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ETTA (by ansinico)

Summary:  Love, hate, death and Etta, go hand in hand with life on the Ponderosa…Who loves? Who hates? Who dies? Who is Etta? The Cartwright boys find trouble in Turner’s Town.  Ben finds trouble in San Fransisco.  Is Barney Fuller friend or foe?  Candy gets an offer, but is it one he can refuse?

Rated: MA  (112,575 words)

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The Ballad of Ben Cartwright (by ansinico)

Summary:  l have put my own words to the air of an Irish drinking song,  ‘The Wild Rover’ also called ‘No Nay Never’  l hope you like it.

Rated: K  (500)

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The Sisters of No Mercy (by ansinico)

Summary:  This time of the year, halloween, horror, because of adult situations,  language and possible blood and gore l have rated it MA but it’s not too naughty…if it’s not your thing just don’t click in 🙂

Rated: MA   WC 18,100

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The Devil’s Angel (by ansinico)

Summary: Halloween Night Fright – Adam Cartwright’s account of the conspiracy and chain of events that led up to the night of the 31st October 1852.

Rated: T  WC 2525

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Invisible Mending (by ansinico)

Summary:  One day in the life of Joseph Francis Cartwright, or is it just a moment, or a week, or a year, who knows he doesn’t…the day started well and then rapidly tumbled downhill…there will be trouble, a gal and of course some SJS…

Rated:  MA (18,250 words)

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Love, Honour and Obey (by ansinico)

Summary:  A conflict over a woman, an impending marriage, and a murder threaten to tear the heart out of the family, but whose heart and which Cartwright?
The hangman’s noose beckons, Adam treads the road to hell as he tries to piece together the fragments of chaos and salvage what, if anything is left of his family.

Rated:  MA   (83,931)

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Early Nights (by ansinico)

Summary:  Have Pa and Little Joe had one argument too many?  Will the family be split apart?  Will Adam have to break a promise and tell Little Joe the truth?

Rated:  MA (23,300 words)

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