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Party Hearty, a REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary:  Another really lost episode. Rating: T Word Count:  3,181

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Throwing a Houlihan (by BluewindFarm)

Summary:  Chalk one more up to Little Joe and ‘cowboy-isms’.

Rating:  G  (1,525 words)

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Taming the Spitfire (by pjb)

Summary: A WHI for The Spitfire. When Joe brings Willow back to the Ponderosa, only one person understands what’s really happening. Rating: PG Word count: 4,380 words

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The Misadventures of Little Joe Cartwright ~ Book II (by bahj)

Summary: Little Joe’s misadventures continue when he once again finds himself face to face with an old nemesis. This story is a continuation of “The Misadventures of Little Joe Cartwright ~ Book I” and includes many references to that story but can be read as a stand alone :0)

Rated: PG

Word Count : 34,602
Part of the Misadventure Series, links to all stories included within.

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Dogging My Soul Storytelling (byBettyHT)

Summary: An old storyteller tells tales of the family to Hoss and gives a refrain for each Cartwright and why they have it, and one story sets off an explosive change in the family.
rating: T  word count: 5,525

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Your Son Is a Man (by BettyHT)

Summary: Hoss takes a stand with his father, but it takes a serious accident for Ben to fully accept what his son told him.
Rating: PG   Word count: 8,168

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The Beauty of Darkness (mcfair_58)

A sequel to The Friendship, The Guilty, The Tall Stranger, The Crucible, and The Storm.  Jimmy Partridge. Margie Owens. Peter Kane. Laura White. Things were far from routine on the Ponderosa. His life – his family – was a shambles. That indefinable ‘thing’ that held them together, what made them ‘the’ Cartwrights, was lost.  Ben Cartwright despaired of ever getting it back.
Rated: PG-13 for brutality and Western style violence
Word count: 55,298

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Confidentially…. (by JC)

Families often share and share alike, but sometimes you get, sometimes you get got, and sometimes you get even. (Written for Camp in the Pines)

Rating: T Word Count: 2592

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Is It Love (by Missjudy)

Summary: After a period of adjustment with Adam’s return from school, life has settled nicely for the Cartwrights … until a new storm cloud seems to be threatening Hoss’ usually good mood and ability to work.
Rating: G

Word Count: 12553

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The Town Hero (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: A grateful Virginia City wants to both reward and exploit Little Joe’s valiant defense of the town, but Adam fears his young brother may be unable to handle his sudden newfound fame.  Written for BoNaNo 2021. Rating: K+ Word count: 13, 175

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