the Leprechauns.”  

Rated: K  WC 2000

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A Ponderosa Christmas . . . Or Maybe Not (by pjb)

Summary: Have you ever wondered why we didn’t see more Cartwright Christmas episodes? Turns out, it wasn’t an oversight. . . .

Rating: PG

Word count: 1,500

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A Quiet Legacy (by pjb)

Summary: Even when the time together is brief, memories can last a lifetime.

This story was originally published in the Bonanza 2009 Friendship Convention Anthology.

Word count: 3,500 Rating: K

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After the Storm (by pjb)

Summary: As Christmas approaches, Joe struggles anew with his grief over Laura’s death. A WHN for “The Storm.” 

Rated: K+  7100

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Afterward (by pjb)

Summary: After the flowers have wilted and the mourners have left, the Cartwrights must learn to live with the loss of the woman they loved.

Rated: K  WC  2100

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Another Auld Lang Syne (by pjb)

Summary: Just before his wedding, Joe meets up with the woman he once loved—and thought he’d lost forever. This is a sequel to “Vivian” and refers to characters and events from that story.  

Rated: T WC 6500.

Vivian Series, links to all the stories within the series included.

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Bank Robbers, Belles, and Puppy Dog Eyes (by pjb)

Summary: Start with one fifteen-year-old boy with a brand-new sidearm.  Add the prettiest twin girls in school, a pair of matching ponies named Floyd and Feather, two inept bank robbers, a worried lawman, several frantic family members, and a best friend who’s game for almost anything.  And then, let the chase begin. . . .  

Rated: T  WC 23,000

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Becoming Family (by pjb)

Summary:  In this WHI/WHN for “Emily” and “Salute to Yesterday.”

WC 8100  Rated: K+

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Blessed (by pjb)

Summary: On the anniversary of Marie’s death, Ben discovers how much he did not know, including how blessed he truly is.  

Rated: T  WC 7700

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Brother Daniel (by pjb)

Summary: Well-meaning monks try to protect amnesiac Joe after he witnesses a bank robbery.

Rated: K+  WC  18,500

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