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Little Joe Cartwright, So Far (by pjb)

Summary: A vintage piece from the days when Joegals ran rampant around the Bonanza community.

Definitely MA. About 6,700 words, or maybe a little more.

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Mrs. Hardwicke’s Parlor (by Inca / aka Tye)

Summary:  While studying in Boston, a young Adam Cartwright finds himself a part-time job – with unexpected benefits.

My response to Brand’s 13th anniversary R-rated challenge (to include the words “lacy lingerie”)

WC: 7150  Rating: MA (for sexual content)

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A Heart-filled Royal Flush (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Is she really the newest working girl in Virginia City? Written for Bonanza Brand’s R-Rated 13th Anniversary Writing Challenge.

Rating: R / Mature Audience only. Not extremely explicit, but close enough. (2,775 words)

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One Night (by SJRCartwright)

Summary:  Adam encounters a sweet angel in San Francisco.  Written for the R-Rated Anniversary Challenge.

Rated:  MA (sexual content)
Word Count:  2350

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A Gal Named Sal #2 – August Heat (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: Ben and Sally escape the summer heat with a brief respite at Lake Tahoe.

Rating: MA WC: 1029

A Gal Named Sal Series, links to all stories included within.

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Aníron (by Arien)

Summary:   Adam was reading; his wife had other ideas.

Rated:  MA (Warning:  Erotic, adult sexual situation.)

Word Count:  2189

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Men of Steel (by Inca / aka Tye)

Summary: Joe and Hoss answer an advertisement in the Territorial Enterprise that leads to the job of their dreams – or so they hope!

MA rated for sexual content

2780 words

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A Gift (by BettyHT)

Summary: How do the three Cartwright sons react to the plight of a young woman who needs a Man of Steel?  The issue arises when Joe brings home the ad from The Soiled Dove Society.

This is a sexually explicit story.  If that offends you in any way, do not continue to the story.

rating = MA  word count = 2025

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Lay Her Down (by BluewindFarm)

Summary:  How does a Cartwright react when The Soiled Dove Society goes on the hunt for a man of steel? 

This story is sexually explicit; readers who are easily offended should not continue to the story

Rated:  MA  (2,320 words)

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Other Plans (by Home Alone)

Summary:  Ben has met a woman in town with a tragic past.  Drawn together by a common thread of lost love, their friendship grows until one night one of them makes a proposal for a closer relationship.

Rating:  MA/R    Word Count:  1,755

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