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Regret (by VCLS)

Summary: A newcomer to Virginia City talks the Cartwrights into a decision they wish they’d never made.

Rated: K+
Word count: 13,184

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Shadows and Fears (by VCLS)

Summary: As the Cartwright brothers and Candy travel home from Sacramento in the summer of 1862, the journey takes an unexpected, and possibly deadly, twist, leaving Ben worried, with no idea what kind of mess they’re tangled in, who the enemy is, or what is wanted.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 14,800

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Stagecoach (by VCLS)

Summary: A call for help and a stagecoach ride into trouble, brings danger for the Cartwright brothers.

Rated: T WC 17,185

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Little Bit Challenge (by members of the Brand Forums)

Summary: During the last quarter of 2015, members in the Brand Forums were challenged to write vignettes for all the Bonanza episodes. Members could submit as many Little Bits for as many episodes as they were inspired to write. Multiple members could submit Little Bits for the same episode. The hardest part of the challenge was to write the vignette in exactly 100 or 200 words.
Some Little Bits are dramatic while others are humorous. The submitting member is identified after each Little Bit. 132 Little Bits have been submitted to date and are listed in episode order.

Rating: K (16,000+ words)

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The Black Wreath (by VCLS)

Summary:  Joe returns to the Ponderosa after a short trip only to find no one home and a black wreath on the door.  What could have happened?  Read on . . . .

Rated:  T  WC  11,300

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The Destruction of Joe Cartwright (by VCLS)

Summary:  A unspeakable tragedy threatens to break apart the close-knit Cartwright family.

Rated:  T  WC  14,500 

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Dying Alone (by VCLS)

Summary:  Adam and Joe struggle to avoid the unthinkable . . . dying alone!

Rated:  T  WC  8800

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Out There (by VCLS)

Summary:  Betrayal, wounded pride, and jealousy result in one hot tempered brother missing, one having nightmares, one logical brother searching … all is not as you might think.

Rated:  T  WC  8600

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