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A Bonbon Too Far (by Sierra Girl)

Summary: Beware gifts that fall into the wrong hands. When a little brother sees an opportunity to make an easy buck, trouble ensues in a fun Christmas prequel of misunderstandings, tipsy Irishmen and bonbons.

Rating:  G  5,164 words

Note:  This story was written for the Bonanza Brand 2020 Advent Calendar, originated in the Forums.

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Feud (by BettyHT)

Summary:  No one pulls a prank on a Cartwright brother and gets away with it.  When it’s another Cartwright brother or two, it means ‘war’ or a series of pranks meant to exact revenge until no one can make those scales of justice balance out.

Rating:  PG   Word Count:  3,383

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Stage Coach Journal (by BettyHT)

Summary:  A young lady traveling west to pursue her dream meets a colorful storytelling character and the Cartwright brothers which helps her find her future and is serendipity for a certain Cartwright too.

Rating = G  Word count = 3,095

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Pranked! (by AC1830)

Summary: A night full of fun and pranks, but who has the last laugh?

Rating: K; Word Count: 600

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For Love and Honor (by sandspur)

Summary: This is a blast from the past. This tale was on BonanzaWorld back in 2009, and appeared in The Best of BonanzaWorld book, but it hasn’t been posted anywhere else, ever. A follow-up to Death at Dawn, the story focuses on what happens to a man of action (the guy who does what needs to be done) once the action is over. 


Word Count: 9435

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Never Frighten the Cat – Little Joe’s Wardrobe Challenge (McFair_58)

Summary: Ben comes home to a comic crisis creating by who else – his youngest son!  Can he help him before the boy is buried alive? 

Word count: 1746
Rated: G

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The Laughing Stallion (by SJRCartwright)

Summary:  What happened before Ivory arose as Adam faltered while entering the waiting area of the stage station? A small smile played on her lovely lips as she approached him. As if she could read his mind, she said, “I am what I look like. I am for real. I am really a woman.”

Rating: MA – This story ventures into an area that may make some readers uncomfortable.  Though not explicit, the theme may not suit everyone.

(3,180 word)

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Remembrance (by Belle)

Summary:   An old friend teaches Hoss that the horizon is merely the limit of our sight.

Rating: G
Word count: 5906

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Revelation and Resolution (by BettyHT)

Summary:  Second in the Adam and Selina series, this is a short story about love and expectations that features  conversations among brothers especially one between Adam and Hoss.
Rating = T  Word Count = 2106
Selina Series, link to the stories are included within.

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For Jamie (by BettyHT)

Summary:  With all his sons home, Ben wanted to spend time with them.  Inevitably, stories were told, and the main beneficiary of those was Jamie who learned so much about his family and about life.

Rating: T  Word count:  11,420

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