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A Christmas Journey Remembered (by BluewindFarm)

A Christmas Journey Remembered was included in the 2016 Advent Calendar Collection.  Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author.  Or click Read More … below for a link to the story.

Summary:  Escaping the hubbub of the annual Christmas party, Adam recounts a special tale to Hoss.

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A Dream Fulfilled… (by BluewindFarm)

Summary:  Dream Fulfilled… A story in six voices, that all viewers wished had happened.  Within each section there will be a common thread that also ties each character to the others.  At the end of each section the character and the word prompt are listed.

Rating K (6,705 words)

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A Far Cry from Peace (by BluewindFarm)

Summary:  Missing Scenes and What Happened Next for the second season episode… The Gift.

Rating: T (5,095 words)

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A Legacy Deferred (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Joe is summoned to the Ponderosa for a matter pertaining to an inheritance. Curiously, the letter and recent events in his life reveal his dissatisfaction, and thrust him on a journey of discovery.

Rating: T (16,980 words)

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A Matter of Family (by BluewindFarm)

Summary:  A mistaken identity sends the Cartwrights on a race to rescue one of their own.

Rating: K (6,820 words)

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A Misconstrued Statement (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Hoss attempts an explanation to Ben of who is coming down the street, and why.

Rating:  K+ (900 words)

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A Ride in the Sun; Survived (by BluewindFarm)

Synopsis: In the tenth season episode, “A Ride in the Sun” the Cartwrights are scammed by brother/sister con artists, Tobias and April Horn. As their scam came to a conclusion, not only did they murder the Bank President, but they severely wounded Ben.

The brothers set out with the posse and are determined to bring these siblings to justice. Hoss and Joe lead the posse to a certain point, only to separate off to follow their own leads which go against the facts and logic; ultimately, Joe ends up trailing the fugitives alone through the desert. This story is told from Joe’s POV as he heads into the desert.

Rating: T (9,460 words)

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All Lies and Jests (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: A conversation between brothers returns Ben to a time in the past.

Rating:  T   Word Count:   4,135

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Always (by BluewindFarm)

Summary:  The days and weeks after one of the worst times on the Ponderosa culminates in a moment between father and son.  What should have happened.

Rating:  G  (625 words)

Remembering Hoss Series, links to stories within the series are included.

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An Offering of Comfort (by BluewindFarm)

Summary:  Ben sat and waited as one of his sons lies in bed injured…  the details within the room… the depths… maybe a revelation or two. 

Rating:  K (1,000 words)

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