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Whose Sin Is Her Love (mcfair_58)

Summary: Adah Menken and John C. Regan return to Virginia City stirring up old emotions and creating new trouble for the Cartwrights.

Rated PG-13 for western brutality, violence and adult situations

Word count: 55, 282

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A Matter of Guilt (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: A WHIB (what happened in  between) for the episode “A Matter of Circumstance”. Ben and Hoss worry and wait for word of Joe’s condition.

Rated: K+

Word Count: 975

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Atonement (by BettyHT)

Summary:  WHN for My Brother’s Keeper.  After the accident in which Adam shot Joe, Adam suffers guilt that affects every aspect of his life until Joe comes up with a way to fix that.
Rating:  PG   Word count:  1,680

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The World Goes Still (by Arien)

Summary:   A What Happened Next for the episode “My Brother’s Keeper.”
Rated:  G Word Count:  3567

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The Roar of the Lion (by AC1830)

Summary: Ben reflects on how much life can change within the span of one month, especially when it involves one of his sons. 

Rating: K
Word Count – 2922

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Something to Prove (by Andrina)

Summary: After having a fall out with his friend Mitch, Joe has trouble finding a way to make things right. WHN to the episode “Between Heaven and Earth”.

Rating: K+
Word Count: 2281

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Please Don’t Go (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: “I’d never thought much about my own death, but on the rare occasions that I did, I’d always imagined I’d be surrounded by my family when my time came. Now, as I watched Hoss ride away, I knew I wouldn’t even be afforded that luxury.” An extended/AU scene from the episode “Second Chance” Joe’s POV.

Rated: T (for mild language)
Word Count: 920

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Marie, Once More (by pjb)

Synopsis: Be careful what you wish for. A What Happened Later for Marie, My Love.

Rating: PG-13 (mild sexual content)

Word count: 5,275

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A Gift that Grows (by AC1830)

Summary – Marty Johnson is spunky, talented, and a dreamer. After attending art school in San Francisco, she returns home to her grandfather who is now living in Virginia City. These are two short WHN stories for The Way Station.

In Chasing Rainbows – Marty settles into her new home, and has a new dream. Will this one come true, too, or is it just another elusive rainbow?

In The Art of Life – Someone is leaving anonymous gifts around Virginia City and Adam Cartwright’s curiosity is piqued to discover who and why.

Rating: K
Word Count: 10,814

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A Book: A Gift of Reading (by fanofoldTVshows)

Summary:  A box of gifts arrives with a sender that intrigues the Cartwrights.

Rating:  G  1,609 words

Note:  This story was written for the Bonanza Brand 2020 Advent Calendar, originated in the Forums.

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