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Redemption (by Questfan)

Summary: My entry for BoNaNo 2018 as well as the Crossover Challenge. After a chance encounter in his youth, Joe meets up with the man again, many years later, under trying circumstances.

Rating: T Word Count: 14,878

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Convergence (by JC)

Summary:  Three years ago Adam left the Ponderosa for parts unknown, and now Ben finally gets the news he has been praying for – his firstborn is coming home. However, an unexpected reunion in Stockton isn’t the only surprise fate has in store for the Cartwrights. (A Bonanza/Big Valley crossover story and sequel to More Than a Memory)

Rating: T 35,257 words

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Silver-Haired Stranger In Town (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  My BoNaNo entry, this is also a sequel to Another Stranger In Town.  Ben is the visitor to Dodge City this time and is carrying a message from Dave Reeves.  

Rating: PG   Word Count:  7482

Another Stranger in Town Series, links for all the stories of this series included.

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The Road Not Yet Taken (by AC1830)

Summary: A crossover story (Bonanza and High Chaparral) for the August 2018 challenge. The Cartwright brothers head to Mexico on a cattle-buying trip. While there Adam meets someone who will change the path of his life, but will it be a path he desires?

Rating – K
Word count – 18,500

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Another Stranger In Town (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: This is the crossover story for the August 2018 challenge — Adam goes to Dodge City and meets the cast of Gunsmoke in a WHN for the episode of that series, A Stranger In Town.

rating = T word count = 8046

Another Stranger in Town Series, links for all the stories of this series included.

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Dr. Michaela Quinn MD – A Bonanza/Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Crossover (by Ahdavis)

Summary: When Little Joe is seriously injured following an attack by bandits, Ben must rush him to the nearest doctor for immediate medical attention. Ben Cartwright is stunned to find that the doctor is a woman and he hesitates to let her treat Little Joe.

Rating: T/PG-13 Mild language and brief sexual innuendo. Word Count: 19,190.

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The Best Little Bed and Breakfast in Nevada (by JC)

Summary:  The Cartwrights entertain house guests.  Again.  Joe has a better idea.

Rating: K++, or maybe T-    (4592 words)

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A Tale Told by an Idiot (by mcfair)

Summary: It is 1875. Two years later, Joe Cartwright’s inability to cope with his wife’s death is ruining his life. His Pa thinks getting away might be the answer. Little does Ben know that his decision will put Joe’s life in danger, as well as the lives of the Ingalls’ family who take a wounded Joe in and bring the wrath of a man who hates him down on their heads.

Rated PG-13    (54,680 words)

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The Curse of Bodie (by mcfair)

Summary: In 2269 an archaeologist digging in the ruins of the Bodie mine on Earth discovers skeletal remains dating to 1876. On the wrist of the dead man, who is wearing a green jacket, is an alien device. Its discovery sends the crew of the Enterprise into the past to Ben Cartwright’s Ponderosa where the eddies of time and an alien menace are moving together to doom Ben’s youngest son.

Rated: PG-13   (77,500 words)

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A Duel with Guitars (by Mumu)

Summary:  This is one short story, initially written in french for a challenge. I’m very glad to share this with you…

Rating:  G WC 3730

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