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Poltergeist II (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Adam’s two children arrive in the company of their maternal grandmother to join their parents for a summer vacation on the Ponderosa.   Their arrival sets off a chain of inexplicable, frightening events in the Cartwright household.

Rating: K+ (80,249 words)

Bloodlines Series, links to all the stories within the series are included.

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Witches Coven (by Rona)

Summary:  Joe is invited to a birthday party on Hallowe’en. Spooky goings-on culminate in near tragedy.

Rated:  T (10,465 words)

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Witches Coven Series, links to all stories within the series are included.

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From Ghoulies and Ghosties (by Rona)

Summary:  Something Adam says while he’s telling ghost stories to Joe and Hoss triggers an amazing experience for Joe. Was it real? Or did he dream it? Anything’s possible at Halloween.

Rated:  T  (5,780 words)

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Sanctuary (by Helen A)

Summary:  Taking refuge in an abandoned barn, Ben and Joe encounter something not of this world.  A story to be read around a campfire on Halloween.

Rating T  (7,350 words)

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Lost in Time (by DebbieB)

Summary:  Adam has a once in a life time experience of meeting someone who reminds him of his youngest brother, Little Joe, but is that person from his world or another?

Rated: G  (9,000 words)

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A Friend Indeed (by KateP)

Summary:  Joe and Adam have an eerie experience when they search for a missing ranch hand.

Rated: K+ (5,810 words)

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Campfire Legends (by Helen A)

Summary:  Three brothers, a campfire, and ghost stories on All Hallow’s Eve.

Rating:  K+ (8,690 words)

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Spirits of the Dead (by Jenny G)

Summary:  Forced to overnight in an ancient burial ground, the Cartwright sons meet up with the unexpected – living and dead. A Halloween story.

Rating:  T (11,410 words)

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Emiline Hutton’s House (by Jenny G)

Summary:  A subtlety haunting story written for Halloween. Caught out in a fierce thunderstorm, Joe and Adam take shelter in a long abandoned house where shadows of the past may still linger.

Rating:  T  (8,050 words)

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The Man In Black Rides Again (by deansgirl)

Summary:  Thomas Stevens was more than grateful when a black clad rider helped him bring his sister’s attacker to justice.

Rated: K+ (1,130 words)

The Man in Black Series, links to stories within the series are included.

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