Dead Ringer (by Inca ‘aka Tye’)

Summary:  What is the sinister secret of the mysterious house on the cliff?  Adam and Joe are about to find out – the hard way.

WC: 16,570  Rating: T

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Yellow (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: When witnessing a crime, Adam can’t act, and then after the fact, he can’t help the posse and he can’t tell what he knows. Those things give people the wrong impression, but eventually put him in great danger too. The whole family will have to work together to resolve the problem.

rating = T word count = 10,705

Yellow Series, links to stories of this series included.

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Three Dog Night and Robin stories (by BettyHT)

Summary: Three stories. Three Dog Night — A year after Laura’s treachery with Will, Adam is still feeling the effects from that and the fall from the house he was building for her. He is melancholy and then a tragedy sends him on a quest for justice that turns into something more. Lemon Tree is in two parts. Joe has trouble to resolve in his marriage, Hoss needs a romance, and Adam is being tormented by someone which is the major mystery underlying the whole story. Dark Secrets — issues of hate and prejudice are at the center of this story as nasty stories about Robin’s heritage are spread. There’s a sinister plot by a dastardly villain too that has to be uncovered and stopped.

rating = T WC = 67,057

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The Black Widow (by Hart4Ben)

Summary:  A wealthy widow comes to Virginia City seeking investment opportunities. A WHN for the season 11 episode “Long Way to Ogden” where Ben gambles the future of the Ponderosa when a convincing meat packer (Emmett J. Whitney) from Chicago, sets out to ruin the local cattle industry. Written from the perspective of the villainess.

Rating: T  Word Count: 4056

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Mystery (by McFair)

Summary: 12 year old Little Joe Cartwright loves black horses, especially the new black mare his brothers found and brought home. Though their father disapproves, Little Joe knows she’s the one for him and sets out to prove it. What do an apparition, a burned out ranch, a stolen fortune, a group of desperate outlaws, and Little Joe Cartwright have in common besides trouble? Mystery.

Rated PG for frightening images and western violence  (25,100 words)

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