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Banished! (by AC1830)

Summary: The fury of a woman scorned leaves a deadly trail and there is only one man who can stop her.
Rating: T+, Word Count: 947

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Blue Mist Hauntings (by AC1830)

Summary – Recovering from a terrifying stagecoach accident, Adam tries to discover why he is haunted by ghostly images. My entry for the October Spooktacular and October Chaps and Spurs double challenge. 

Word count – 3980 
Rating – K

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Cartwright Confessions (by AC1830)

Summary: Four vignettes in which the each Cartwright decides to share a hidden truth with the others.

Rating – K, WC – 823 

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The Power of the Lake (by AC1830)

Summary: Whether it’s for a crisis, a romance, or good old family fun, the Cartwrights are drawn to Lake Tahoe. 

Rating – K, WC – 1603

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The Cartwright Vigil (by AC1830)

Summary – Jamie learns first- hand about a special trait of the Cartwrights.

Rating – K, Word Count – 1270

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A Special Day (by AC1830)

Summary – Ben has a special day planned for Adam.

Rating – K, Word Count – 1087

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Hop Sing’s Fortune Cookies (by AC1830)

Summary: My responses to the February Challenge, Hop Sing’s Fortune Cookies – to write a 100 word drabble from a prompt for each of the days during Chinese New Year – Feb. 5-19. 

Rating: K, Word Count : 1650

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A Brother Lost (by AC1830)

Summary: One brother has gone astray and the other two brothers have come to take him home. 

Rating – G, Word Count – 1015

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When the Hate is Gone (by AC1830)

Summary – Written for the 2018 Bonano Challenge on Bonanza Brand. A Missing scene for The Stranger – When Ben rides off with Charles Leduque, heading to New Orleans, how do his sons react after being told not to follow or rescue their father?  They are Cartwrights after all.

Rating = K, Word count = 5306

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Card Trick aka The Card Trick Quilt (by AC1830)

Summary: Written for the 2018 Advent Story, based on the quilting prompt, Card Trick. An AU story of Adam recounting a tale from his past to his daughter.

Rating: G 2,030 words

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