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Throwing a Houlihan (by BluewindFarm)

Summary:  Chalk one more up to Little Joe and ‘cowboy-isms’.

Rating:  G  (1,525 words)

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The Dating Game (by JC)

The Cartwright brothers compete against one another on Virginia City’s newest game show. Will it be bachelor #1, Bachelor #2, or Bachelor #3?

Rating: T   Word Count: 1717

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Love Me Not: An Interlude (by HarpistforHim)

Summary: Joe’s antics and quick temper get the better of him in this fun little story based on an exchange in “Love Me Not.” Featuring a mischievous Joe, a tired Hoss, and a crafty Adam. A WHIB for Love Me Not.
Rating: G Word Count: 979

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The Misadventures of Little Joe Cartwright ~ Book II (by bahj)

Summary: Little Joe’s misadventures continue when he once again finds himself face to face with an old nemesis. This story is a continuation of “The Misadventures of Little Joe Cartwright ~ Book I” and includes many references to that story but can be read as a stand alone :0)

Rated: PG

Word Count : 34,602
Part of the Misadventure Series, links to all stories included within.

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After the Kissing Booth (byBettyHT)

Summary: In a noble deed, Joe talks Adam into the annual kissing booth not knowing what will result but hoping for the best.
Rating: PG Word count: 5,153

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Confidentially…. (by JC)

Families often share and share alike, but sometimes you get, sometimes you get got, and sometimes you get even. (Written for Camp in the Pines)

Rating: T Word Count: 2592

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Halloween Silly (by SJR Cartwright)

Summary: The silliest things can happen.  Halloween is a perfect time for nonsense.  The Cartwrights had some special guests for their dinner this night.
Rating: G Word Count: 501

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The Author (by Arien)

Summary:  While working on her latest story, an author gets a surprise visit.
Rating:  K+
Word Count:  778

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No Man Wants to Be Bossed (by Robin)

Summary:  An excerpt from “Frozen in Time.”
Rating:  K+ Word Count:  2907

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Cunning Beavers (by wx4rmk)

Summary: The Cartwrights have to work to devise a plan to outsmart some crafty beavers who are causing mayhem on the Ponderosa.

Rating: K / Word Count: 1843

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