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August Heat

Summary: Ben and Sally escape the summer heat with a brief respite at Lake Tahoe. A vignette sequel to A Gal Name Sal. Written as a challenge for heat and water.
Rating: MA WC: 1029

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Aniron (by Arien)

Summary:   Adam was reading; his wife had other ideas.

Rated:  MA (Warning:  Erotic, adult sexual situation.)

Word Count:  2189

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Men of Steel (by Inca / aka Tye)

Summary: Joe and Hoss answer an advertisement in the Territorial Enterprise that leads to the job of their dreams – or so they hope!

MA rated for sexual content

2780 words

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A Gift (by BettyHT)

Summary: How do the three Cartwright sons react to the plight of a young woman who needs a Man of Steel?  The issue arises when Joe brings home the ad from The Soiled Dove Society.

This is a sexually explicit story.  If that offends you in any way, do not continue to the story.

rating = MA  word count = 2025

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Lay Her Down (by BluewindFarm)

Summary:  How does a Cartwright react when The Soiled Dove Society goes on the hunt for a man of steel? 

This story is sexually explicit; readers who are easily offended should not continue to the story

Rated:  MA  (2,320 words)

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Other Plans (by Home Alone)

Summary:  Ben has met a woman in town with a tragic past.  Drawn together by a common thread of lost love, their friendship grows until one night one of them makes a proposal for a closer relationship.

Rating:  MA/R    Word Count:  1,755

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Saturday at Noon (by jfclover)

Summary: When Joe’s life takes an unexpected turn, Adam Cartwright – detective – searches for answers.

Rated: M  Word Count:  12,100

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In the Darkness As In the Light (by McFair)

Summary:  A burned out stagecoach lies on its side, the victim of an Indian raid. There’s a name on the coach manifest that makes Joe Cartwright’s heart stand still. Can it be that Elizabeth Carnaby is dead? And, as the man who robbed the coach seeks personal vengeance against Ben Cartwright’s youngest son – can Joe himself survive?

Rated M.  The story is probably a PG-13 one, but for safety sake – and for the sake of one heavy duty romantic scene – I am calling it ‘M’.  Contained in that PG-13 rating would be western brutality and violence, and torture.  (101,760 words)

Wet Bottom, Warm Heart Series, links to stories within the series are included.

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Take Me Home (by Home Alone)

Summary:  Adam is called home from Boston for a family emergency after a ten-year absence. Will he be able to win back the love of his life he left behind?

Rating:  MA/R   WC 19208

Take Me Home Series, links to stories within the series are included.

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The Curse of Bodie (by mcfair)

Summary: In 2269 an archaeologist digging in the ruins of the Bodie mine on Earth discovers skeletal remains dating to 1876. On the wrist of the dead man, who is wearing a green jacket, is an alien device. Its discovery sends the crew of the Enterprise into the past to Ben Cartwright’s Ponderosa where the eddies of time and an alien menace are moving together to doom Ben’s youngest son.

Rated: PG-13   (77,500 words)

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