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A Disquiet Spirit (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: An enhanced scene from The Stillness Within by Suzanne Clauser which takes place prior to Jamie’s adoption. Joe’s reflections are from The Artist. lessons in Ben for Jamie as told by the sons.

Rating: K+ WC: 967

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Dangerous Liaison: The Countess (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: The Cartwrights had pulled it off; successfully defended the Ponderosa without firing a single gunshot. Yet, the triumph was overshadowed by a persistent question; was anyone truly a winner or a loser when it came to a bittersweet memory from the past?

Rating: G (655 words)

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The Blows of Sound (mcfair_58)

A WHN and Missing Scene story for ‘The Stillness Within’.  While rewatching the episode I realized that, after the first commercial break, while Doc Martin was examining him, Joe says it’s been a month since he was blinded.  Say WHAT??  This tale explores what happened between the explosion and Paul’s examination of Joe, as well as what happened during that missing month and ends after Miss Dobbs’ departure.   

Word count: 18,320 Rated: PG

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Scars (by pjb)

SUMMARY: Early in The Julia Bulette Story is a scene where Joe walks into the house to find Ben waiting to talk with him about Julia. This story, which borrows a bit of dialogue from the episode, explores what Joe might have been thinking.

Word count: 1,150 / Rating: PG

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When the Hate is Gone (by AC1830)

Summary – Written for the 2018 Bonano Challenge on Bonanza Brand. A Missing scene for The Stranger – When Ben rides off with Charles Leduque, heading to New Orleans, how do his sons react after being told not to follow or rescue their father?  They are Cartwrights after all.

Rating = K, Word count = 5306

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You’ve Got a Friend (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: After the scandal surrounding his fiancee’s death, Clem Foster isn’t sure if he has anymore friends left in Virginia City. So he’s determined to do the one thing he feels he can: leave town and never come back.

Rated: T Word Count: 995

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Til the Day Is Done (by A_Starry_Night)

Summary: The outcome of Hoss’s untimely death was devastating – but none so much as for Ben Cartwright.

Rating: T  (10,140 words)

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Me First (by mcfair_58)

Summary: A missing scene for the episode ‘A Matter of Circumstance’, which is one of my favorites. Left alone in the house with what may be a dying Joe, Hoss has a conversation with himself and makes a promise.

Rated G Word count: 2912

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Never Quote Me the Odds (by McFair)

Summary: Ben Cartwright had thought the worst thing that could happen was that his son, Hoss, was shot in back by mistake.  But like the other time Hoss was shot – by Red Twilight – Little Joe was in danger too.  His brother could be dying and Joe is nowhere in sight.   What’s going on? 

Rated PG – references to drunkeness

Word Count – 4406

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A Howl in the Night (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: A WHN/WHIB for the episode My Brother’s Keeper. Joe finds himself lost and alone in a forest, but is he really as alone as he thinks he is?

Rating: T – (1,300 words)

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