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Blue Mist Hauntings (by AC1830)

Summary – Recovering from a terrifying stagecoach accident, Adam tries to discover why he is haunted by ghostly images. My entry for the October Spooktacular and October Chaps and Spurs double challenge. 

Word count – 3980 
Rating – K

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Mrs. Hardwicke’s Parlor (by Inca / aka Tye)

Summary:  While studying in Boston, a young Adam Cartwright finds himself a part-time job – with unexpected benefits.

My response to Brand’s 13th anniversary R-rated challenge (to include the words “lacy lingerie”)

WC: 7150  Rating: MA (for sexual content)

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A Heart-filled Royal Flush (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Is she really the newest working girl in Virginia City? Written for Bonanza Brand’s R-Rated 13th Anniversary Writing Challenge.

Rating: R / Mature Audience only. Not extremely explicit, but close enough. (2,775 words)

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One Night (by SJR Cartwright)

Summary:  Adam encounters a sweet angel in San Francisco.  Written for the R-Rated Anniversary Challenge.

Rated:  MA (sexual content)
Word Count:  2350

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The Shanghai Rooster Inn (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: Ben and the boys are spending the night in Placerville and are surprised when they meet the owners of the inn. A piece based on Sweet Betsy From Pike written by John A. Stone before 1858.

Rating: K WC: 670

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Regret (by VCLS)

Summary: A newcomer to Virginia City talks the Cartwrights into a decision they wish they’d never made.

Rated: K+
Word count: 13,184

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Evil (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  Adam’s life changed to a darker tone one night when he and a young lady shared some apples.  Now Little Joe likes those same apples and Adam wants to protect him but can’t tell him the whole story.  You can read it here though.

Rating = PG  Word count = 2135

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A Stray Named Muffin (by wx4rmk)

Summary: A simple trip into town turns into something that will change the Cartwright’s lives forever. Written for August 2019 Chaps & Spurs.
Rating: K+ / Word Count: 1821

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Shadows and Fears (by VCLS)

Summary: As the Cartwright brothers and Candy travel home from Sacramento in the summer of 1862, the journey takes an unexpected, and possibly deadly, twist, leaving Ben worried, with no idea what kind of mess they’re tangled in, who the enemy is, or what is wanted.
Rated: K+
Word Count: 14,800

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Turmoil (by Belle)

Summary: When family is in danger, should the past remain forgotten?
Rated: K+
Word Count: 9829

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