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Don’t Let Him Kill Us (by JoaniePaiute)

Summary: A comedic prequel featuring 5-year-old Little Joe and introducing Tommy Coffee, Roy’s 7-year-old son. Oh, Hoss…why did you take your eyes off those two? Poor Adam…

Rated: K WC  3400

Little Joe, Tommy, and Annabelle Series

Don’t Let Him Kill Us
Word of Honor

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Nightshade (by JoaniePaiute)

Summary: Ten-year-old Joe is tired of Adam treating him like a little kid. Enter Nightshade, Adam’s powerful and temperamental horse. What follows involves not only Joe and Adam, but some new Paiute friends and a revelation about Roy’s past.

Rated: K+  WC  16,000

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Dah-Gey: A Fable Told by Hop Sing (by JoaniePaiute)

Summary: An extremely silly response to a Chaps & Spurs challenge. Also partly inspired by the thread “Feminizing the Cartwrights.” Little-Little Joe is driving Adam crazy. Hop Sing has the solution: it’s story time!

Rated: K  WC  1400

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Prudence and the Frog (by JoaniePaiute)

Summary: What girl wouldn’t be distracted by Adam Cartwright’s presence in church?  Shy, reserved Prudence Dane is no exception.  Enter little Bobby, a baby frog, and…well, the devil makes her do it.

Rated: K  1250 words

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The Vision #1 (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Ben’s wife reflects on the past and contemplates a vision of what is soon to come.  What happened later for Marie, My Love.

Rating: M (Mature adult theme) (1,020 words)

The Vision series, links to all the stories within the series included.

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Up in Smoke (by pbeaking)

Summary: 12 year old Adam Cartwright decides to try smoking with his friends. When the sheriff surprises the boys, their simple act of mischief turns in to near tragedy.

Rating: K+  WC  6300

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The Scent of French Cologne (by pbeaking)

Summary: Little Joe gets into trouble when he goes into his father’s room without permission. The 8 year old sets his mind at making things right again. Adam and Hoss try to help their little brother, but in the end it is Ben who teaches them all an important lesson. (Mild reference to corporal punishment).

Rating: K+  WC  5500

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Skipping Stones (by pbeaking)

Summary: Life is like skipping stones, Sometimes you sail freely through it, Sometimes you bump and recover and Sometimes you simply falter. This story highlights all the Cartwrights on their journey through life and how they influence each other.

Rating: K+  WC  3900

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Posies (by pbeaking)

Summary: Ben has just found the very spot he wants to call home. Can he look past his fear and build his dream into a reality?

Rating:  K  650

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Picking Up the Pieces (by pbeaking)

Summary: Ben returns to the Ponderosa after a month long absence in San Francisco. He brings along a long time family friend as a guest in the house. A warm homecoming soon turns into turmoil when Joe finds this guest a threat to his mother’s memory and Adam adds to the issues by choosing to announce his plans for the future at the most inopportune time. It is up to Ben to pick up all the pieces and reassemble his family once more.

Rating:  K+  WC  12,000

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