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Home is the Sailor #6 – Kismet (by Krystyna)

Summary:  Emancipation for Women and the Vote become a big issue when Peggy Dayton visits the Ponderosa. The result of her visit has long lasting repercussions in Virgina City and the Cartwright families. 
Rating: PG 220,190 words
Home is the Sailor Series, links to all stories included within

Rating:  T   WC:  219,977

Home is the Sailor Series, links to all stories of this series included.

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The Healing (by Missjudy)

Summary: Adam’s unexpected illness; an unexpected visitor, and Ben’s unexpected reaction to a developing situation leaves the Cartwright home in upheaval. Can the information this stranger holds, bring healing to old and new wounds? 

Rating: G    Word Count: 25743

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A True Cartwright (by freyakendra)

Summary:  The Ponderosa sets the stage for a kangaroo court that puts Ben on trial and puts a pubescent Joe through a whole lot of trouble.

Rated:  T Word Count: 14,000

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Broken (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: A sequel to The Haunting — In this one, there is a darker tone as Adam and Savannah have to face a villainous foe who will stop at nothing to get a major part of the Ponderosa for the timber there.

Rating = T Word count = 11,947

The Haunting Series, links for all the stories of this series included.

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Whispers (by Arien)

Summary: Final installment of Wavering series, Hoss’ POV.

Word Count: 3208
Rating: K+

Wavering Series, links to all the stories for this series included.

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Being Hopeful (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: Lonely and disillusioned, Adam returns after years away, but he doesn’t find what he had hoped would be there. He seeks to change his life but needs to discover a way to do that.

Rating: PG Word Count: 5449

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The Haunting (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: It sounds like a Halloween story and there is a ghost story involved, but it is more a story of Adam coming to terms with his lost dreams and making a decision on his future.

Rating = T Word Count = 18559

The Haunting Series, links for all the stories of this series included.

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Ole Daniel (by DJK)

Summary: Each of Ben Cartwright’s sons had a meeting with Old Daniel. Only Hoss realized the danger they faced when they did. This is my submission for the October Halloween Challenge.

rating T word count 3126

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Bittersweet (McFair_58)

Summary: It is October, a time of looking back and giving thanks for a harvest of blessings.  For Joe Cartwright, this is impossible.  The autumn marks one year since he lost his beloved brother, Hoss. Needing to escape, Joe heads out to visit to Carrie Pickett.  He never makes it.  Instead, Joe finds himself lost and alone and badly injured. Half-dead, he works his way toward a plume of smoke rising in the distance.  Little does Joe suspect that what he finds at the end of his journey will change his life forever.

Word count: 22,401

Rated PG

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Almost Lost Two (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: The story is set after Hoss’ death when Adam is reunited with his family, and Adam and Joe have to reconnect which uncovers what could have been a second tragedy for the family. There is limited description of the barbaric practices used in insane asylums in the 1800s in some states.

Rating = T Word Count = 3851

Almost Lost Two Series, links to all stories of this series included.

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