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To Clear the Dust (by faust)

Summary: Saturday night, Adam and Hoss got stranded in an abandoned cabin, and what Adam wants most is a bath. And hadn’t Hoss just reckoned that? But there’s more at stake than just washing off road dust.

Rating: PG
Word count: 6223

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Merry & Bright (by faust)

Summary: How can one get through the self-loathing and grief at a time like this?

Rating: G
Word Count: 2,070

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Broken Sugar Bowl (by faust)

Summary: Written for the 2018 Advent Calendar, based on the quilting prompt, Broken Sugar Bowl. A Christmas continuation of The Art Universe

Rating: G 2,280 words

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Stocking Orange (by faust)

Summary: Adam recovers after having been ill at Christmas. Enter Hoss’s bedside manners, lots of Britishness, a little boy, and an orange. Bliss.

1,225 words, rated K

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Night of the Star (by faust)

ry was written for the 2017 Advent Calendar – Day 5

Summary:  Christmas invitations extend beyond the borders of the Ponderosa.

Rating:  G   2,800 words

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Lucky Streak (by faust)

Summary: Adam and Joe are caught in a cave in. Adam is not amused.

3,937 words, rated K+

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Birthday Boy (by faust)

Summary: Celebrating Adam’s birthday was always a somewhat strained affair. But the new addition to the family didn’t know that, and so something new happens that has everyone holding their breaths.

870 words, rated K

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Dignity (by faust)

Roy Coffee has his reasons for doing what he does. Really, he has.

700 words, rated K

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Fortuna Smiles (by faust)

Written for the prompt: Adam wins the lottery. And that’s all there is to it.

800 words, rated K+

Part of the Art-Universe, links to stories within the series are included.

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Snow (by faust)

Summary:  This story was written for the 2016 Advent Collection.  Using memories of childhood to persevere home, and what a welcome.

Rating:  G  (2,170 words)

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