The Strawberry Roan (by sandspur)

Summary: a cowboy who returns to the Ponderosa after a long absence discovers a new horse trainer…with an unwelcome training method.

Rating: T (mild language). 4316 words.

The Lilies Series:

The Lilies of the Field
The Lilies of the Valley
One Scarlet Lily
The Strawberry Roan

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No Shovel Needed (by justafan)

Summary:   Once again, Little Joe finds himself facing the music. Hoss and Adam are amused by the current situation, although Ben thinks it is no laughing matter.  Sometimes, the Cartwrights can dig a very deep hole without using a shovel.

Rating K+    Number of Words:   1,798

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A Well Deserved Comeuppance (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: The Jessup Gang get a little more than they bargained for when they pick a fight with a certain stranger. A slight AU story that ties in with “Missing” and “A Father’s Gift”, but you don’t have to read them first to understand what’s going on.

Rating: K+ for a bit of violence Word count:1,889

The Long Road Home Series:

A Father’s Gift
A Well Deserved Comeuppance

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First Ride (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: A companion story for Tears of Growing Up.  Two years have passed since Ben and Joe stood outside the corrals watching Adam and their wranglers tame wild horses. Now, it’s finally Joe’s turn.

Rating:  K+  (2,305 words)

Tears of Growing Up Series:

Tears of Growing Up
First Ride
Learning to Trust, One Last Time

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