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A Disquiet Spirit (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: An enhanced scene from The Stillness Within by Suzanne Clauser which takes place prior to Jamie’s adoption. Joe’s reflections are from The Artist. Written for a Father’s day challenge – lessons in Ben for Jamie as told by the sons.

Rating: K+ WC: 967

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A Gal Named Sal (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: Hoss and Joe hire a new ranch hand while on a trip to purchase horses. Aware of the potential for problems with their father, they could not have imagined the stir the new hand would make.

Rating: T WC: 13926

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A San Francisco Encounter (by Hart4Ben)

Summary:  Ben Cartwright is in San Francisco on business and meets Barbara Dameron through mutual friends. He is quite taken with her, but pursuing a relationship with her could lead to unexpected danger.

Rating: T  Word Count: 17,739

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A Tale Within a Tale (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: A descendent of the Cartwright family discovers his family history. Written for Bonanza Trails Tall Tale challenge.

Rating: K+ Word Count: 2,492

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Atonement (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: Many in Virginia City are passing judgment on Hoss and Sally without knowing all the facts. The Cartwright family has been struggling for months dealing with the fallout from their marriage. Hoss determines something has to change.
Rating: K+ Word Count: 2,445

Redemption Series, links to stories within the series are included.

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August Heat

Summary: Ben and Sally escape the summer heat with a brief respite at Lake Tahoe. A vignette sequel to A Gal Name Sal. Written as a challenge for heat and water.
Rating: MA WC: 1029

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Ben Brown (by Hart4Ben)

Summary:  Ben struggles with the frustrations of middle age. Disguised as a down-on-his-luck ranch hand, he finds himself in the middle of a range war and possibly new love. Based on season 13 episode “Saddle Stiff”.  

Rated: K+ (5,705 words)

Ben Brown Series, links to all the stories for this series included.

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Blessings In The Balance (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: Lost in grief following Marie’s death, Ben is jolted out of his despair.

Rating: K+ WC: 871

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Courage (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: Little Joe is still wrestling with his fears. WHN for Season 6 Between Heaven and Earth.

Rating: K+ Word Count: 589

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Dog Days (by Hart4ben)

Summary: Joe is sent by his father to help a young widow. He soon has his hands full trying to find homes for the widow and her four-legged family. The 5th in the Ben Brown series.

Rating: K+ WC: 17057

Ben Brown Series, links to all the stories for this series included.

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