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Trouble Comes Looking (by BettyHT)

Summary: The story is set five years later than A Fight You Do Not Want, and Adam has to recover from a tragedy and find a way to move his life forward.  He has made some terrible mistakes in doing that and has to figure out how to make his life better. 
Rating T and Word count 28,726

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The Misadventures of Little Joe Cartwright ~ Book II (by bahj)

Summary: Little Joe’s misadventures continue when he once again finds himself face to face with an old nemesis. This story is a continuation of “The Misadventures of Little Joe Cartwright ~ Book I” and includes many references to that story but can be read as a stand alone :0)

Rated: PG

Word Count : 34,602
Part of the Misadventure Series, links to all stories included within.

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To Live or To Die (by millieshepherd)

Summary: Shelia Johnson, Little Joe Cartwright’s fiancée, gets captured and held hostage by the Lassiters. A WHI for Five Sundowns to Sunup.

Rating: T

Word Count: 10,268

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Choices and Risks (by BettyHT)

Summary:  Seeing injustice, Adam has to act, but his actions and the consequences from them pull his family into that quest too.  In the end, all of them make choices knowing the risks involved.
Rating: T  Word count: 14,366

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The Redhead – Romancing the Ponderosa Book 2 (by millieshepherd)

Summary: Adam talks Ben into making a trade with Chief Winnemucca. The trade isn’t your average deal, the Chief has a redheaded white girl and he wants a few head of cattle for her. Adam takes full responsibility for the girl and soon finds out he might have gotten himself in deeper than he expected.

Rating: T

Word Count: 21,487
Part of Romancing the Ponderosa Series, links to the stories included within.

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Equinox .(by Krystyna)

Summary: The Cartwrights face an unseen enemy who is preying upon the young women of Virginia City .. can it possibly be the man Adam suspects?

Rating: T (164,625 words)

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Trapper John stories (by BettyHT)

Summary:  There are three stories that can stand alone but are related. –Trapper John — Hoss meets a man in the mountains whose life intersects with the Cartwrights a number of times. –Suspicion — Adam’s relationship with Delphine leads to a disastrous turn of events and to Adam leaving, but he meets someone important in France, and on his return, he meets Trapper John. –Belladonna — Murder and what to do about the murderer are at the center of the story. A threat to Adam’s family brings the situation to a crisis.  
Rating: T   Word count: 60,428

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Choosing Blue (by BettyHT)

Summary:  Adam and Joe go to War, but it’s not your usual brother against brother Civil War story.  There’s not much about war, but there is spying, romance with a little help from a brother, a tale of revenge, and suffering among other things.
Rating: T  Word count: 15,777

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Only the Truth Can Fix This (by BettyHT)

Summary: A ‘guest’ at the Ponderosa reveals a secret that Adam had warned his father would inevitably be found out.  The family has to deal with the aftermath of the cruel truth.
Rating: T   Word count: 12,471

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Sacrifice (by BettyHT)

Summary: Adam thinks he will have to make a sacrifice to improve his relationship with his younger brother, but it is Joe who ends up doing that for all the right reasons.
Rating: T  Word count: 15,443

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